When it comes to studio work or stage performance, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. This is why you need only the best, most reliable stands to help you operate your audio gear with ease and comfort. Thankfully, this premium, 10 space rack mount stand by Griffin offers a sturdy construction and exceptional stability, so you can house your expensive audio systems with 100%safety.

This Top Quality Rack Mount Stand by Griffin features 10 spaces that offer unique versatility and convenience and angles slightly back for easier and more comfortable viewing. Sturdy enough to support the weight of your audio mixer or other equipment up to 125 pounds, this stand boasts durable steel tubing that will last for years to come. Perfect for everyday use in studios, showrooms, on the stage or at home, this versatile rack mount stand will work just as well when placed atop a cabinet or even on the floor. The extra, horizontal bar at the bottom, as well as the rubber feet ensure maximum stability and prevent slippage at all times. I was very easy to assemble in just minutes; this audio equipment display standing case comes with 20 standard rack screws, so you can set it up and start using it right away.

Conveniently angled slightly towards the back to allow for effortless display and comfortable viewing, this heavy-duty rack mount stand will easily hold the weight of your studio mixer or other gear up to 125 pounds. Boasting extremely durable black steel tubing and a sturdy construction, it works well in the studio, on stage, atop a cabinet or on the floor at your house. The rack mount stand was equipped with a horizontal bar at the bottom for extra stability, as well as rugged, rubber tips on the feet to prevent the stand from sliding, this deluxe rack mount stand will keep your gear safely in place and give you the freedom to do what you do best, with unparalleled ease and convenience.

Being so sure about the top quality and outstanding performance of our double braced drum chair, Geekstands are able to offer you a hassle-free factory 1 year replacement warranty. Offering you peace of mind with every purchase!