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Fat Toad offers you a varied array of products, products that never get faulty and offer you the best quality. With an extensive selection of cables, microphones and DJ stands, Fat Toad might surprise you. The product range is so extensive that it almost every product has a system to match with and other compatible devices. The product range is so wide that whether you're an easy listener or a confirmed audiophile—whether you’re looking for anything from small to large; Fat Toad has your gear!

Fat Toad is a brand for audio enthusiast and music audiophiles. To satisfy the needs of these enthusiasts, Fat Toad offers very unique products online.  Fat Toad consistently attempts to offer prices to their customers that are the best prices online. Nothing else is cheaper and of better quality.

If you choose Fat Toads, can expect the following:

·         GET TO WORK WITH THE BEST: Designed for the highest level of audio performance, Fat Toad snake cables are perfect for use with recording devices, such as digital mixers, microphones, power amplifiers and more. The audio devices are suitable for every place be it on stage, in the studio or home live audio recording; they boast outstanding electrical characteristics and are built for hard-touring musicians or studio professionals, who don’t want to compromise their work.

·         POWERFUL, CLEAN SIGNAL: Being some of the highest quality, most affordable multi- core cables, best microphones and stands in the market, they deliver a powerful, clean and detailed performance for an impeccable impression, every single time. Because of their low capacitance, these audio devices have super low signal resistance, while offering exceptional flexibility and durability.

·         ENJOY A STELLAR AUDIO EXPERIENCE: All the cables and microphones are protected by heavy duty insulation and thus providing the ultimate noise protection and reducing electrostatic hum, this balanced, pro audio devices will minimize outside noise interference and offer you a stellar music experience!

·         BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET: Measuring up to 10 feet in length, the audio snake cables patch bears high mechanical strength and include 8 balanced female XLR connectors on the one end and 8 balanced, male 3-pin XLR connectors on the other. What is more, they come with a very attractive price tag that is hard to beat!

·         GET IT RISK-FREE: We are so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of the pro audio devices that a hassle-free quality is assured by Fat Toad, you have nothing to lose! Order yours today!

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