Lighting Truss Stands

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For the tech-savvy, a welded goal post-style lighting truss is a must. These trusses are constructed with strong metal beams and two down posts screwed into the floor for maximum safety and stability. The U-bracketed PAR cans, spotlights, and effect lighting clamp securely to the frame, giving you the flexibility to customize your lighting. For those needing portability, our heavy-duty stands can hold up to 12 PAR cans, reaching up to 10 feet in height. They feature a folding tripod-style base and come in a variety of configurations, including T bars and goal posts. Perfect for small theaters, bands, and DJs, these stands offer a range of lighting options with the convenience of easy setup and takedown.

Lighting truss stands are an important tool for any studio engineer, musician, DJ, or roadie. Not only do they provide an easy way to hang and secure lighting fixtures, they also provide an essential visual element to any performance.

Lighting truss stands are perfect for studio recordings, as they allow engineers to easily and accurately adjust the lighting to create the exact mood and atmosphere they need for the project. Musicians and DJs can use truss stands to create exciting lighting effects during their sets, while roadies can use them to fast and secure set up lighting fixtures for a show.

At their core, Lighting truss stands are strong and safe. Made from aluminum or steel, these stands are designed to bear heavy loads, and are often used to hang complex lighting rigs. They are also usually adjustable and modular, allowing for a range of sizes and configurations. This makes them incredibly versatile, as they can be used for many different lighting setups.

Lighting truss stands are an essential asset for studio engineers, musicians, DJs, and roadies due to their ease of use and secure characteristics. With these stands, you can create the perfect setting for a recording session, or you can make your show more visually captivating. Truss stands are a must-have for anyone who wants to elevate their performance.

Q. What is a lighting stand?

A. A lighting stand is any stand specifically designed to hold stage lights and other visual effects during a live stage show.

Q. What is a lighting truss?

A. A lighting truss is a truss designed to hold lighting and other visual effects during a live stage show. These may be permanently attached to a building or they may be portable. Portable truss systems usually use a set of tripod stands. These stands, though similar, should not be confused with lighting stands which usually have built-in poles to attach your lights too.

Q. What are the different types of trusses?

A. There are 3 main types of truss. 2 Chord Ladder, 3 Chord Triangle, and 4 Chord Box. Which type of choice will depend on how many lights you are going to use. 2 Chord Ladder will hold the least number of lights and should never be used with heavy moving heads. 3 Chord triangle can hold a moderate amount of weight and can usually accommodate 1 or 2 moving heads without any problems. While 4 chord box is what you will find at a rock concert. These can hold multiple moving heads, fog machines and can lights. Generally speaking, the average person does not have a need for a 4 Chord Box truss.

Q. How much weight can a truss hold?

A. The answer to this really depends on the type of light and how the truss is mounted. A permanent mounted truss can hold more than a portable system. Where the mounting points are also plays a part. Heavier equipment should be mounted to the truss close to the points the truss is mounted. As a general rule though, for a portable system you should never put more than 10lbs per linear foot and for a truss that is properly affixed to a permanent structure, this weight may be as much as 15lbs per linear foot.

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