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For the ultimate drum recording experience, it pays to invest in a set of specialized mic stands. Tall overhead stands, short kick drum stands, and multi-stand bundles are invaluable for positioning mics in hard-to-reach places. They also offer extra stability and safety for your mics and your drummer. Furthermore, having a few spare short stands is always helpful for any unexpected instruments that come through the studio door. Invest in great mic stands and you'll be ready for any situation!

No matter what kind of sound engineer, musician, DJ, or roadie you are, having the right microphone stand is absolutely essential for getting the best sound quality. Without one, your recordings, performances, and mixes could suffer - and you don't want that!

The right microphone stand will hold the microphone in the optimal position for optimal sound. It will keep the microphone at the right height, angle, and distance to ensure the best sound possible. It will also hold the microphone securely and properly, so there’s no risk of it suddenly taking off and flying away during the performance.

When choosing a microphone stand, it’s important to consider the type of microphone being used, the type of venue, and the type of performance. Different microphone stands are designed for different purposes – some are better for recording, some are better for live performance, and some are better for DJing. It’s also important to make sure the microphone stand is durable and can withstand the rigors of travel and use - or, if you're particularly clumsy, the occasional accidental drop or two.

Investing in quality microphone stands is an absolute must for any sound engineer, musician, DJ, or roadie. Whether you’re in the studio, on the road, or playing live, having the right microphone stands will ensure that your recordings, performances, and mixes sound their best - and that your microphone doesn't go flying off into the audience when you least expect it!

Q. I’ve seen a lot of differences in boom arm microphone stands, which one is the best?

A. In my opinion a tripod base boom arm stand is the best because it can be set up in the most stable position. This is because the footprint is larger than a weighted stand and you can put one foot in direct alignment with the boom arm giving even more stability and resistance to tipping over. The weight of your microphone plays a large part in this decision as well. Someone using a standard size handheld microphone will have very little difficulty finding a boom arm stand that will work for them. But, if you’re using a heavier microphone like a Shure 55 or a shock mounted microphone, you’ll want to find a boom arm stand which has a larger footprint and a heavier counterweight on the boom arm at the opposite end of the microphone.

Q. Does a boom arm make your mic sound better?

A. No. Proper placement of your microphone makes your microphone sound better. The proper placement of a microphone in relation to your sound source varies from microphone to microphone. But a boom arm makes that placement easier to achieve.

Q. What can I use to hold my microphone besides a microphone stand?

A. Your hand. Or maybe your feet if you’re really flexible. Seriously though, if you simply just despise the idea of having a microphone stand on your stage, you could consider a head worn or lavalier microphone.


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