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GeekStands.com includes a wide array of various drums and percussion accessories. We have a massive selection of Griffin snare items as well as deluxe percussion hardware and accessories. With a wealth of products ranging from complete snare drums to seats, hi hat stands and more, you can get the most out of Griffin snare drum products as well as other manufacturers in our online store.

For any musician, studio engineer, DJ or roadie, Drums & Percussions are the necessary components for a legendary performance. Whether you’re laying down a track in the studio, playing a live show, or running a sound system for a band, having the right drums and percussion can turn a mediocre performance into an epic one

From congas and bongos to tambourines and bells, the range of percussion instruments available is huge, allowing you to create a unique and interesting sound for any track or performance. Studio engineers and DJs can use drum and percussion sounds to add depth and complexity to a track, while live they can provide a great way to create a groove and set the tone for a song. And for roadies, drums and percussion are a great way to add energy to a live show - with the right mix of drums, percussion, and sound equipment, you can really bring the house down.

Drums and percussion can be an invaluable addition to any performance. From helping to create a unique and exciting atmosphere to providing the perfect accompaniment to any song, they can take your show to a whole new level. Make sure to bring along the right instruments, gear, and sound equipment to ensure your performance is as successful as possible. No matter what your role is, drums and percussion are a must-have for any musician, studio engineer, DJ, or roadie.

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