If you are looking for superior quality Snare Drum Stand, Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand, Single/Double Kick Drum Pedal, Straight Cymbal Stand, Cymbal Boom Stand, Remote Hi-Hat Stand or Padded Drum Throne Stool at an affordable price, then look no further. All the products product featured are manufactured by Griffin which is renowned for their quality product, reliable services. 

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  • Cymbal Stand With Boom Arm by Griffin (Pack of 2)-Drum Percussion Gear Hardware Set with Double Braced Legs

      Cymbal Boom Stands By Griffin (Pack of 2)These double-braced cymbal boom stand from the Griffin TS series are extremely sturdy and has a boom arm to securely hold all...
  • Pearl Snare Drum Stand (S930)

    Brand: Pearl Color: Original Version Features: Uni-Lock Tilter for smooth, gearless basket positioning, Adjustable basket fits 10"-14" Snares or Toms Built for the high-impact gigging drummer. Wide Trident Design Tripod...
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  • Premium 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin - Heavy Duty Hihat Cymbal Foot Pedal with Drum Key

      2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand By GriffinGriffin designed the Two Leg Hi-Hat Stand with the on-the-go drummer in mind. The Griffin Two Legged Hi-Hat Stand is extremely sturdy and made...
  • Gibraltar 9707NL-DP No-Leg Hi Hat Stand with Direct Pull

    Brand: GibraltarFeatures: Hi Hat Stand No leg base Direct Lever Pull for simple direct action Gibraltar gives you "nothing but options" when building your drum set-up Publisher: GibraltarRelease Date: 15-04-2014Details:...
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  • Cymbal Boom Stand & Straight Cymbal Stand Combo (Pack of 2) by Griffin-Percussion Drum Hardware Set for Mounting & Holding Crash, Ride, Splash Cymbals

      Cymbal Stand PackKeeping in mind that drummers are always on the run, both the double-braced boom cymbal stand and the double-braced straight cymbal stand feature memory locks, which allow...
  • Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by Griffin - Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion Hardware with Drum Key

      Remote Hi-Hat Stand by GriffinDo you love your hi-hat stand but need more space on the left side of your drum kit? Then you need to take a look...
  • Gibraltar GCS-450C 4-Post Curved Rack

    Brand: GibraltarColor: SilverFeatures: (1) SC-GPR46C 46 " curved horizontal tube & (2) SC-GPR36C 36" curved horizontal tubes (4) SC-GCRML chrome memory locks (2) SC-GCSRA chrome stackable right angle clamps &...
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  • Saddle Drum Throne with Back Rest Support by Griffin - Padded Leather Drummer Seat Motorcycle Style Chair

      Saddle Drum Throne with Back Rest by GriffinThis sturdy saddle style seat for drummers comes with a comfortable 3 inch padded seat measuring 16 by 14 inches in diameter...
  • Deluxe Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin - Hi Hat Cymbal Pedal With Drum Key

      Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand By GriffinOnce again, Griffin exceeds the mark! Check out this Hi Hat Cymbal Stand. It’s adjustable from 24 to 39 inches to conform to every drummer’s...
  • Single Kick Bass Drum Pedal by Griffin-Deluxe Double Chain Foot Percussion Hardware for Intense Play

      Single Kick Drum Pedal By GriffinThe Griffin Single Kick Drum Pedal is a high quality, heavy duty kick drum pedal for both novices and professionals alike. All metal, the...
  • ARLX Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick, Maple, 2 Pair

    Brand: ARLX Color: 2 Pair Maple Features: STRONG AND DURABLE--Made from North American hard maple strong durable and strong sense of gravity. NATURAL FINISH- Comfortable and Slip Resistant . Perfect...
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  • Drum Throne Stand by Griffin - Padded Drummer’s Seat

      Padded Drum Throne Stool By GriffinThis sturdy padded drummer throne seat comes with a comfortable padded seat measuring 12 inches in diameter and chrome plated, double-braced legs that can...
  • Gibraltar SC-4425STMB Splash Tree Boom Arm

    Brand: GibraltarFeatures: Splash Tree boom arm 4425MB with Clara cymbal arm attachment Sc-4425mb mini cymbal boom ratchet tilter - 7/8" Diameter tube 10" Down tube length Publisher: GibraltarRelease Date: 15-03-2014Details:...
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  • Straight Cymbal Stand by Griffin - Deluxe Percussion Drum Hardware Set for Mounting Medium-Duty Crash, Ride & Splash Cymbals

      Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand by GriffinThis light weight straight cymbal stand is sturdy enough to hold all standard cymbals with ease. Complete with two interlocking poles, these cymbal straight...
  • Snare Drum Stand by Griffin - Deluxe Percussion Hardware Base Kit

      Snare Drum Stand By Griffin If you’re looking for a quality medium to heavy duty snare drum stand, look no further than Griffin! Made to hold all standard snare...
  • Gibraltar 4706 Double Braced Lightweight Snare Stand

    Brand: Gibraltar Color: Silver Features: Snare Stand Low-mass, double-braced construction Lightweight Hinged height adjustments Nylon inserts for no metal to metal contact Publisher: Gibraltar Release Date: 16-02-2014 Details: View larger...
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  • Straight Cymbal Stand (2 Pack) by Griffin - Double Braced Legs, Slip-Proof Gear Holder

      Straight Cymbal Stands by Griffin (Pack of 2)These light weight cymbal straight stands are sturdy enough to hold all standard cymbals with ease. Complete with two interlocking poles, each...
  • PDP By DW 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

    Brand: PDP By DWColor: ChromeFeatures: Brand: Pacific Model: PDCB800 800 Series Double Braced Legs Oversized Rubber Feet The Pacific Drums by DW P/D 800 Boom Cymbal Stand is a medium-weight...
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  • Quick View reverb-LG-TS300 TS334-Double-Tom-Stand-Cymbal-Arm
    Sold Out

    Double Tom Drum Stand with Cymbal Arm by Griffin - Premium Percussion Set Hardware with Dual Drum Mounts

      Double Tom Cymbal Stand By GriffinThis medium weight double tom stand with cymbal arm mount not only includes two tom drum mounting arms but also an additional cymbal arm!...
  • Deluxe Double Kick Drum Pedal for Bass Drum by Griffin - Twin Set Foot Pedal

      Double Kick Drum Pedal By GriffinThe Griffin Double Kick Drum Pedal is one of the most heavy duty double kick pedals sold today. The top-quality double chain action provides...
  • Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand

    Brand: PearlFeatures: Uni-Lock Tilter Nylon Bushing Joint Double Braced Legs 1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8" + 12mm Rod Lifetime Warranty Publisher: Pearl CorporationRelease Date: 01-03-2013Details: The Pearl BC-830 Double Braced Cymbal...
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  • Cymbal Boom Stand by Griffin-Double Braced Drum Percussion Gear Hardware Set

      Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand by GriffinThis double-braced cymbal boom stand from the Griffin TS series is extremely sturdy and has a boom arm to securely hold all standard cymbals....
  • Extended Height Snare Drum Stand by Griffin - Tall Adjustable Height Snare Stand

      Extended Height Snare Drum Stand by GriffinGriffin has a new series! The MS Series is here! An improvement on the TS Series, the MS series is aimed at the...
  • Complete Drum Hardware Pack 6 Piece Set by Griffin - Full Size Percussion Stand Kit with Snare, Hi-Hat, Cymbal Boom, Throne Stool and Single Kick Drum Pedal

      Griffin 6 Piece Drum Hardware PackageBuy all your drum hardware in bulk with this 6 piece hardware package of Griffin TS series drum hardware products! Keeping in mind that...
  • Yamaha CS-665A Boom Cymbal Stand - Lightweight, Double-Braced

    Brand: YamahaFeatures: Light weight double-braced compact design Hideaway boom arm 5-year warranty Publisher: YamahaRelease Date: 18-03-2011Details: Professional double braced boom cymbal stand. Yamaha's innovative hardware is legendary for reliability, durability,...
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  • Deluxe Snare Drum Stand by Griffin-Percussion Hardware Kit with Key

      Snare Stand by GriffinIntroducing Griffin’s all new MS series drum hardware. An improvement on the TS series, this drum hardware is built for the serious drummer. If you’re looking...
  • DW DWCP3700 Cymbal Boom Stand

    Brand: DWColor: SilverFeatures: Fine Tooth Tilter with captive wing nut Full-size heavy-duty 1" Double Braced Tripod Base Hinged Memory Locks are included at tube joints to guarantee 100% repeatable, precise...
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  • Gibraltar 5707 Medium Weight Double braced Hi-Hat Stand

    Brand: GibraltarFeatures: Utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand Double braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar's exclusive round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile...
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  • Gibraltar 8710 Flat Base Straight Cymbal Stand

    Brand: GibraltarFeatures: Ultra-large tubing for ruggedness Large rubber feet for stability Great, affordable stand for any drummer! Publisher: GibraltarRelease Date: 12-05-2014Details: Super-solid, double-braced legsUPC: 736021411562EAN: 736021411562Package Dimensions: 19.9 x 4.6...
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  • DW 9000 Series Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand DWCP9700

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: 3 Sections: 1 ¼" Base Tube, 1" Middle Tube, ¾" Upper Tube, 12.3 lbs, Maximum Cymbal Seat Height 88" Integrated Cymbal Seat & Wingnut Felt prevent...
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  • Tama HP900PN Iron Cobra Power Glide - Single Kick Drum Pedal

    Brand: TamaColor: SilverFeatures: Kick Drum Pedal with Iron Cobra CoilPublisher: TamaDetails: Kick Drum Pedal with Iron Cobra CoilUPC: 887802200667EAN: 887802200667Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.0 x 7.0 inches
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  • Pearl Bass Drum Pedal (P2050C)

    Brand: PearlColor: SilverFeatures: Interchangeable Cam System (US.PAT.#6172291) 4 Individual Cams Chain Drive: Sprocket-less double chain drive provides silent, super smooth action with powerful and precise feel. Click-lock Spring Adjustment Control...
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  • Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne

    Brand: GibraltarColor: MultiColoredFeatures: Top grade foam for maximum comfort Adjusts from 20" to 28" high Rock Solid double braced leg base Super-lock cast seat fastening system Super foot solid foundation...
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  • DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 THRONE W/ VISE MEMORY

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Color: BlackFeatures: Sturdy Tripod Base 13-inch diameter round seat top 3-inch thick seat Solid ear casting Publisher: Drum Workshop, Inc.Release Date: 01-01-2010Details: The DW 3100 is an...
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  • Mapex Double Brace Thick Cushion - Heavy Duty Drum Throne

    Brand: MapexColor: ChromeFeatures: The larger size and added cushioning of the 14" wide x 4" round seat provides a dramatic increase in comfort as young players grow and spend more...
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  • Gibraltar 6713E HD Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand

    Brand: GibraltarColor: standartFeatures: Great for Hybrid E-kit set ups Double braced design makes this stand extra stable 360 degree adjustment grabber places the module where you need it to perform...
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  • Yamaha CS-3 Advanced Lightweight Aluminum Cymbal Stand

    Brand: YAMAHA Features: Durable, light and stable, with channel-track aluminum bracing Non-slip rubber feet New micro-wing nut design Only 3.3 lbs. Publisher: Yamaha Details: This advanced lightweight hardware set is...
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  • Tama HTC87W Roadpro Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand

    Brand: TamaColor: SilverFeatures: Heavy-duty Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand with Quick-Set Tilter at the Boom Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment Quick-Set Cymbal Mate Publisher: TamaDetails: Heavy-duty Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand with Quick-Set Tilter at...
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  • DW Ultra Light Cymbal Stand Retro Flat Base

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: 6000 Series Ultra-light Straight Cymbal StandPublisher: Drum WorkshopDetails: 6000 Series Ultra-light Straight Cymbal StandUPC: 647139267609EAN: 647139267609Package Dimensions: 22.8 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches
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  • Pearl C830 Straight Double Braced Cymbal Stand

    Brand: PearlFeatures: Uni-Lock, Steel Washer, Wing Nut/Vinyl Tube Feet Nylon Bushing Joint Double Braced Legs 1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8". Double Braced Legs. Uni-Lock, Steel Washer, Wing Nut/Vinyl Tube Feet. Lifetime...
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  • DW DWCP9701 Boom Cymbal Stand

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: The patented Cymbal Seat Adjustment can be raised or lowered and quickly locked in place to adjust cymbal movement as needed. The Toothless Tilter with TechLock...
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  • Tama HC83BW Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand

    Brand: TamaColor: SilverFeatures: 28.6mm diameter base section tubing Double-braced legs Boom/Straight convertible tilter Boom Arm Length: 450mm (17 3/4") Quick-Set Tilter Publisher: TamaDetails: Heavy-duty Cymbal Stand with Quick-Set Tilter, Quick-Set...
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  • Drum Workshop Heavy Duty Multi Cymbal Stand

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: Dual ratchet boom Quick-release ratchet Mega tripod base The Techlock secondary drum key locking system guard against slippage due to vibration during transport or play. Hinged...
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  • DW Drum Workshop CP7500 7000 Series 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: It features such drummer-designed details as captive wingscrews, interlocking memory lock, built-in spurs, Techlock tension adjustment, and noiseless drop-lock clutch. Lightweight 3 leg tripod folding footboard...
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  • Tama Speed Cobra 315 Hi-hat Stand

    Brand: TamaColor: MultiColoredFeatures: Two-legged Hi-hat Stand with Dual-chain DrivePublisher: TamaDetails: Two-legged Hi-hat Stand with Dual-chain DriveUPC: 682500023453EAN: 682500023453Package Dimensions: 26.5 x 7.6 x 5.1 inches
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  • Pearl H830 Hi-Hat Stand, Demonator Style Long Footboard and Swivel Legs

    Brand: PearlFeatures: Chain Drive Standard Clutch Rubber Leg Tips Lifetime Warranty Publisher: Pearl CorporationRelease Date: 01-03-2013Details: When it comes to entry-level hardware Pearl's H-830 Hi-Hat Stand leads the pack in...
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  • Pearl Hi-Hat Stand (H1050)

    Brand: PearlFeatures: The H1050 Hi-Hat stands' customizable options are designed to eliminate resistance, reduce fatigue, and increase performance. Solid double based tripod and fully stabilized swiveling pedal is multipositional to...
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  • DW Drum Workshop CP5500TD 5000 Series Heavy Duty Delta 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

    Brand: Drum Workshop, Inc.Features: Double-braced 2-leg rotating base Chain-driven. Feature lateral cymbal seat adjustment, integrated memory locks and 379 locking clutch Interlocking memory locks w/ built-in spurs Techlock tension adjustment...
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