man practicing on a snare drum mounted on cymbal stand

The year is 2005. The rock gods of Green Day are on stage, electrifying the crowd at Milton Keynes Bowl with their punk anthems.

You're on the edge of your seat as Tre Cool, their indefatigable drummer, lights up the stage, his drumsticks moving like a blur.

But wait: What's that sturdy pillar at the heart of his drumming mayhem? Yes, it's the cymbal stand, an unsung hero, supporting the crash and ride, the sizzle and splash of the music that makes your heart pound.

You see, a cymbal stand isn't just an accessory. It's a game-changer, a make or break for your perfect drum solo.

Choose the right one, and you'll be drumming your way to a rock legend's destiny, perhaps becoming the David Skidmore or Tre Cool of your own band.

This article will discuss:

  • Straight cymbal stands and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Boom cymbal stands and their advantages
  • Hi-Hat stands and their advantages and disadvantages

Let's dive in, shall we? 

1 - Straight to the Point: The Essentials of Straight Cymbal Stands

Straight cymbal stands have a simple, vertical design that supports your cymbals. These features that make them a popular choice among drummers:

  • Sturdy tripod base: These stands sport a mighty tripod base, offering rock-solid stability that keeps your cymbals still, even when your beats are anything but
  • Height-adjustable: With their handy-dandy telescoping tubes, these straight cymbal stands let you tweak the height to fit your groove just right
  • Tilter mechanism: And about the tilter mechanism? It's like a personal concierge for your cymbals, helping you angle them into the perfect striking position
  • Double-braced legs: Last but definitely not least, the double-braced legs on these stands add an extra dose of durability and stability

There are a few different types of straight stands available.

First up, meet the basic straight stands. They're like the "everyman" of cymbal stands—sporting a no-nonsense cymbal arm attached to a tube and standing proud on a tripod base, they're the bread and butter in the cymbal stand world.

But if you're the type that likes your beats heavy and your cymbals larger than life, then our heavy-duty straight stands might be your jam.

Heavy-duty straight stands offer additional sturdiness and weight capacity, making them a better choice for drummers who play harder or use larger cymbals. Some heavy-duty stands even feature double-braced legs for increased stability.

Geek Stands’ Straight Cymbal Stand by GRIFFIN

The Straight Cymbal Stand by Griffin - Deluxe Percussion Drum Hardware Set for Mounting Cymbals, for instance, is double-braced with the following specifications:

  • 3 interlocking poles enable adjustable height from 29 inches to 65 inches
  • Base pipe diameter: 22 mm
  • Gross weight: 5.5 pounds

This stand is not just sturdy—it laughs in the face of gravity. It could easily hold the mightiest of cymbals without breaking a sweat.

Featuring a double-poled power duo, you can dial in your cymbal heights, anywhere between a modest 29 inches and a towering 52 inches.

Craft your drumming utopia—this stand's ready to be your sidekick in rhythm.

Pros of Using a Straight Cymbal Stand

Just like any other piece of drum hardware, straight cymbal stands come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Let's take a look at some of the pros:

  • Plug and play: The straight cymbal stands are so simple to set up, you'll think they're playing a prank. Seriously, it's like assembling a sandwich
  • Rock steady: The tripod base and double-braced legs on many of these stands ensure your cymbals stay put, even when you're bringing the house down
  • Bang for your buck: And the cost? Let's just say they're more like happy hour prices, especially compared to the ritzy boom stand cousins
  • Space saver: As for the compact design, these stands slip into tight spaces like a cat burglar in the night. Perfect for small drum kits or stages with about as much room as a phone booth

Cons of Using a Straight Cymbal Stand

  • Limited reach: The vertical design of straight cymbal stands means that they don't offer the same reach as boom stands, which can make it difficult to position your cymbals exactly where you want them
  • Less flexible: Straight cymbal stands are less versatile than boom stands when it comes to adjusting the angle and position of your cymbals

When selecting a straight stand, drummers should consider the weight of their cymbal and how it will attach to the stand.

Most straight stands use a wing nut for attachment. However, one can get a straight stand then buy a quick-release accessory for faster setup and tear-down.

The Straight Cymbal Stand (2 Pack) by Griffin is equipped with a gear system cymbal tilter, steel washer, a wing nut, vinyl tubing, and cymbal felts. So, you can finesse your cymbals until it works for you.

Geek Stands’ Straight Cymbal Stand (2 pack) by GRIFFIN

Straight stands are the reliable straight-shooters of the cymbal universe. But remember, one drummer's beat isn't another's rhythm—so, they might not always hit the right note for every percussionist.

Straight Stands Showcase: Geek Stands' Finest Curation

Alright, drum roll, please... Let's unveil some of the crème de la crème straight cymbal stands strutting their stuff over at Geek Stands.

1 - Straight Cymbal Stand (2 Pack) by Griffin - Double Braced Legs, Slip-Proof Gear Holder—Light-Duty for Mobile Drummers Percussion Drum Hardware Set

Geek Stands’ Straight Cymbal Stand (2 Pack) by GRIFFIN

The Griffin Straight Cymbal Stand 2-Pack offers unbeatable value and performance for drummers seeking lightweight, portable, and reliable hardware.

What sets them apart, you ask? Oh, just a few cool little tricks they've got up their sleeves:

  • The stretch armstrong effect: Thanks to two interlocking poles, this stand can do a growth spurt on command, stretching from a cool 29 to a towering 52 inches. So, no matter your set-up or style, this stand's got you covered
  • Double-braced bruisers: With a pair of beefy, double-braced legs, this stand holds your cymbals in place like a champ, even when you're drumming up a storm
  • No slip-ups here: Thanks to the tricked-out gear system with a steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing, and cymbal felts, your cymbals stay put, no ifs, ands, or buts about it
  • Memory like an elephant: These stands come with handy-dandy memory locks, perfect for drummers on the move. Disassemble, reassemble, and still maintain your height settings

2 - Straight Cymbal Stand by Griffin—Deluxe Percussion Drum Hardware Set for Mounting Cymbals

Geek Stands’ Straight Cymbal Stand by GRIFFIN

This premium Griffin Straight Cymbal Stand offers a sturdy and reliable option for drummers seeking a deluxe drum hardware solution.

Alright, get this: these stands aren't just standing around looking pretty—they've got some ace features that'll knock your socks off:

  • Height adjustability: The three interlocking poles can stretch anywhere from 29 to a lofty 52 inches
  • Durable construction: With a beefy base pipe diameter of 22mm and tipping the scales at a solid 5.5 pounds, it's got the stamina to go the distance
  • Double-braced design: The double-braced construction on these stands gives your cymbals an extra boost of support and keeps them steady as a rock during your killer solos
  • Gear-locking teeth: The gear-locking teeth on the cymbal tilter are your personal tilt-tailor, letting you adjust your cymbal's angle to your heart's desire

Here is a brief walkthrough video on the straight cymbal stand:

Bonus Tip: Still not convinced that this is the stand for you? This buyer’s guide outlines even more features of this affordable cymbal stand.

2 - Reach for the Sky: The World of Boom Cymbal Stands

Whoosh! Enter the boom cymbal stands.

They're not your run-of-the-mill, straight-and-narrow stands, oh no. They've got a design flair that'll make them the talk of the drumming town and give your drumming exploits that extra oomph.

Here's what separates these bad boys from straight stands:

  • Adjustable boom arm: This slick piece of kit is your cymbal's personal yoga instructor—stretching in length, bending at angles, and even spinning around for that precise sweet spot
  • Tripod base: It sports a solid-as-a-rock tripod base with rubber feet that's ready to grapple with gravity. It's as steady as a Zen master, even when it's juggling the heaviest cymbals in your arsenal
  • Double-braced legs: These heavy-duty cymbal stands are designed to withstand the rigors of gigging and intense practice sessions, making them a reliable choice for professional drummers

Pros of Using a Boom Cymbal Stand

  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Easy height adjustment

Cons of Using a Boom Cymbal Stand

  • Bulky
  • Expensive

Power Your Performance: Handpicked Boom Cymbal Stands from Geek Stands

So you're on the hunt for the boom cymbal stand of your dreams, huh? Look no further. We've got two rockstar picks from Geek Stands' line-up:

1 - Griffin Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand: The Ultimate Support for Every Drummer

Geek Stands’ GRIFFIN Cymbal Boom Stand

The Griffin Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand is designed to provide exceptional support and versatility for drummers of all levels. Some of its key features include:

  • Double-braced design: This stand is built to withstand even the most intense drumming sessions, ensuring your cymbals stay firmly in place
  • Convertible: The stand can be easily converted into a straight cymbal stand by removing the boom arm, providing you with multiple setup options
  • Lightweight and adjustable: With two adjustable height ranges (29" to 48" without the boom, 29" to 67" with the boom), this stand allows you to find the perfect position for your cymbals while remaining easy to transport and set up
  • Chrome-plated finish: Look stylish and professional while you play with this stand's sleek chrome-plated finish

Lock and load with the Griffin Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand. With support that'll never let you down and versatility that'll keep you on your toes, it's time to crank up your performance to eleven.

2 - Griffin Cymbal Stand with Boom Arm (Pack of 2): Double the Support, Double the Fun

Geek Stands’ Cymbal Boom Stand With Boom Arm by GRIFFIN

Double the fun with a pair of Griffin Cymbal Stands, complete with Boom Arms. This dynamic duo is a drummer's dream come true—a budget-friendly answer to your multiple cymbal conundrum.

These stands don't discriminate, offering their unwavering support to both the average Joe cymbals and their heavyweight cousins. They also have these fantastic features:

  • Double-braced design
  • Can be converted to straight cymbal stands
  • Adjustable height to suit any drumming situation
  • Universal compatibility as they can accommodate a wide range of cymbals

Get ready to raise the roof with the Griffin Cymbal Stand with Boom Arm—coming at you not just once, but twice over.

This tag team offers you the flexibility to bend the rules of drumming and the support to shake things up without losing your beat.

Learn about the difference between a boom cymbal stand and a regular cymbal stand in this video:

3 - Hi-Hat Mastery: Elevate Your Drumming Game with the Right Hi-Hat Stand

Geek Stands’ Deluxe Hi-Hat Stand by GRIFFIN

Let's talk about the hi-hat. It's a major player in any drum kit. It gives drummers tons of different sounds and beats.

And, the stand that holds these hi-hat cymbals? It's super important. Because let's face it, without these cymbals, your drumming would be missing something big.

Hi-hat stands come in different types, like the basic hi-hat stand and the direct-pull hi-hat stand.

The Basic Hi-Hat Stand

You'll spot it in garages and gigs, a firm favorite among the drumming fraternity.

It stands proudly on its tripod legs, ready to serve up the rhythm, with a pedal that's like the magic wand controlling the cymbal symphony.

Here's the cherry on top—it won't burn a hole in your pocket. It's the thrifty option that makes your wallet sing a happy tune.

It's reliable, it's affordable, and it's ready to rock 'n roll with you from the get-go. 

The Direct-Pull Hi-Hat Stand

Direct-pull hi-hat stand? That's the big leagues, my friend. It's the go-to choice for the pros, the drumming wizards who demand ultimate control over their hi-hat cymbals.

With this stand, the pesky linkage that plays middleman between pedal and cymbals? Poof, gone. This gives the drummer pinpoint precision over how the cymbals sound when they clash together.

Sure, the Yamaha HS-1200D Hi-Hat Stand—Two Leg, Direct Drive is a bit pricier than your run-of-the-mill hi-hat stand, but if you're the type who doesn't just play the drums but conducts a symphony of beats, this stand's got your name written all over it.

You could say it's the Rolls Royce of hi-hat stands—pricey, but oh so worth it.

“This hi hat stand is just superb, built like a tank and has a great feel to it. Multiple adjustments let you fine tune to your playing style. I like the cymbal locks for the top and bottom hats. It never loosens during playing plus you've got the really great direct feel which I love.” Faustino Mertz, Verified Buyer

Hi-hat stands often have strong, double-braced legs for extra sturdiness. Also, some have a cool feature where the tripod base can, making it easy to fit them perfectly around your drum set hardware

Pros of Using a Hi-Hat Stand

  • Provides precise control over the opening and closing of the hi-hat cymbals, enabling a wide range of rhythmic patterns and sounds
  • It allows drummers to tailor the stand's responsiveness and positioning to their preferences, ensuring a comfortable playing experience
  • Provides increased stability from the double-braced legs and swiveling tripod bases

Cons of Using a Hi-Hat Stand:

  • Complexity: Setting up and adjusting a hi-hat stand can be more complicated than working with other cymbal stands
  • Cost: Due to their specialized design and features, hi-hat stands can be more expensive than other types of cymbal stands

Geek Stands' Top-Pick Hi-Hat Stands: Your Rhythm's New Best Friends

It's time to uncover the perfect hi-hat cymbal stands for your drumming desires, brought to you by the wizards at Geek Stands.

Brimming with fancy features and perks, these stands aren't just there to hold your cymbals—they're your one-way ticket to drumming nirvana.

1 - Remote Hi-Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by Griffin

Geek Stands’ Remote Hi Hat Stand by GRIFFIN

Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility with the Remote Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin.

Craving some extra elbow room on the left of your drum kit? Or perhaps you're a fan of mix-and-match hi-hat positions?

Well, folks, this stand is about to be your new best friend. Perfect for drummers who love their space and flexibility.

Key features include:

  • 4.5-foot long remote cable: This lengthy, flexible cable allows for a lightning-fast response and easy setup anywhere in your drum kit
  • Double-locking spring tension rod knob: Adjust the tension settings from 0 to 4 (5 settings) to suit your playing style
  • Fully adjustable power cam system: Accelerate the tension of the pedal for a smooth, responsive feel
  • Frictionless bearing hinge: This feature ensures smooth drum pedal action and enhances overall performance

2 - Premium 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin

Geek Stands’ Premium 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand by GRIFFIN

Embrace mobility and ease of use with the Premium 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin.

This lightweight, chrome-plated steel stand is designed for drummers on the go who need to set up in tight spaces.

Notable features include:

  • Rotating, double-braced legs: Adjust the stand to your preferred position while memory locks ensure a consistent height setup
  • Tension knob: Customize the pedal action to suit your playing style
  • Convertible to a no-leg stand: Gain even more flexibility with the option to convert the stand into a no-leg version

“Not only is this 2 leg setup built solid , everything about it is high quality. Completely adjustable including a nice large, easy to operate wheel that adjusts the pedal tension to your liking! And the legs can actually rotate around the stand to allow you to set it up in even the tightest spaces (like my situation). I played for over 2 hours last night and it was solid as a rock.” Rick Blick, Verified Buyer

Expert Tip: Are you running into some stability issues? Start by loosening the top bolt. While keeping the feet firm to the floor, lean the stand towards the pedal then tighten the top bolt.

Ready to give your drumming a VIP upgrade? Pick one of these hi-hat cymbals stand gems from

They've got it all—stability to keep you steady, adjustability for a tailored drumming fit, and portability that screams, "Have beats, will travel!" Time to hit the perfect drumming trifecta.

Battle of the Cymbal Stands: Straight vs. Boom vs. Hi-Hat—Who Reigns Supreme?

drum kit with setup with cymbal stands

Image from Reddit

Picking the ideal cymbal stand for your drum playground is like choosing the right superhero sidekick—it all comes down to their unique powers.

The trio—straight, boom, and hi-hat stands—all bring something different to the table.

The table below throws these three stand types into the ring, comparing them on various factors.

Cymbal Stand Type Stability Adjustability Space Best Suited For
Straight Sturdy tripod base Limited cymbal placement and angle Minimal space required Drummers who need a simple and space-saving solution for mounting their cymbals
Boom Tripod base with possible counterbalancing Greater flexibility in cymbal placement and angle More space-consuming Drummers who require versatile cymbal positioning and are willing to trade space for adjustability
Hi-Hat Stable foundation for foot pedal action Height and tension adjustments Requires more space than straight stands Essential for all drummers, as hi-hat cymbals are a fundamental part of any drum kit

Choosing Your Perfect Cymbal Stand: A Symphony in the Making

Selecting the ultimate cymbal stand for your drum set can feel like finding a needle in a haystack of options.

To cut through the clutter, here's a quick guide of factors and tips to consider—your beacon in the drumming maze:

  1. Cymbal Weight: Got heavy cymbals that could double as barbell plates? You'll need a Hulk-like stand. Consider something robust, like a heavy-duty stand with double-braced legs
  2. Budget: We get it, not all of us have a rockstar's bank balance. While chasing bargains can be tempting, remember your stand's got to be tough and functional. Hunt down stands that offer quality and durability whilst still being affordable
  3. Playing Style: Your stand should match your beat. Intricate hi-hat fancier? A remote hi-hat stand could be your jam. If you're juggling multiple cymbals and need max flexibility, try boom cymbal stands with adjustable arms
  4. Portability: Gigging drummers, we see you. Lightweight cymbal stands are your roadie's best friend
  5. Personal Preference: You do you. Some drummers are brand loyalists, others have favorite stand types. Sample what’s available before settling for the one that tickles your fancy

Learn More: How do you locate the right cymbal stand for you? This article offers more insights to not only beginners, but also drumming experts.

Boom Stands: The Flex Masters of the Cymbal World

Drummers, it's time to nail that perfect setup tailored to your beat-pounding style and needs.

We've journeyed through the cymbal stand universe, visiting the three kings: straight, boom, and hi-hat stands. Each has its unique party tricks, along with its highs and lows.

Straight stands are simple and decluttering. Boom stands can flex and bend for optimal cymbal positioning. Hi-hat stands? They're like the drumming heartbeat, regulating those essential hi-hat cymbals.

Your dream stand will hinge on your personal drumming recipe—drum kit size, the need for adjustability, and your setup space.

Remember, the stand you choose has to be tough, stable, and from a trusted brand, like

It's about enhancing your drumming. So, take a breath, assess your beat needs, and find your discount music gear—it's a match made in drumming heaven.