Do You Need A Drum Throne? Can't Drummers Just Use Seats Or Chairs?

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Drumming demands the right posture and comfort. Many drummers usually question if they really need a special drum throne or if any regular chair is fine. 

However, it's possible to use regular seats or chairs, they're not recommended.

Why? We're going to discuss that in detail. This article will give you a comparison of drum thrones and regular chairs. We'll look at how these two types of seating impact your drumming and what is best for you. We will also share some top-quality drum throes to make your drumming exceptional. 

So, don't miss out on this informative article, and stay with us till the very end!

Can't Drummers Just Use Seats Or Chairs?

While drummers can technically use regular seats or chairs, it's not ideal. Regular chairs lack the specific features that benefit drummers. A drum throne, in contrast, is explicitly designed for drumming. 

Drum thrones offer crucial benefits over ordinary chairs. They are built with height adjustability features that allow drummers to find the perfect position for their playing style. 

This adjustability is important for maintaining good posture and avoiding strain during long sessions. Drum thrones also provide better support to your back and legs. This support is essential for drummers who play for extended periods. This critical support also reduces the risk of discomfort and injury. 

When you sit on a drum throne, you'll notice it can spin around. This is great because it helps you move better. You can easily reach all parts of your drum kit. But if you use a normal chair, it's not the same. Those chairs make it hard to move. You might find it tough to play different drums easily.

Last but not least, the compact size of drum thrones makes them a practical choice. Investing in a drum throne can make a big difference in comfort and performance for serious drummers focused on their art.

Why Do Drummers Need A Throne? Reasons And Benefits

Although drummers can use simple chairs or seats, a throne is perfect. Here are some reasons and benefits of using a drum throne:

  • Comfort and Posture

  • When drumming, comfort is key. A drum throne makes a big difference. It helps you sit right, gives you less back pain, and better drumming. Good posture enables you to play better. 

    It's like sitting in a comfy chair at home where you feel relaxed and can focus more. A drum throne is designed just for this. It supports your back and keeps you sitting tall. It helps, especially during long practice sessions. 

    Now, imagine sitting on a hard chair. Not fun, right? That's why drummers should go for thrones. They're soft and shaped just right, which ensures comfort. 

  • Stability and Focus

  • A drum throne isn't just a seat. It's a part of your drum kit which gives you stability. This means you won't wobble or shift while playing. 

    That's important when you're hitting the drums hard. A stable seat lets you focus on your music, not on keeping your balance.

    Also, you can get into the music when you're stable. You can let loose and not worry about falling off your chair. This kind of freedom is what every drummer wants. 

    It's about feeling secure and grounded; when you have that, you can put all your energy into your drumming. Thus, it's not just about simply hitting the drums. It's about feeling confident and stable while doing it.

  • Height Adjustability

  • Height matters in drumming. You can adjust your height and set it right with a drum throne. You can set the best ideal height according to your needs, whether tall or short. 

    No more straining to hit that high hat. Everything is just a comfortable reach away. This makes drumming more accessible and more fun. You can focus on your rhythm, not on reaching your drums.

  • Improved Dynamics and Speed

  • A good throne can make you a better drummer. It helps with your speed and dynamics. You can hit those drums fast and hard or soft and slow, just right. 

    It's all about how you sit or whether you are comfortable or not. You can play and move your arms and legs when you're comfortable. A drum throne helps you get in the best position for playing. 

    It means you can play those complex rhythms easily. It is all about giving your body the proper support.

  • Reduced Chances of Injury

  • Long hours of drumming can be tough on your body. But a drum throne helps with that. It reduces fatigue, and you won't get as tired as quickly. This is because you're sitting comfortably and not straining your back or legs.

    Also, the right throne can help prevent injuries. This is really important. You don't want to hurt yourself while drumming. 

    A throne supports your body correctly, which means less chance of hurting your back or legs. Remember, the right support makes all the difference.

  • Durability and Portability

  • Drum thrones are tough, and they're made to last. So don't have to worry about replacing them often. They can handle the rough drumming life. Whether you're practicing at home or on stage, they will be your best buddy.

    Moreover, they're easy to carry around. Most drum thrones are pretty light and portable. Thus, you can take them wherever you go. Your throne goes with you to a friend's house or a concert. 

  • Enhanced Performance and Expression

  • A drum throne does more than just keep you comfy. It helps you perform better. When you're sitting right, you can really get into your music and express yourself better. 

    It's like having the right tools for a job. The right seat helps you give your best performance.

    Drumming is not about hitting drums. It's about expressing yourself through beats, and to do that, you must be comfortable and focused. 

    A drum throne helps with that. It supports your body so you can focus on your music. Thus, you can put all your emotions into your drumming.

    What Are The Limitations of Using Seats or Chairs?

    Chairs and seats offer us comfort and convenience at every turn. Yet, beneath their apparent utility lies a world of limitations we often overlook. Here are some limitations of using seats or chairs for drumming: 

  • Health Risks

  • Health risks are the first and most significant limitation of using a chair or a normal seat. Using simple seats or chairs for prolonged periods may result in obesity, heart disease, and musculoskeletal problems.

  • Limited Mobility

  • Chairs and seats are designed to provide stability and comfort and confine our movement. They are meant to keep us in one place, which is great when we need to concentrate but may cause issues when mobility is essential. Thus, using chairs or seats might limit your mobility while playing drums and decrease your overall experience. 

  • Inaccessible for Some

  • Not everyone can use chairs or seats comfortably. Consider individuals with disabilities or posture or back issues. Using simple chairs or seats might not be comfy for them. Thus, a special drum throne will be a good option for them. 

  • Attention Issues

  • Using chairs or seats can also affect your attention span and overall productivity. Many people find it challenging to maintain focus during lengthy music seasons. So, using a drum throne will be a better option. 

    The Best Drum Thrones And Seats For Exceptional Comfort and Control

    Here are the best drum thrones and seats that will give you exceptional comfort, control, and experience: 

  • Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN - Padded Drummer's Seat

  • The Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN is our first pick. It's a padded seat designed for drummers, focusing on comfort during drumming sessions. The construction uses quality materials, ensuring both durability and affordability.

    Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN - Padded Drummer's Seat

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    • This drum throne has a cushioned seat for comfort during extended drumming sessions. 
    • This drum throne stand features a durable frame that can withstand the demands of drumming.
    • The throne offers adjustable height settings. 
    • It is lightweight and easy to transport.



    • The padded seat ensures that you can drum for hours without discomfort.
    • Built to last, this throne can handle the rigors of constant drumming.
    • The height adjustment feature caters to your specific needs.
    • Its lightweight and exceptional design makes it easy to carry for gigs.
    • It is highly affordable. 


    • Currently available in a limited color range.


    Here is a review by one of the customers, Azubuike Segunmaru:

    Works like a pro:

    I didn't have much to spend and needed something good for the stage. It had a little thicker seat, which I needed, and it did the job perfectly.

  • Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest Support by GRIFFIN

  • Ranked as our runner-up, the GRIFFIN Saddle Drum Throne stands out. It's crafted for drummers of all styles. Its eye-catching design pairs with enduring strength. This ensures a remarkable experience for every drummer.

    Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest Support by GRIFFIN

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    • The innovative saddle-style design of this drum throne ensures optimal weight distribution and lowers pressure points. So, it provides hours of comfortable drumming.
    • Unlike conventional drum thrones, this model has a supportive backrest. It offers excellent lumbar support to reduce fatigue during long drumming sessions.
    • The height of the throne is easily adjustable to accommodate different preferences. 
    • It is manufactured with high-quality materials to last long. 



    • The saddle-style design and backrest support give unmatched comfort and support. 
    • The height adjustment feature allows drummers to find their ideal drumming position. 
    • It is made from high-quality materials for longevity. 


    • Some drummers might find it less portable compared to other options. 


    Look what our customer, Kelley Green, says about this drum throne: 

    Best product for the price: 

    I am very satisfied with my Griffin drum throne, especially since it came in early. I was not expecting it til a week later. I set it up and sat on it. It is very comfortable, and I was looking for the best value for the back support. Also, I would like to thank Geek Stands for the gift sent with my throne. I will definitely order again.

  • Drum Hardware Pack Complete 6 Piece Set by GRIFFIN

  • Drum Hardware Pack Complete 6 Piece Set by GRIFFIN

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    As a drummer seeking to elevate your kit, the Griffin Drum Hardware Pack stands out. This six-piece ensemble by Griffin aims to enhance your drumming experience. Its precision-crafted design and robust build are sure to appeal to you. This set is a key choice for drummers who value quality and performance.


    • The Griffin Drum Hardware Pack features double-braced stands for superior stability. Whether playing in the studio or on stage, these stands can handle it all, ensuring your drums stay securely in place.
    • Each stand in this hardware pack comes with adjustable height options. This allows you to customize your drum setup to your preferred playing position.
    • Crafted from premium materials, these hardware pieces are built to withstand the rigors of frequent drumming sessions. So they ensure they will stand the test of time.



    • The double-braced design ensures your drums stay firmly in place.
    • You can configure your drum kit exactly how you want it with adjustable height options.
    • These hardware pieces are built to last.


    • Some drummers might find these stands heavier compared to other available options. 
    • This pack may not be suitable for drummers on a tight budget.


  • Premium Universal Drum Throne Brown Height Adjustable Padded Drum

  • The Geekstands Premium Universal Drum Throne is designed to provide drummers comfort, durability, and stability. Whether you're a pro drummer or just starting your drumming journey, this throne is definitely for you. This drum throne is also available in a classy white color, perfect for those who want an aesthetic look. 

    Premium Universal Drum Throne Brown Height Adjustable Padded Drum

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    • This drum throne is available in brown color. 
    • It allows you to customize the seat height to your preference.
    • Because of its special padding, it offers comfort during long drumming sessions.
    • Its round chrome chair ensures reliability.
    • It features anti-slip feet, which ensures stability and keeps you secure while drumming.



    • Comfortable drumming is one of the best aspects of this drum throne. 
    • It lets you easily customize the seat height to match your unique playing style and body type.
    • It is highly durable and prevents slipping or sliding. 
    • This drum throne is versatile for drummers of all ages and skill levels.


    • Available in brown only, which may not match all drum kit aesthetics.


    Here is a quick video link to learn more about drum thrones:

  • Saddle Drum Throne Black Height Adjustable Padded Seat Drum Stool

  • Saddle Drum Throne is one of the best options available. This versatile drum throne offers a classy blend of style and comfort. 

    Moreover, it is also available in brown color, which you would definitely love. This throne is designed for drummers, percussionists, and keyboard or piano players who demand the best comfort and durability.


    • It offers height adjustability options between 18 to 23.6 inches. 
    • It ensures hours of comfortable playing without discomfort or fatigue.
    • It has a sturdy construction for stability and longevity and can handle 330 pounds. 
    • The rotatable seat allows for easy movement and adjustments during your performance.



    • The padded seat and saddle design ensure you can play for extended periods without discomfort.
    • You can adjust and find the perfect playing height to match your instrument and playing style.
    • The double-braced construction ensures stability and long-lasting performance.
    • You can choose classic black or elegant brown to match your setup.


    • This drum throne might be pricy for beginners. 


  • Thick Padded Foldable White Drum Throne Saddle Stool DS CH WH SDL

  • If you are looking for something comfortable and durable, then Thick Padded Foldable White Drum Throne Saddle Stool is what you are searching for. This drum throne is designed to offer an exceptional playing experience. It offers an amazing drumming experience without letting you compromise on quality or style. 


    • The seat features thick padding that ensures hours of comfort.
    • Its foldable design makes it incredibly portable.
    • Crafted with robust materials, this drum throne is built to withstand challenging sessions. 
    • The stool's height can be adjusted to match your preferred drumming position.
    • The saddle-shaped seat provides excellent support and promotes proper posture during your drumming sessions.



    • The thick padding ensures you can drum for extended periods without discomfort.
    • Its design makes it easy to carry to gigs or stores when not in use. 
    • Built to last, this drum throne can handle the demands of frequent drumming.


    • This drum throne is available in only one color.  


    Here is a table summing up different drum thrones with their features, pros, cons, and more: 


    Description Specifications Best For Pros Cons
    Padded Drum Throne Stool by Griffin A sturdy, comfortable drum throne 2.75-inch padded seat, gross weight: 6 pounds Drummers needing a basic, sturdy seat Comfortable padding, adjustable height,slip-proof nut, and bolt Lower weight capacity
    Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest by Griffin A saddle-style drum throne with a backrest 3-inch padded seat, gross weight: 16 pounds Drummers requiring back support Comfortable padding, adjustable backrest, higher weight capacity Bulkier due to backrest
    Drum Hardware Pack by Griffin A 6-piece drum hardware package Various items, gross weights: 4 to 7 pounds each Drummers needing full hardware set Comprehensive package, memory locks for quick setup This pack may not be suitable for drummers on a tight budget.
    Premium Universal Drum Throne Brown and White A comfortable and durable throne Adjustable size, metal material, max height: 21.8 inches All levels of drummers High-density sponge for comfort, easy height adjustment

    Specific to drum use

    Saddle Drum Throne Black and brown A motorcycle seat-style throne with a plush sponge Leather seat material, item weight: 7.53 pounds Drummers seeking style and comfort Memory foam for comfort, heavy-duty foundation Slightly heavier
    Thick Padded Foldable White Drum Throne A regal, motorcycle seat-shaped throne with a memory sponge Dimensions are 5" x 10" x 2" and weight is 5.52 lbs Drummers valuing comfort and style Memory foam cushion, rock-solid foundation White color may require more maintenance

    Why Geekstands Should Be Your Top Pick For The Perfect Drum Thrones?

    When the quest for the perfect drum throne begins, comfort, durability, and overall performance take the spotlight. Geekstands is a brand renowned for its innovative drum accessories. Here are some reasons why Greekstands should be your top pick for drum thrones: 

    Unmatched Comfort

    Geekstands' drum thrones have comfort woven into their very core. They prioritize ergonomic design, ensuring drummers enjoy extended sessions without the discomfort and fatigue often associated with lesser thrones. Their cushioning is a testament to exceptional support and posture maintenance, effectively reducing the risk of troublesome back pain or muscle strain.

    Built for the Long Haul

    Durability is a cornerstone of Geekstands' drum thrones. Crafted from top-tier materials, these thrones can gracefully weather the demanding world of drumming. Whether you're seasoned or just starting your drumming journey, rest assured that your Geekstands throne is an investment that will endure for years.

    Customization Galore

    Every drummer is unique, and Geekstands understands this well. They offer a variety of choices for their drum thrones. You can select from different seat sizes, cushion thicknesses, and height adjustments. 

    This means you can adjust your throne to fit your specific needs and likes. This adaptability guarantees you get the perfect throne. It will suit your drumming style just right.

    Affordable Brilliance

    Despite their top-notch construction and features, Geekstands' drum thrones remain affordable. This affordability ensures that drummers from all walks of life can experience the advantages of a premium throne without straining their budget. Geekstands brings you the best without breaking the bank.

    Thus, if you are in search of quality drum thrones, check out Greekstands to enhance your comfort and drumming experience with drum thrones from brands such as Griffin.