DJ Keyboard Stands and Mounts

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When searching for the right stand for your keyboard, it's important to consider weight and sturdiness. Our keyboard stands have weight ratings up to 400 pounds and feature double bracing for extra strength. We offer a variety of styles, including furniture style, X- and Z-style, or column-style stands. All are designed to firmly and safely hold multiple tiers of keyboards, DJ gear, mixers, and pedal controllers. With our stands, you can enjoy your music performance without worrying about your gear.

Are you a musician, DJ, studio engineer, or roadie looking to maximize your performance? If so, then DJ keyboard stands and mounts are a must-have. These stands and mounts are designed to provide ergonomic support and stability to keyboard instruments, allowing you to get the most out of your performance. Whether you’re in the studio, on stage, or on the road, these stands and mounts are your ticket to musical success.

DJ keyboard stands and mounts offer a range of benefits for musicians, DJs, studio engineers, and roadies. For starters, they provide ergonomic support, allowing you to play comfortably for extended periods of time. Roadies in particular will appreciate their portability and stability – they make it easy to transport keyboards from one venue to the next, while also ensuring that they stay in place during performances. Finally, these stands and mounts can also help you achieve a more professional sound, eliminating unwanted vibrations and hums for a cleaner, more accurate sound.

So, if you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, look no further than DJ keyboard stands and mounts. They provide ergonomic support, stability, and protection, while also helping to ensure a professional sound. Grab a set of stands and mounts today, and unlock your musical potential!

Q. Are keyboard stands universal? Will they work with any keyboard?

A. In general, a 61 or 88-key keyboard will fit on any keyboard stand. But you should double-check the measurement of your keyboard and the stand you are wanting to purchase to make sure.

Q. How high can a keyboard stand go?

A. The standard height of a piano keyboard is 29.5 inches, but it can be as short as 27 inches and as high as 30 inches. Most piano instructors tell their students to use an adjustable bench that will put their elbows at or slightly above the height of the keyboard. But, that is standard for a piano which is likely what you will learn on. For a keyboard stand the height is usually adjustable and many will go as high as 39 inches. Double keyboard stands may have the second tier even higher. But for some types of stands, this height could put your equipment in jeopardy falling off of the stand and damaging your equipment. This is especially true of X-style stands that will have too much of your keyboard unsupported on the left and right side of the stand.

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