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Make recording crystal clear audio with no noise interference a breeze with's premium quality microphone cables. Enjoy 30 days of complete satisfaction, or your money back, with our hassle-free guarantee. Plus, each cable is backed by a 1 year replacement warranty and designed to last. Whether you're recording guitars, synths, drum machines, or mics, has the perfect audio cable for the job - and at the lowest price possible! Create your perfect home or live recording studio, tailored to your instruments, budget, and needs with's dependable and heavy-duty cables.

Studio engineers, musicians, DJs and roadies all know the importance of having the right Pro-Audio Cables for their craft. Whether it’s crafting a studio masterpiece or delivering an unforgettable live performance, having the right cables can make all the difference. Pro-Audio Cables are specifically designed for recording and live performance scenarios, and are engineered with higher quality materials to ensure the highest quality sound and signal strength. 

Whether you’re running a live sound rig, setting up a studio, or connecting your instruments to a recording device, Pro-Audio Cables provide the maximum signal integrity and clarity for professional-grade audio applications. With higher gauge than consumer-grade cables and a more robust signal with less noise, Pro-Audio Cables are designed to keep your sound pristine and your performance flawless.

Not only do Pro-Audio Cables provide superior sound quality and signal strength, they also keep your equipment safe and secure. With their flexible and durable construction, Pro-Audio Cables are designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. Investing in the right Pro-Audio Cables is essential for any professional audio application, so make sure you have the right cables for the job.

Q. What is the most common cable?

A. 3-pin XLR cables are the most commonly used cables. XLR cables are the standard for many audio interfaces, most microphones, pre-amps and amps, as well as line level to active (powered) speakers.


Q. Are premium XLR cables worth it?

A. For a microphone or other audio interface, the answer is yes. As a line level cable to an active speaker, as long as the power to your speaker is grounded properly, the answer is no. 


Q. Do longer XLR cables sound worse?

A. This depends on if you are using balanced or unbalanced XLR cables. If your cables are balanced, then theoretically length will not matter. 


Q. Can I daisy chain mic cables together?

A. It can be done, but it is bad practice to daisy chain multiple cables together. Sound reduction occurs at each connection. Purchase a cable the length you need. Don’t buy two 25’ cables and patch them together. If you need 50’, buy 50’.

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