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Whether you are looking for professional organizational tools for live stage shows or the best in audio cables for your use in live shows, we can deliver it all through our online store. Feel free sort results by bestsellers, price, and name. Contact us with any questions you may have on our wealth of live stage accessories.

Are you a studio engineer, musician, DJ, or roadie looking for pro-audio accessories to take your sound to the next level? Look no further! Pro-audio accessories are essential for anyone in the music industry. 

Whether you’re in the studio engineering a track, playing gigs as a musician or DJ, or on the road as a roadie, pro-audio accessories are the key to success

Cables are essential for connecting your equipment. Whether you’re connecting a microphone to a mixer or linking a laptop to a speaker, you need quality cables.

Q. What is the difference in pro audio equipment and standard audio equipment?

A. Pro audio equipment is for professional use. Unless you are producing music and/or video professionally, you don’t need to spend the money on pro audio equipment. Keep in mind that not every piece of equipment labeled as pro audio is really for professional use. If you’ve never heard of the brand and it’s cheap, chances are it is not really for professional use.


Q. Is high end audio equipment worth it?

A. For most people the answer is no. Obviously you don’t want to use really cheap equipment. Cheap equipment will produce cheap sound. But unless you are putting on a stage show or are recording professionally for a band, high end audio equipment will be a waste of money. However, cheap equipment is just that. Cheap. You get what you pay for. While someone producing a podcast could use a lower end pro grade mic like a Behringer C-1 ($49-$60), a person recording music for a professional band would definitely want to use something with better sound reproduction like a Shure KSM313/NE ($1300 and up). Likewise with cables and speakers. Your average local band or karaoke show may use Fat Toad mic and speaker cables with a set of Harbinger MLS1000 ($600 each). Good quality wires and mics, but definitely nothing you would expect to see Metallica using. No one is expecting the local band to sound like pros. But if a professional band were to come into a small venue they would still use a higher grade cables like Monster and better cables like Bose L1 Pro 32 ($3300 each). When choosing audio equipment, a good idea is to go talk to some local shows and listen to the sound. Talk with the band members if you can and get their opinion about what is good for your use. Find out what they are using and compare different equipment at different shows.


Q. What level should I set my microphone at?

A. On quality sound boards and amps you will find 2 level settings for your mics. Gain setting and main (volume or line level) setting. A good place to start is to set your main volume at 50% and then slowly turn up your gain until you can hear yourself clearly without any pop or hisses. If you get to 50% gain and it still isn’t clear, turn your gain back down completely, turn your main up to 75% and start again with your gain. A good rule of thump to remember is “Never turn your gain, higher than your main.” In a live sound situation, gain is the main cause of feedback. You know that high squealing sound that annoys everyone? If you are getting feedback, turn down your gain some and then turn up your main.

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