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Defective Product

4.1) For defective products, a 12 month/1-year (from the purchase date) exchange will be honored for all products excluding "drum sticks", which will carry a 30 day warranty. See below for more information concerning the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form.

4.2) You must provide us with written notice via email message within five (5) calendar days after delivery of your order of any cosmetic damage, missing parts, or any other claims regarding your items purchased. The date of your order of being delivered will be confirmed by the shipping carrier used. Parts that later become defective will still be covered by our 1 year warranty, excluding cosmetic defects and "drum sticks".

4.3) Most of the time, defective product issues can be resolved by just exchanging out one part on the item rather than exchanging the entire item. Depending on the part, we will usually not require you to ship back any defective parts for replacement as long as you are able to provide us a picture sent to our email address. The picture you send to us must clearly show the part is broken or defective in order to not only verify the part is defective but also to confirm that we will send you the correct part. However, if the defective part is metal or has a cosmetic defect, we usually require that you ship that part back for an exchange. In the event of broken "drum sticks" covered under the 30 day warranty, Geekstands has the option of opting for resoling with a pro-rated partial refund which will be calculated on "drum stick" broken count / total order count.

4.4) If we do require you to send back your defective part, then the buyer at buyers cost must send back only the defective part(s), and not the entire item unless the entire item is defective. For example, if you ordered a stand, and small plastic knob on the stand is broken, only send the broken knob back and NOT the entire stand with the broken knob. If you send back items that are not defective, we might require you to pay for additional return shipping. After we receive the item back from the buyer, we will then pay to re-send an exchange item.

4.5) All items we sell are new, however in rare cases, some parts on an item might be defective upon opening up your package. This does not make the item "used" or "not new," it is simply a manufacture’s defect. It is also important to note that we realistically cannot open up, inspect every part, and test every single item before shipping. However, we do test and inspect at least 1 product from every production run we get. We do random quality testing and inspections of products and also do at least one random product inspection after a customer has contacted us regarding a defective product they received. We do not intentionally sell or ship any used, broken, or defective parts, products or items. Because you do have a 1 year warranty on your item, we will replace that part or item according to these stated terms and conditions to which you have agreed.

4.6) A defective item is defined as the following: when the product has a manufactured defect, or was damaged in shipping, and the product cannot operate correctly as a direct result of the defect. If the product was abused or mistreated, the warranty will not be honored. We have the right to determine if the product was abused or mistreated beyond its intentional use.

4.7) When we ship you a part to replace a defective one, you must physically replace that part yourself. This may include, but is not limited to, using a screw driver, wrench or any other materials required to change the part.

Refund Returns

5.1) Concerning general returns and for defective item returns, if you are unsatisfied for any reason with a product you receive, we will gladly accept the item back within 30 days for a refund (minus restocking & processing fee as figured & stated below). You (the buyer) are responsible for shipping the item back to our location at your cost. See below for more information concerning the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form.

5.2) If, for any reason, you want to cancel your order after you have paid but before we have shipped your order, you may do so as long as we receive and have read and/or opened your e-mail prior to the actual shipment of your order. If your order has already shipped, then you will need to return your order per the RMA form and instructions.

5.3) The following restocking fees will apply. Please note we do not "profit" from any of these fees charged to you. This only covers our actual cost of the original shipping charges that were billed to us for your order. *Restocking fee or Re-Ship fee = 20% of the original gross product amount. (plus original shipping charges if outside the 48 USA states)

Exchange Returns

6.1) You may return your item in exchange for a different item. See below for more information concerning the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. 

6.2) The buyer is responsible for rendering a re-ship fee incurred by having the new item sent back to the buyer as figured & stated in terms section 5.3

6.3) You have the option of paying the re-ship fee through PayPal to our email address or by including the payment with your returned item. You also have the option in sending us a return prepaid label by your carrier account (UPS, USPS, or FedEx only) with your return instead of enclosing a re-ship fee. If we receive your item back with no funds or prepaid return label, your order will be held until payment has been made

6.4) If the item you want in exchange is priced more than the item you purchased to be exchange, then you must add that price difference amount with your RMA. If the item you want in exchange is priced less than the item you purchased to be exchange, then we will issue you a refund on the price difference minus an 20% processing fee. If we do not have the item you want in exchange, you will be given a refund minus the restocking fee as stated in 5.3 

Conditions for all Returns

7.1) Items must be returned in undamaged re-sellable condition with complete original packaging. All returns must accompany the original packaging and original accessories that were included with the original shipment.

7.2) All risks of loss and damage, and all return packaging, shipping, and insurance charges shall be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer and not Ace Division or its subsidiaries. Buyer must take all necessary precautions to properly protect all items returned against the risks and hazards of shipping. Do not require signature with your return package.

7.3) Any item returned in damaged condition, as determined in the sole judgment and discretion of Ace Division or its subsidiaries shall subject the otherwise eligible refund to deduction and off set for all loss or damage including up to the entire purchase price. The following reduction fee’s will be used and assisted in addition to the standard restocking fee of 20%. The condition categories below will be determined by an agent for Ace Division or GeekStands, and are used as standard industrial practice for determining return conditions. EXCELLENT CONDITION: (0% additional deduction) Exact same condition as originally sent. Unused, undamaged, unaltered. All items included in original package. Factory seal must not be broken/open, and original tags included/attached. VERY GOOD CONDITION: (0% additional deduction) Unused product with all original packaging, but product box or packaging may have been opened. Original tags/manual/warranty card unattached. Return product may require repackaging. GOOD CONDITION: (3% additional deduction): Includes at least one of the following: Missing Box(es) (inner or outer shipping box). Missing other original packaging (plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc), Can have some minor cosmetic defects, or light single use event (no repair required). FAIR CONDITION (7% additional deduction): Includes at least one of the following: moderate used product, or missing packaging, missing minor parts (screws, nuts, bolts, accessories), signs of wear or use (caused by use or incorrect repackaging), item may have been installed, original tags, manual, warranty cards missing, return requires taking out the product for complete repackaging, some moderate cosmetic defects (scuffs & scraps), smells of cigarette smoke or other foreign odor. POOR CONDITION: (20% additional deduction): Includes at least one of the following: Signs of heavy use, missing essential structural parts, item is damaged caused by use or incorrect repackaging, materially different than how it was originally shipped, item is defective and requires service or repair due to misuse, major cosmetic defects (dents, deep scraps requiring repair). ABUSED CONDITION (30% to 80% additional deduction): Includes but not limited to: wrong item returned, obvious abused condition, product painted or altered, or return of “box of rocks”. 

7.4) Under no circumstances, nor for any reason, do we cover return shipping costs on exchanges, defective items, refunds, or damaged items. It makes no difference if you are returning a defective item for a refund or a non-defective item for a refund. This is because we are able to offer you an exchange or replacement under your 1 year warranty for defective items or parts.

7.5) If you do not wish to pay to ship the item back, we will be glad to schedule for you to come by our warehouse located in Tyler, TX to return the item in person; but you must first schedule your appointment by e-mail.

7.5b) If we do provide a return shipping label to return an item for a refund, we may decide at our desecration to deduct an additional 10% deduction.

7.6) All items returned to us should be credited back in the form of the original payment within 5 business days once we receive the item.

7.8) Returns for refunds or returns for exchanges will only be approved if contacting us about returning your order within 30 days the item was originally delivered to you. Returns for refunds or returns for exchanges will only be granted or processed if we receive your return package within 30 days from the date we approved your return or gave you your RMA number. Dates are confirmed by the carriers tracking number.

7.8.1) If we receive a return package for a refund, and the approval date for us to receive that package has expired, your refund will assess an additional 10% restocking fee or the package may be refused by our RMA department. 

7.9) If we do not have the exact item in stock, we reserve the right to send a similar item in equal or greater value. If the replacement part is out of stock, we may have to put your replacement part on back order and will ship it out as soon as we receive your replacement part. In rare occasions, if we are unable to supply you with an exchange part or item because we or the manufacturer have discontinued an item and the item then became defective within the stated warranty term. After we receive your returned defective item, we reserve the right to present the following two options in lieu of a replacement part or item: (1) either issue a store credit from our online store in the amount of your original order or (2) issue a refund minus our stated restocking fee. Should you choose the first option and then purchase an item from us with store credit, the expiration date for the warranty for this new item will be either 30 days from the delivery date of your order or the original date of when your warranty term expired for the originally purchased item for which you returned and were issued store credit, whichever time period is longer.

7.10) If we have already shipped you a replacement part to replace a defective part on your item, and you then later decide to return your item for a refund regardless if that replacement part did or did not solve the issue, you must include that replacement part in the package with your return. Furthermore, there will also be an additional shipping fee held from your refund for the "actual shipping cost" of your replacement part.

RMA Form

7.11) Contact us for the RMA form for you to fill out. Do not return any package without first receiving an RMA number from us via email.

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