Product User Manuals

We have a wide range of Griffin & Fat Toad product manuals available to our customers. Check out below to see a list of product manuals and documentation for a wide range of products. From scissor microphone stands to speaker stands and more. We regularly update this section of our website with all the latest manuals and documentation, so if you don't see your product model, please contact us.

It is our hope to create a reference point for many amateur musicians as well as for the professional stage crew. By having this ongoing resource, you can find many brand-name Griffin & Fat Toad items and the official PDF documentation for some of your favorite products. Whether you have picked up these products used or you are simply interested in finding information on warranty and assembly for the latest models, we have you covered here.

The documentation and product manuals are perfectly created to deliver the finest in information for your band or the technical side of Griffin & Fat Toad assembly. We hope to add resources for all future Griffin & Fat Toad products as soon as we receive them. If there's a brand-new stand or product that you would like to add to our listing please e-mail us the PDF for scans of your own documentation. We like to keep this database regularly updated with both new and vintage equipment. As partners with Griffin & Fat Toad and other manufacturers we are committed to delivering the best in value as well as the finest in documentation for the future of our customer experiences.

If you love Griffin & Fat Toad products or you have any other questions about the guides we have available, please contact our staff today and we can answer any of your inquiries immediately. If you have a request for a specific model or warranty information we can be of assistance anytime!

Please select your model below for user product manuals and documentation. 

OV-APL1300T  Griffin Truss Crank Stands

LG-AP3614,   Telescoping Microphone Stand

LG-APST01     Studio Microphone Boom Stand on Wheels

MD-APSI04    Microphone Isolator Diffuser Sound Absorber Studio Panel

OV-AP3101    Lighting Truss Stand System

OV-LK353    Triangle Crank Up Truss Stand 

14 / 13 / 10 Wood Snare Drum

SM-LG-AP34063 / SM-LG-AP34075 / LG-AP34087  Multi Guitar Rack

MD-AP3299    Double Studio Mixer Stand

OV-DEQ02     25U Rackmount RoadCase

SM-RS657      10 Space Studio Equipment Rack Mount Stand

MD-WS993     19U Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels

SM-LS01         DJ Laptop Stand

MD-SM-LS21D      Double Laptop Stand

SM-APRR3UW3F   Rackmount Triple Cooling Fan

MD-AP3212      Audio Mixer Stand on Wheels

U-LS400        Folding DJ Laptop Stand with Tray

U-S80 / SM-S2ST / U-S100   Snare Drum Stand

SM-P200 / MD-SM-P1000  Single / Double Kick Drum Pedal

SM-LG-B80   Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand

SM-LG-C80  Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand

LG-TS300  Double Tom Cymbal Stand with Cymbal Arm

SM-T100  Padded Drum Throne Stool

SM-LG-H80   Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

MD-H40R   Remote Hi-Hat Stand

MD-AP5101  Piano Bench with Storage

MD-APRL103-BL / MD-APRL105-BR / MD-APR100-BL / AP5103   Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage

MD-APPD04  Piano Pedal Extender

SM-MD-LK341  Conductor Music Stand

MD-AP3372   Wall Mount PA Speaker Brackets

LG-H600A    2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand

LG-LK551A   Triple Keyboard Stand

LG-XX-388W  Sliding Keyboard Stand

MD-TR200  Drum Throne with Back Rest

SM-AP3607  Low-Profile Microphone Stand


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