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For a drummer, damage to the gear hurts the most. But various ways can be used to protect the gear and keep your favorite gear damage-free.

To protect the gear, safety in the transport process and storage are of paramount importance.

Ideally, the drummer must use the cymbal bags and the drum mats as they are quite helpful when protecting the gear.

This blog post will center on the importance of gear protection, tips for the safe transport of the cymbal and its stands, and an overview of some of the fantastic cymbal stands that you can use that are available at Greek stands. So, let's dive into it!

Why Gear Protection is Important 

The gear protection provides safety to the gear and thus helps it last a long time, protecting it from wear and tear.

Stability in the Performances

With proper gear protection, the stands and gear ensure stability in the performances.

Proper stands and gear protection ensure stability during performances, preventing accidental falls or shifts that could disrupt the rhythm.

Lesser Damage

Physical damage incidents are greatly reduced with protective equipment like the cases and cover shields used for the stands, cymbals, and other gear.

With protective gear, dents, scratches, or any other form of damage has a much lesser impact on the gear.

Equipment Lifespan

The appropriate gear protection is important for the equipment's long-lasting lifespan. As said previously, when you take good care of your gear, you protect it from almost all kinds of damage.

While you are performing or doing your introductory sessions and even in storage, the equipment is always prone to damage. But only by taking good protection can you help reduce the damage, thus increasing the life of the equipment.


Proper care of the gear ensures the safety of the musicians and bystanders. When you take care of the gear and safely mount the stands, you minimize all these injury issues that might come up when you are performing a highly energizing performance.

Optimal Sound

Another reason for gear protection is optimal sound quality. When your gear is protected, you get optimal sound production.

When the gear is securely in place, there is less rattling, which helps in smoother sound production.

Professional Appearance

It gives a professional feel when the gear is protected and is nicely organized with protective elements.

This approach benefits the overall appeal of the performance, and the musicians feel good as they have a professional stage setup.

Transportation Safety

Transportation safety is achieved with proper gear protection, the drums, cymbals, and stands.

While traveling, the chances of damage are drastically increased. Travelling is not avoidable in any case, as the musicians are always in transit or traveling from the venue to the rehearsals, etc.

And in all that, the only thing that is helpful for the gear is the use of protective gear.

Cost Savings

Cost savings is another important reason to invest in gear protection. When you spend your bucks on gear protection, you are actually saving your expensive gear and reducing the cost that you would spend on periodic repairs.

So, if you spend money to save a lot more, it is always a wise move.

Safe Transportation of Cymbals, Cymbals Stands.

Equipment like cymbal bags, cymbal cases, cymbal stands, drum mats, and cushioning material can really help a lot in safe transportation for the cymbal and the cymbal stands.

Cymbal Bag

The cymbal bag protects and cushions the cymbal during transportation. Cymbal bags are a category of factory products but are very useful, useful for protecting expensive gear.

Cymbal bags are often equipped with a layer of cushioning and are padded. Thus, they reduce the impact of the pressure and the force on the cymbals.

They are for the protection of the cymbals from the outside and from the inside. When placed in the same bag while in transit, the cymbals are highly likely to rub against each other. This way, the cymbals are highly prone to scratches, which will also impact their look and sound.

But these cymbal bags also provide a solution for this issue as there are dividers inside the bags that are used for the separate transportation of the cymbals, and hence, they are transported without scratches and are protected.

Cymbal Case

The cymbal cases are hard shell cases for the protection of the cymbal. The bags provide coughing and protect the cymbals, but if you are more sensitive about your gear and want some extra foul-proof protection, then a cymbal stand might help a lot.

The cymbal stands are made of hard material that can greatly absorb the impact of the external force but protect the internal cymbals at all costs.

As with the bag, the case also has dividers and foam padding to protect the cymbal from scratches and other damage.

The cases also have ease of transport features. Some cymbal cases have wheels and handles, making moving them easier.

Cymbal Stand Bag

The cymbal stand bag protects the cymbal stand while in transit. Most of the time, more than one cymbal stand is used in the performances. But you cannot carry each stand in a separate bag.

So cymbal stand bags with multiple compartments are used.They have cushioning features to help protect from inside rubbing and outside damage.

Opt for a cymbal stand with durable and tough zippers so it is easy to handle and carry, and there is a lesser likelihood of any mishap.

So, your cymbal stands are free from dents and scratches. Cymbal stands also come with additional accessories cases or pockets, so you can keep other accessories in there.

Drum Mat

A drum mat is a protective extra gear that is a hindrance between the drum unit and the floor. The mat gives friciton to hold the drum pack on the floor and diminishes the probability of slippage.

When you are performing, and the energy levels are high, there is a likelihood that with intense play, the stability of the drum kit is disturbed, and hence, the performance will also be impacted. There is also a chance of slippage, which might cause injuries to yourself and the drum kit.

Due to this issue, a drum mat holds the drum kit in place while performing and also in transport. It helps protect the drum kit and gives a cushioning surface to reduce the impact of the outside force.

Padding and Cushioning 

Added padding and cushioning in your cymbal stand and case, etc, provide additional protection from damage.

The cushioning material and padding increase the impact time and reduce the impact intensity; thus, the gear is even more protected with their usage.

Additional Tips For Gear Protection 

Here, we have compiled a list of 4 tips to help with gear protection. 

  • Proper Packing Techniques

  • For additional gear protection, understanding proper packaging techniques and their use can help greatly.

    The proper packaging techniques include cymbal nesting, disassembly, weight distribution, etc.

    • The cymbal nesting is a technique in which the cymbals are stacked together. These packaging techniques help save space and reduce the movement of the cymbals. The protective cushioning is placed in between them. With reduced movement, the chances of damage are reduced.
    •  Stand disassembly is also a packaging technique that helps separate the pieces. This separates the pieces from each other, helps compact packing, and reduces the movement of the stand pieces.
    •  The weight distribution technique is used to manage the load in between the bags. With this packaging technique, the strain on the gear is reduced as all the portions are equally balanced.

    • Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

    Avoiding extreme temperatures is also an additional protection tip. When equipment or your gear is subjected to high temperatures, it can really hamper the drum and the cymbal gears. The material can expand or contract in extremely high and lower temperatures.

    This expansion and contraction further lead to gear cracking and other damages. So, the gear is prone to injury, and thus, its lifetime is reduced drastically.

    So in order to avoid the problem of extreme temperature, what you have to do is store your gear in a place where you have a temperature-controlled setup. Or opt for a place that usually has a maintained temperature and where the temperature does not go to extremes.

    While traveling, you should keep an eye on the gear. If you are traveling in warmer conditions, periodically check the gear and try to protect it from direct sunlight.

  • Regular Maintenance Practices

  • Performing regular checks and sticking to maintenance practices are also great tips for gear protection.

    When you opt for regular maintenance, you protect the functionality of the drum and cymbal equipment.So they perform better, and you get the desired sound and functionality.

    Apart from that, if they are not taken care of properly with time, dirt and debris attach to the cymbals, the stands, and other gear. With time, corrosion and deterioration occur, decreasing the life of the gear.

    For the tightening hardware like the bolts and screws, regular oiling is the basic part of the maintenance. It helps smooth operation and reduces overall damage.

  • Securing Stands During Transport

  • Another safety tip is to secure your stand while in transit. By securing the stands during the transport, we tend to prevent damage to both equipment and the surrounding items.  

    When the stands are in place, in case of jerks while in transit, the stands or the gear will not strike with the other components, so it will help protect all the equipment.

    To secure the equipment, you can use straps and bungee cords and tightly bind them to the gear in the allocated case or the compartment in the vehicle.

    You can also stack the stand vertically if you have many of them and less space for their transportation.

    In case you want some more practical tips on how to safely transport the cymbal stand and other gear; here is a quick youtube video.

    An Overview of Some Best Cymbal Stands and Related Stands 

    Here is a list of the 8 best stands.

  • Premium 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand 


                              Image sourced from reddit                         

    The premium 2-leg hi-hat stand is chrome-plated steel, making it extremely sturdy. Its rotating double-braced legs with memory locks allow for an automatic setting.


    • The legs have a 360-degree turn, which helps in space management.
    • The height level is flexible from 27 to 38 inches.
    • The leg length is 18 inches.
    • The gross weight of the stand is 12 pounds.



    • This Hi-Hat stand is the best for congested spaces with 360-degree rotation.
    • The adjustable height helps in making it useful for a wide range of users.
    • The setup is quite flexible.


    • Less stability in no-leg mode.
    • There is no intense play in no leg mode.

    Here is what our client Karabo Visser has to say about the stand

    Good product, fast delivery

    Overall really satisfied with it. At first I couldn't get it to stop rocking back and forth while playing, but just needed adjustment to the legs. Heavy duty parts and works great.. and the fast delivery was Amazon Amazing.

  • Cymbal Boom Stand


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    The cymbal boom stand comes with a boom arm that can really bear heavy cymbals. This weight-bearing capacity is due to a coin-tear end piece at the end of the boom arm.


    • The stand is convertible to a straight cymbal stand by removing the boom arm.
    • The Cymbal stand has double-braced legs 
    • The boom arm is adjustable. It can be adjusted from 29-48 inches.
    • The length with the boom included is up to 67 inches.



    • This stand allows for a versatile position of the boom arm. You can adjust the length of the boom arm according to your requirements and personal preferences.
    • The stand is stable and will not cause slippage due to the double-braced legs.
    • Apart from the length, the angle of the boom arm is also adjustable, so you can simply create the height and angle you want.


    • The cymbal boom stand might not be suited for all the paying setups.
    • The configuration might seem only limited to the boom stand.


  • Double Tom Drum Stand       


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    The double tom drum stand is used to mount the drums on the double tom cymbal stand. It has two tom drum mounting arms and, in addition to that, a cymbal arm.


    • The tom drum has a lock on both sides to securely mount the drums.
    • The additional cymbal arm is 18 inches in length. 



    • This stand can accommodate multiple drums.
    • The stands are quite stable and can manage a decent amount of weight.
    • The stands are quite adjustable, so different drum sizes can be adjusted. The height can be adjusted from 29 inches to 57 inches


    • The stand is specific to tom drum mounting only
    • It's not for you if you want a simple cymbal stand.


    • Straight Cymbal Stand

                                                           Image sourced from reddit

      The straight cymbal stand is a sturdy, height-adjustable stand for your cymbals. The stand has a simple design and enhanced functionality.


      • The stand is a double-braced one. So it is made up of high-quality material, making it quite sturdy.
      • The height of the stand is adjustable from 29 inches to 65 inches due to 3 interlocking poles.
      • The base pipe diameter is 22 mm
      • Gross weight is 5.5 pounds



      • The stand is made of a simple design, so it is best for you if you love simplicity
      • The stand is highly stable
      • The adjustable height features help customize the stand height according to preference.


      • Not suitable for versati;lty.
      • It is not suitable for boom arm stand users.

      Our client Santa King says about the product 

      “Great Stand! Been using it for over a year now! No problems at all! Good Product: )

      Great Stand, very sturdy and great quality:)”

    • Student Grabber Cymbal

    • The student grabber cymbal stand is a beginner-friendly and highly compatible stand.


                                                   Image sourced from reddit


      • The stand is a grabber-style cymbal stand 
      • The length of the long drumming haul is 45cm/17.72 inches.



      • It is designed for the beginner or the students learning the art
      • The stand is highly compatible


      • The stand is only for students
      • The stand lacks durability in advanced use.


    • Tama HTC87w

    • The Tama HTC87w is a combination stand of the tom and the cymbal.


      • The stand is sturdy in construction.
      • The stand's height and angle are adjustable with Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment.



      • The stand can be both a tom and a cymbal mounting stand. So you don't need to buy two separate things.
      • The construction is made of heavy-duty material.
      • The stand is quite flexible in use.


      • The stand may feel a bit heavier.
      • The product might be a bit expensive.


    • Tama Speed Cobra 315

    • The Tama Speed Cobra is a hi-hat stand that is known for its responsive pedal action.

                                                            Image sourced from reddit


      • It is a Hi-hat stand
      • The stand has a well-known responsive pedal action
      •  It also has adjustable tension and height features.



      • The quick pedal action helps in responsiveness and quick sound changes.
      • High quality materials are used.


      • The need for adjustment might make the usage a bit complex
      • It may be a bit expensive.


    • Yamaha HS-1200D Hi-Hat Stand

    • The Yamaha HS-1200D Hi-hat stand is a two-legged braced hi-hat stand. It is a direct-drive hi-hat stand and is known for its reliability and durability.


      • The stand is a direct drive one.
      • The stand has tension and height adjustability features.



      • The direct drive feature helps with smooth pedal action.
      • The adjustable tension and height features help make the best-personalized settings for the drummers.
      • The material used is of high quality; thus, it is reliable and durable.


      • It might be a bit expensive
      • The product might seem to be a bit heavier than the other alternatives.


      Here is a comparison table for the products


      Features Best For Pros Cons
      Cymbal Boom Stand Boom stand design Boom stand usage. The pros are the Versatile positioning, Stability Not suitable for all playing setups.
      2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand Best if you have a Space-constrained setup or any space issue. The specific features are its rotating legs, spring adjustment and no-leg option. Space-saving and its flexibility. Lacks stability in no-leg mode.
       Double Tom Drum Stand Dual tom mounting Best in case you have multiple toms The pros are the multi-drum compatibility, Stability The setup is only for tom mounting.
      Straight Cymbal Stand Simple straight stand design. Best for you if you have a knack for simplicity The pros are simple design, stability. Not for flexible usage only limited to straight stand configuration
      Student Grabber Cymbal Not just a mounting stand helps in percussions Best for beginner drummers Beginner friendly,helps in precisions Not as durable as other stands.
      Tama HTC87w It is a combination tom and cymbal stand. It is flexible for versatile setups The pros are its versatility and sturdy construction. The product might be weigher.So transportation might be an issue.
      Tama Speed Cobra 315 Responsive pedal action Best for you is you need a hi-hat stand The pros are adjustable tension system and responsive pedal action. The need for the adjustment might make it a complex stand.

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