Piano Bench Height Guide: How Tall Should My Bench Be?

Do you feel that your piano sessions make you a lot more exhausting than they ever have? And you might be continuously thinking about why you are tired. 

There might be various reasons, but piano bench height might be the bone of contention.

How tall your piano bench can be can be found by a simple method of sitting tall on a piano bench and then measuring the distance from under your knees to the floor.

After that height, subtract the cushioning height. Now you have the right fit height.

This is a general method, but pianos have different styles and sizes, and there are various types of piano benches available, so for finding the right one, there are a lot of different factors to keep an eye on.

Components of a Piano Bench

The piano bench has various components like the top surface, legs, crossbars, feet and footrest, storage compartments, etc.

  • Top Surface

The top surface of the piano bench is the place where you sit. The top surface is often equipped with a decent amount of cushioning. And the cushioning comes in a wide variety of forms. And you have a wide range of choices to choose from.

Appropriate cushioning helps in comfortable sitting and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue during longer hours of play.

The cushioning element provides an aesthetic feel to the piano bench. Therefore, the material of the piano bench surface or the cushioning must be attractive and aligned with your decor to give a nice feel to the home overall. 

  • Legs     

The legs are the component that gives stability to the piano bench. A bench that wobbles around and doesn't have that stability element will neither give you comfort nor help you in the playing.

The legs are often made of durable material as they are a central element in strengthening the bench. 

  • Crossbars

The crossbar is a piece of wood that provides stability by equally dispersing the weight between both legs of the piano bench. With the cross, you get extra strength in your piano bench, and the chances of the bench hobbling are reduced to a minimum.

The individual legs get less stress, so they can easily perform their function.

  • Feet 

The feet are used to hold the bench in place. They prevent the sliding of the bench, protecting the floor from the damage of scratches. The scratch damage often disturbs the whole house decor.

When the pianist vigorously plays the piano, there is a higher chance that the bench slips a bit or wobbles, but the scratches are prevented with feet with good holding capabilities.

  • Footrest

The forest helps in supporting your feet. When you are constantly sitting in the same position, your legs and feet need support, and with a footrest, they get that needed support.

The effective use of the footrest reduces fatigue, and you get to stay in a position effortlessly and play easily.

  • Casters (Optional)

The casters are an optional component that facilitates moving the bench easily. With casters, the repositioning of the bench for different setups becomes easy.

But with a caster, you get the issue of stability. Detachable casters are a good option; you can use them when needed and remove them while playing.

  • Storage Compartments (Optional)

The storage compartments are used to effectively store different important accessories like music sheets or other relevant things.

Some piano benches are equipped with storage compartments, making them an ideal solution for people who want to store these things in their benches.

Why Proper Bench Height is Important?

The piano bench height must be appropriate for a comfortable, straight posture while sitting and playing the piano. The height must not strain your body while playing, and you should be able to effortlessly reach the keys on the keyboard and play.

  • Eliminates Discomfort While Playing

The proper bench height is important as it eliminates your discomfort with appropriate height. With a piano bench whose height is shorter or longer than the required one, you get to feel discomfort in your body.

You can experience issues like back pain, neck pain, wrist fatigue, and tiredness. If prolonged, these issues can become serious as well. So, with ideal height, you eliminate all these issues.

  • Facilities Good Posture

You get to facilitate a good posture with a proper piano bench height. In case of height issues, you can damage your posture in different aspects. You can develop a habit of tilting your head, slouching, etc.

All these habits affect your performance in the playing and damage your body a lot. With a continued bad posture, you can develop wear and tear in the muscles and body alignment issues, and when prolonged, it can seriously damage the whole body.

  •  Facilitates Focus

You can focus entirely on the music playing when you have an ideal bench height. You don't have any other issues like body posture or discomfort. So, your whole focus is shifted to the piano. This focus helps in effective learning and playing.

  • Getting Rid of Technical Difficulties 

With ideal height, you eliminate any technical issues while playing piano. The height is not merely a factor for convenience, but it has more of a technical aspect.

Your playing range is disturbed with inappropriate height as reaching the keys becomes problematic. Your techniques take a troll when you are not at an ideal height. So, height becomes crucial for eliminating these technical issues.

Key Factors to Consider While Looking For an Ideal Height Piano Bench

Different factors are crucial for finding the ideal height of a piano bench, like your height, piano height, playing style, etc. Here is a detailed overview of the factors.

  • Your Height

Your height is important when looking for the right height for the piano bench.

If you are a taller person, it is recommended to have a higher bench, and if your height is a bit less, then you can opt for a lower-height bench. 

Your height and bench height are correlated with each other as they are important for good posture maintenance. You might get distribution in the posture without any difference, leading to discomfort in the long run.  

  • Piano Type and Height

The piano type and height matter when selecting the ideal height piano bench. The ideal height of the bench is different for different piano types. If you have a grand piano, you will need a higher piano bench as it requires the bench to be high to play it.

You don't need such a high bench for an upright piano as you can easily place your arm angle at a decent height bench.

For upright pianos, the bench height is 17-21 inches. In the case of the grand piano, the height is usually 18- 224 inches.

  • Arm Position

Arm position is essential for finding the right piano bench height. Your arms must be parallel to the keyboard, and the fingers should rest on the middle c key on the keyboard or piano. 

If that condition is fulfilled, then the height is appropriate.

  • Playing Styles

The playing styles are a factor when finding the ideal height of the piano bench, as different styles require different piano bench heights.

For genres like classical ones, you need a piano bench that is a bit low in height, and why so is because of these styles, the player needs to smoothly transition between different keys. So, a lower piano bench height will benefit the process.

In jazz, you need to focus on the lower octaves, and so in that case, you need a high position to access the piano effectively and hence need a higher piano bench. These are subtle changes that affect the performance.

  • Personal Preference

Personal preference is another factor that is very important. This is, above all, for facilitating the artistic capabilities of the artist.

A height at which the artist is comfortable can help a great deal in playing the instrument and positively affect the performance.

  • Height Adjustability

The height adjustability can be very helpful if you struggle to find the right height piano bench. 

With an adjustable height feature, you can adjust the piano bench height for different styles you want to play for different piano types like grand or upright pianos.

How to Measure and Calculate the Perfect Height

To calculate and measure the perfect height of the piano bench, you need to find your knee height and then calculate. 

  1. Firstly, you must gather all your tools, a measuring tape, a writing paper, anything to note reading, and a simple bench.

  2. To find your knee height, you need to sit on the bench in an upright position. Your back must be straight, and your feet must be flat and on the floor. Now, measure the distance from your knees to the floor. This is your knee height.

  3. When selecting your piano bench, you need to subtract the cushioning height from your knee height, and you will have your ideal piano bench height for yourself.  

  4. Now, you must test and adjust according to the observations. Check your arm position by placing it on the middle C key; here, look at your forearm level to see if they are at the keyboard level. If yes, then it is appropriate. Your wrists must not be angled up or down.

Here is a detailed youtube video in case you need assistance in finding out the ideal height of your piano bench.

A List of Different Piano Benches Available at Greek Stand  

Here, we list 12 piano benches available at the Greek stand; we will look at them individually.

  • Genuine Leather Duet Piano Bench By GRIFFIN

                                Genuine Leather Duet Piano Bench By GRIFFIN

 Image sourced from Pinterest

This genuine leather duet piano bench is a luxurious bench with adjustable height options and can be used to play any style of music.

This is a duet bench with a 13-button deep diamond tufted padded seat, which gives this piano bench a luxurious feel.


  • The length and width are 34.5 and 15 inches, respectively.
  • Height is adjustable 20-25 inches 
  • The weight capacity is 375 lbs, and the bench weight is 31 pounds.
  • Solid wooden frame with storage compartments for musical sheets



  • It can be used for duet performances as it has enough room for two players.
  • The height adjustability helps in different styles of play and in playing different piano types
  • Genuine leather gives an aesthetical feel


  • The bench weight can be an issue
  • High in price due to leather. 


  • Brown Wood PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN

                                      Brown Wood PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN              

  Image sourced from Pinterest

Brown wood PU piano bench by GRIFFIN is a brown wooden frame piano bench for duet performances. The piano bench is capable of upholding two players at a time.

The piano bench has a nice color scheme to give a luxurious feel to it and suits different decor styles. It is one nice product equipped with a storage compartment to store your items.


  • The length and width are 29 and 13 inches, with a height of 19 inches.
  • Storage compartments for storing musical sheets and other equipment.
  • The weight capacity of the object is 300 lbs, which implies that it can bear heavier weights.
  • Bench weight is 22 lbs.



  • A weight capacity to bodyweight ratio.
  • It can accommodate up to two players, so capable of duet performances.
  • Has a storage space so you can use it to store things you want.
  • You can use it for a keyboard as well as a piano.


  • No pure leather.
  • The synthetic leather used mimics but does not give you the finish of pure leather.


Here is a customer review by our happy customer “caprimoon”

“Good quality for the money

The bench is very good quality and is very comfortable for sitting. I would recommend this bench to anyone looking for a piano bench.”

  • Genuine Leather Piano Bench With Adjustable Height By GRIFFIN

                                         Genuine Leather Piano Bench With Adjustable Height By GRIFFIN    

     Image sourced from Pinterest

This Genuine leather piano bench is a height-adjustable bench with a padded seat for piano playing. Equipped with a wooden frame and black leather seat, the piano bench enhances the attractive appeal and matches the look of almost every decor.


  • The length and the width are 27 and 17.5 inches, respectively.
  • The height is adjustable to 20-24.5 inches.
  • The weight capacity of the bench is 350 pounds, and the weight of the bench itself is 35 lbs.
  • It is equipped with a wooden frame with storage compartments.



  • The adjustability in height helps make it a one-in-all solution.
  • The genuine leather gives a premium feel and look to the bench.
  • It has good weight capacity, so it is suitable for almost all.


  • The storage depth is small
  • The bench weight is 35 lbs, which is heavier than the others 


  • Adjustable PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN

                                    Adjustable PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN             

      Image sourced from Pinterest 

The adjustable synthetic leather piano bench is a solid-based wooden frame piano bench. The piano bench has height adjustability, making it a decent choice.

The wooden legs frame and other parts have a light mahogany finish that enhances the attractiveness of the bench.


  • The length and the width of the bench are 22 and 13 inches.
  • The height is adjustable between 19-23.5 inches.
  • The weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Equipped with a storage facility.



  • The piano bench has an elegant design, thus suits the decor.
  • The Piano bench is suitable for different keyboards and pianos due to height adjustability.


  • Synthetic leather is used, not real leather.
  • The depth or storage capacity is minimal.


  • GRIFFIN Premium Antique Piano Bench

The GRIFFIN premium antique piano bench is an adjustable padded piano seat with wooden legs and a frame. 

This piano bench is suitable for almost everyone, from teachers to adults or children.


  • The length and the width are 22 and 13 inches, and the height is adjustable from 19-23.5 inches.
  • The sitting is made of synthetic leather and has storage compartments.
  • The weight capacity is 300lbs



  • The height adjustability makes the seat ideal for almost everyone to use.
  • The weight capacity makes it a good bench for heavy-weight adults.
  • The black finish gives a good, elegant look.


  • Synthetic leather is used as a substitute for genuine leather.
  • Bench weight might be an issue.


Here is a customer review by our customer Shirley Abrahams here is what he has to say 

“Superb! Couldn't be happier

Our son just started piano for a year and we didn't want to invest in something hundreds of dollars that we may not need in the future. This is perfect, suited to his height and he no longer wobbles and can sit well and play. He just turned 6yo. We are so happy with this!! It looks and feels nice. Very sturdy, and you can even store piano books in it (tho not very big space). We got the black one, as the brown seems to be very brown from other's photos. Our piano is very dark brown and the black looks ok with it. The price is very reasonable for what it is.” 


  • Premium Antique Black Piano Bench With Storage by GRIFFIN

This premium antique black piano bench is a duet piano bench with a wooden frame. The piano bench is capable of handling two players.

The glossy black finish enhances the attractiveness of the piano bench.


  • The dimensions (Length, width, and height are 29,13 and 19 inches, respectively.)
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Bench weight is 22 lbs
  • Has storage compartments under the seating



  • The overall design is very stylish, giving a premium look, and goes with the decor.
  • Good for duet performances
  • Storage compartments can be used for music sheets and other things 


  • The leather used is synthetic, not premium.
  • The best options available if synthetic leather is not your type


  • Piano Keyboard Bench with 400lb Weight Capacity

The piano keyboard bench is a heavy-duty bench with a 400-pound weight capacity. The piano bench is made up of steel rather than the wooden frame that is often used.

By use of these steel frames, the piano bench becomes much more durable and gets that extra strength missing in the wooden frame.


  • Made up of iron or steel.
  • The weight capacity is a whopping 400 lbs
  • The length and width are 19 and 2 inches, respectively.
  • Waterproof seating.



  • It has the highest weight capacity and hence can be used for heavy-duty purposes.
  • The seating is equipped with high-density memory foam padding and is very comfortable.
  • The waterproof seating makes cleaning easier. 


  • Portability is an issue
  • The steel or iron can hamper the attractive appeal.


  • Keyboard Bench X-Style Cushion Padded Piano Bench 4 Levels

The X-style keyboard bench has a 5-core heavy-duty X-style leg that helps carry up to a max of 370 lbs. Equipped with a thick cushion is a nice bench for piano playing.

Another variant is similar in specification but is brown and has a different seat with the model name KBB 02 BR.


  • Up to 370 lbs weight capacity.
  • Height is adjustable from 16.3 to 19.6 inches.
  • 1.96-inch padding on the seat.



  • The X-style leg gives strong stability for heavy use.
  • Height adjustability helps in all-in-one use
  • It is easy to fold and store.


  • X-style legs are not suited for all the piano styles for play
  • The appeal might get hampered.


Additional Products

  • Saddle Drum Throne With Back Rest by GRIFFIN

The saddle drum throne is an additional bench product used by the drummers. But can be used for piano play if you do not have a dedicated piano bench.

  • Padded Drum Throne Stool By GRIFFIN

This drum throne by GRIFFIN is a padded stool that the drummer uses. This is a portable stool and can be used for multipurpose usage and as a piano bench as well.

  • Piano Pedal Extender by GRIFFIN

The piano pedal extender by GRIFFIN is another additional product used for the height adjustment of the piano bench.

Often, there are students and children having a small height, and it becomes difficult for the teachers to adjust the bench height accordingly.

With improper height, the technical side of learning art can get disturbed as the arm position and posture are affected. So this helps in adjusting the height of the piano bench.

Here is a comparison table comparing all the products on features like description, best for pros and cons.


Description Best For Pros Cons
Genuine Leather Duet Piano Bench By GRIFFIN Luxurious leather piano bench, adjustable height and storage compartment Piano players, keyboard/guitar players, duets Comfortable, adjustable height, storage space. Relatively heavy  with a 31 pounds weight
Brown Wood PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN Solid wood frame, saddle tan brown padded seat, storage. Piano, keyboard, and guitar players. Comfortable, stylish design, storage space Limited height adjustability
Genuine Leather Piano Bench with Adjustable Height By GRIFFIN Solid wood frame, matte black leather seat, adjustable height. Piano teachers, players of all ages. Adjustable height, storage compartment. Limited to one color option.
Adjustable PU Leather Piano Bench By GRIFFIN Solid wood frame, light mahogany finish, adjustable height. Piano and keyboard players. Adjustable height, elegant design. Synthetic leather may not be as durable as genuine leather.
GRIFFIN Premium Antique Piano Bench  Solid wood frame, black finish, adjustable height. Piano and keyboard players, guitarists. Adjustable height, storage space. Synthetic leather
Premium Antique Black Piano Bench With Storage by GRIFFIN Solid wood frame, black synthetic leather, storage.  Piano and keyboard players. Comfortable, storage space. Limited color options.
Piano Keyboard Bench with 400lb Weight Capacity Heavy-duty metal frame, high-density foam, waterproof seat. Pianists, guitarists, musicians.  High weight capacity, comfortable, easy to clean. Metal frame might be less traditional for pianists.
Keyboard Bench X-Style Cushion Padded Piano Bench 4 Levels X style high-quality, heavy duty and reliable seating Piano and keyboard players. height adjustability, stability X style damages appeal
Saddle Drum Throne With Back Rest by GRIFFIN Comfortable padded seat, adjustable height, back support. Drummers, guitarists Back support, adjustable height. Not specifically designed for pianists.
Padded Drum Throne Stool By GRIFFIN Padded seat, adjustable height, chrome-plated legs. Drummers, general musicians.  Comfortable, adjustable height. Limited weight capacity (215 pounds).
Piano Pedal Extender by GRIFFIN

Adjustable height, compatible with various pianos.

Young pianists, piano teachers Helps proper posture, adjustable. Specific use for pedal access.

Why Choose GreekStand for the Piano Bench?

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With the quality and the best value-for-money products, trusting Greekstand is not a bad move. We have piano benches from brands like GRIFFIN and DIGIKEY, which are trusted brands in the domain.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your piano bench now.