DJ Mobile Setup: An Equipment Guide For The Gigging DJ 

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Who doesn't cherish a live performance? A live performance is something that each performer loves to do, and each music lover likes to observe a live presentation from their loved artist.

And as a performer, having a mobile DJ setup is a great plus.     

What is a Mobile DJ Setup?

A mobile DJ setup is a whole range of equipment that DJs often use when performing at various locations.

The Mobile DJ setup is very different from the normal DJ setup as in normal DJ setup, and we have fixed turntables and a set of sound systems that are quite big and expensive.

The Mobile DJ setup has all the equipment needed for the performances, but all this equipment is easy to carry and adaptable.

So they are easy to carry anywhere you want. And the best part is that it doesn't compromise the sound quality and performance. So, it is the right fit if you are a DJ who travels and performs at various venues.

Equipment of a Mobile DJ Setup

The mobile DJ setup has different equipment like DJ controller, Mixers, DJ keyboard stands, speakers, laptop, etc.    

  • DJ Controller or Turntables:

  • The DJ controller or turntable is the basic part of the Mobile DJ setup and can also be termed as the heart of the setup. Its ability to manipulate the music tracks, refine them, and deliver a mixed and mastered version to the audience.

    The controllers and turntable do the same purpose but have differences. The controller works with the help of DJ software and a laptop and digitally accesses and manipulates the tracks.

    Whereas the turntables work with vinyl records. And are a classical method.    

  • Mixer

  • The mixer is a mobile DJ setup component used to control the audio volume, blend them with each other, and, in the end, apply different effects to them. By this, you get a mixed and mastered audio ready.

    In the Mobile DJ setup, there is a focus on finding a lightweight mixer that is easier to carry for travel. Various companies offer different mixers, and you can choose the one with features you can use.

  • Speakers

  • Speakers are an important part of mobile DJ setups. In a fixed DJ setup, some heavy-duty speakers are not portable.

    But in a Mobile DJ setup, we need speakers that do not compromise on the audio quality and simultaneously have the portability feature.

    These speakers are often wireless with Bluetooth connectivity and durable, withstanding harsh conditions.

  • Laptop 

  • The laptop is also a main component in the mobile DJ setup. The laptop is used to access the controller software and tracks digitally. A good and sound laptop is required with good RAM battery process power features to handle the performance demand. 

  • Headphones

  • Headphones are required for the precueing of the tracks. As a DJ, you need to preview or prepare the next track you want to play in your headphones, and that helps in the seamless process of playing different audios.

    With headphones, previewing is easier as it does not interfere with the main audio at that time. Headphones with noise cancellation are recommended more for this role.

  • Cables

  • The cables are also crucial. The cables must be capable of delivering high-quality sound to the audience. Various cables like XLR cables for microphones, TRS ones for audio connectors, USB ones for controllers, and laptops are required.

  • Microphone 

  • The Microphones are a major component in the DJ mobile setup. They are essential if you have live vocals to perform, make any announcements, etc. A portable mic for this purpose is often used.

  • DJ Keyboard Stand

  • A DJ keyboard stand is one of the most important components as it gives a platform for the DJ mobile setup components.

    A heavy-duty DJ stand is required to handle all the components like the controller mixer, laptop, and other equipment. A stand with the appropriate height and strength to act as a secure platform helps greatly.

    Understanding DJ Keyboard Stand Features

    Understanding the DJ keyboard stand features is essential as it helps choose from the various types of DJ keyboard stands available. 

    Therefore, It is important to understand the DJ keyboard stand's various features and how these features are used in working the DJ keyboard stand.

    The keyboard stand is simple, has a supportive structure, and is designed to securely hold a keyboard and all the other types of musical instruments used during a live performance.

    Here is a detailed breakdown of how the DJ keyboard's features help a performer in a live performance.

  • Framework 

  • The framework of the DJ keyboard stand holds the various instruments and hence is crucial. All the instruments are quite precious. Therefore, the framework of the stand should have the strength to handle them all.

    It is made of steel and metal, so it's tough and has the required dependability. The DJ stand has various structures that help it in its durability and stability, like the legs and the support beams. These structures support the overall DJ stand and enhance its durability.

  • Platform or Arms

  • The platform or arms is the topmost part of the DJ keyboard stand, which holds the keyboard.

    In general, the platform can be in various forms, in flat, X-shaped, or Z-shaped arms or combinations. This is most commonly dependent on the design of the stand, as the design must suit the type of platform so that it can hold the keyboard effectively.

    The platform is made to hold the keyboard on the surface, and the keyboard doesn't slip. It is protected by padding or other stuff, making it less likely to get scratched.   

  • Legs and Feet

  • The legs and the feet are the lower portion of the DJ keyboard stand, and they are the ones that provide the desired stability to the DJ keyboard stands.

    With crossbar bracing, the stability can be enhanced, and it is often used when needed. Moreover, non-slippery feet help give that stability to the overall foundation of the stand.

  • Adjustability

  • DJ keyboard stands have the feature of adjustability in height and other aspects. This can greatly increase the convenience of the live performance. This adjustability feature, in terms of height, is available in most of the stands. 

    The adjustability provides comfort so that the player can play from the height he/she is comfortable.    

  • Locking Mechanisms

  • The locking mechanism helps keep the stand in one place, as suggested by the name locking mechanism; It locks it at a desirable height.

    With the locking mechanism, what happens is that we have the DJ keyboard stand locked in one place, so in a live performance, there is a rather lesser chance of any collapse.     

  • Foldable 

  • Foldability is the next feature of the DJ keyboard stand. The foldable stand is a lot easier to travel with, and most of the time, the performers need more portable stands as they have to travel from place to place where they have to perform.

    The foldable designs of the stands have removable sections; therefore, you can easily sort them into a compact place. So it carries a smaller place when traveling, making it easier and more convenient.

  • Cable Management

  • The DJ keyboard stands have a cable management feature. Cable management is a concern as the clutter space with cables is difficult to manage and makes playing difficult.

    But with cable management features like clips, etc., they can be organized, and thus, they can help us declutter the space.

  • Personalization Features

  • DJ keyboard stands have personalization features, and you can modify your stand how you want it to be.

    If you need space for the additional hardware or plan a different area for an instrument, you can personalize it.

    With personalization, everything's in place how you like, and you can enjoy it while you play! 

    Types of DJ Keyboard Stands Available. 

    Here we have a list of 9 DJ keyboard stands available to choose from

  • GRIFFIN 2-Tier DJ Coffin Workstation Stand

  • GRIFFIN 2-Tier DJ Coffin Workstation Stand 

    GRIFFIN 2-tier DJ coffin workstation stand is a height-adjustable DJ keyboard stand. You can adjust the lower base, the top arms, and the top tier. 

    This 2-tier stand is quite sturdy and capable of handling heavy equipment; thus, it has a decent weight capacity.


    • The stand has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. The top tier capacity is 60 pounds.
    • The stand's weight is 25 LBS
    • The stand is portable.



    • The Griffin XX-396A has a high weight handling capacity to body weight ratio. The total weight of the stand is 25 lbs, but it can handle up to 275 lbs.
    • It is adjustable in terms of height. It can be adjusted from 29.5 to 39 inches in height and 6 to 50 inches in width.
    • The stand has a higher versatility and is quite durable.
    • It is easier to handle and set up.


    • The top-tier capacity is low in comparison to the total capacity.
    • The stand has no additional accessories, so we must spend extra bucks on those accessories. 


    Here is a customer review form our client Jammie Emard who seems quite pleased after using our product

    “Has everything you need

    This is my second one. The first is almost a year old and still going strong. I wanted a stand that I could leave at the studio so I thought it was cheap. There was a Chinese one for $30.00 less. I bought it. very poor in design and fit. I have four keyboards and none of them fit. sent it back and got another griffin two tier well designed outstanding price. I just hope no one steals it out of the studio.”

  • Studio Mixer Stand DJ Cart by GRIFFIN

  •                                                 Studio Mixer Stand DJ Cart by GRIFFIN

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    The Studio mixer stand DJ cart is made of heavy-duty metal, which is quite is made to hold different audio devices, such as your drum machines, auto locators, and digital audio workstations.

    The stand has wheels, so it is easy to move, so the name cart is used. The wheels can be locked where you want to stop the stand. With height and width adjustable, it has good stability features as well.


    • The mounting platform dimensions are (16 7/8 inches W x 14 inches L)
    • The weight capacity is 75 pounds, and the stand's weight is 14 pounds.
    • Lock-and-pin system for stability



    • The stand is portable due to the wheel feature and can be locked to stop thanks to the lock and pin system.
    • The top platform is tilted; therefore, it is easy to do optimal angle adjustment.
    • Height and width adjustments can be made from 24-33 inches and 27.5-35.5 inches, respectively.
    • The stand has caster wheels, which assist in easy movability.


    • The maximum weight capacity is 75, which is unsuitable for heavy equipment.
    • It's not much suited if you want a fixed DJ keyboard stand.


  • 2-Tier Column Digital Piano Stand with Mic Boom Arm by GRIFFIN

  •                     2-Tier Column Digital Piano Stand with Mic Boom Arm by GRIFFIN

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    The 2-tier Column Keyboard Stand with Mic Boom Arm stand provides features for using up to 2 keyboards on the same stand.

    The stand provides good stability and can handle up to two keyboards easily. The sliding arms provide this stability to the stand.

    There is an integrated microphone boom as well. This is a two-tier stand so that the top tier can be used as a DJ mount or laptop.


    • The dimensions are (height 44.5 inches, footprint 39 inches W x 21.5 inches D).
    • The total weight capacity is 30 pounds, and the original weight is 15 pounds.



    • You get to hold two keyboards or one synth and one keyboard simultaneously.
    • It has a microphone boom.
    • The stand is durable and has decent stability features.
    • To find the exact resting position, it has a tilt-back angle design
    • The stand has a compact footprint, making it easily manageable in short places.


    • The weight capacity is lesser.
    • Opting for this stand for heavy equipment is unsuitable.


  • DJ Booth Tabletop With 8FT Lighting Truss Stand Package

  •                                             DJ Booth Tabletop With 8FT Lighting Truss Stand Package

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    The DJ controller booth has all the combinations of desired things in a single package. It can be used for recording at a studio, house party, or live performance.

    You get a combination of a lightning truss system and a DJ booth. There is a tabletop attachment where your equipment can settle, and the wiring can all be hidden by the four-panel white SCRIM that is present overall on the DJ booth.


    • The main frame dimensions are 50x48x24 inches. Table dimensions are 47.5 inches W x 23.75 inches D.
    • The weight capacity is 150 pounds, and the truss has 60 pounds of weight capacity.
    • I-beam can be adjusted in height from 5 to 9 feets



    • The frame is made of steel and has a honeycomb panel, and these features make a stand quite durable.
    • It has a foldable design, making it easy to carry and travel with.
    • It has an 8-foot wide light truss system which increases visuals, and the the beam section height is adjustable, so you can select according to your convenience.
    • It can be used for various purposes, for recording or live performance.


    • The assembling of the parts of the DJ booth might take some time
    • Heavy compared to others.


    Here ia customer review of DJ booth by our client Gary Cooper


    set up was easy, love the product except the shipping packet. some parts were broken and vent it.”

  • 2-Tier DJ Workstation Stand by FAT TOAD

  • The 2 tier DJ workstation stand is a foldable stand used as a platform for your workstation. It is customizable for equipment like laptop keyboard mixers and basic components of the workstation.

    This stand-up DJ workstation stand is designed based on ergonomic principles to make it comfortable.

    This DJ stand is versatile and customizable, simultaneously providing the security of equipment and convenience of use.


    • The dimensions are 43H, 28 W x 21 inches D.
    • The shaft arm length is 18 inches
    • Weight capacity is 18 lbs
    • Stand weight is 12 pound



    • The DJ workstation stand is lightweight and easily portable.
    • It has an adjustability feature regarding height and angle; hence, it can be adjusted according to personal preferences.
    • The lock feature that enhances stability is present.
    • The DJ workstation is versatile and can be used for many purposes  


    • Lower weight capacity to body weight ratio.
    • It is not recommended for heavy equipment as the weight capacity is only 18 pounds.


  • 3 Tier Piano Keyboard Stand by GRIFFIN

  •                                              3 Tier Piano Keyboard Stand by GRIFFIN         

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    With the 3-tier piano keyboard stand, you can install up to three keyboards simultaneously.

    The stand is a frame keyboard stand, and therefore, it takes up less space than others and has a strong base support. 

    The stand has this double lock feature and has rubber ends on the legs. Both of these things help ensure the support and stability factor.


    • The dimensions are (Height 54, width 50, depth 18-35 inches)
    • You can adjust depth according to your preferences, ranging from 18 to 35 inches.
    • The total weight capacity is 110 pounds
    • The stand's weight is 24 pounds.



    • You can hold up to three keyboards, which is a great plus.
    • The construction material makes it quite durable.
    • You can customize the stand's height and width based on your preference.


    • Heavy in weight for some.
    • It might require more space.


  • DJ Studio Mixer Workstation Stand

  • The DJ studio mixer workstation stand is a foldable pro audio music stand. The stand has a mounting table plate and various equipment for the DJ mobile setup.

    With multiple plates, you can add various components and equipment gear controller synthesizer individually. Making it convenient and easy to operate them and keep them organized and safe.


    • The weight capacity is 80 pounds
    • Stand’s weight is 16 pounds.
    • The adjustable top arm shaft length is 6-16 inches.
    • The top platform or plate is 15 by 11 inches
    • The max height is 56 inches.



    • Decent weight capacity to body weight ratio.
    • The adjustability feature in terms of height and angle can be used according to requirements.
    • The stand is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Customizable with different plates for multipurpose usage.


    • Additional plates are required for different setups.
    • Not suitable for heavy equipment of more than 80 pounds


  • Alpha 88-Key Electronic Keyboard With Stand

  • The Alpha 88 key electronic keyboard and stand is a portable keyboard with a stand that engineers can use to play and sign simultaneously.

    Its various advanced features make it an exciting product for music lovers. The keyboard has a sustain pedal for sustaining longer notes. With the keyboard divided into two parts, it is ideal for duets.


    • 88 touch-sensitive keys
    • 140 timbres, six rhythms, 16 demo songs
    • A headphone jack availability
    • MIDI-USB function



    • The portable design makes the stand easier to carry on travel.
    • It can be used for teaching lessons.
    • A wide range of features makes it a decent choice.


    • The focus is more on keyboard features, and standability is neglected,
    • It is not recommended if you want a heavy-duty stand capable of handling large and heavy equipment.


  • Adjustable X Style Piano Keyboard Stand

  •                                                  Adjustable X Style Piano Keyboard Stand

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    The adjustable X-style piano keyboard stand is a heavy-duty stand with a double-braced X design that gives an aesthetic feel.

    Non rubber end caps are present on the feet, enhancing stability and preventing sliding issues. The slim and foldable design helps in travel.


    • The stand weight is 6 lbs
    • Height is adjustable from 26.3-37.4 inches and width from 17.1-31.2 inches
    • Made up of iron
    • Foldable and portable 



    • The adjustable height and width feature helps customize the stand according to space and other factors.
    • The iron material used in construction makes it durable and sturdy.
    • The portability and ease of travel


    • The stand might lack advanced features.
    • The design is too basic.


    Here is a comparison table for 9 different DJ keyboard stands available.


    Special/Main features Weight Capacity (lbs) Best for whom


    GRIFFIN 2-Tier DJ Coffin Workstation Stand Height & width is adjustable ,stand is foldable Total: 275 lbs; Top tier: 60 lbs Professional DJs and studio use High weight capacity, easily adjustable Relatively heavy, complex setup
    Studio Mixer Stand DJ Cart by GRIFFIN Height  adjustable , tilting top and detachable casters 75 For Portable studio setups Easy to move, versatile height and tilt adjustments Lower weight capacity compared to others
    2-Tier Column Digital Piano Stand with Mic Boom Arm by GRIFFIN Height is adjustable and has a microphone boom arm 30 For Keyboard players, small functions for Compact structure and includes microphone boom arm Limited weight capacity
    DJ Booth Tabletop With 8FT Lighting Truss Stand Package Foldable frame and  adjustable I-beam heigh Main frame: 150 lbs; Upper truss: 60 lbs DJs and live performances Strong structure with good weight distribution, foldable for transport Bulky and heavy, complex assembly
    2-Tier DJ Workstation Stand by FAT TOAD Adjustable height and solid structure 18 For compact DJ setups Lightweight, easy to move Very limited weight capacity
    3 Tier Piano Keyboard Stand by GRIFFI Can handle 3 keyboards, adjustable depth 110 For Multi-keyboard musicians Solid A-frame structure and  accommodates three keyboards

    Bulky, not easily portable

    DJ Studio Mixer Workstation Stand Height is adjustable and stand is foldable 80 For mobile DJs and performers Portable stand with flexible height settings May require additional stability for heavier setups
    Alpha 88-Key Electronic Keyboard With Stand 88 touch-sensitive keys with  various other features Not specified For beginners to intermediate pianists Variety of built-in features and touch-sensitive keys Not for professional use.
    Adjustable X Style Piano Keyboard Stand Adjustable height and width, foldable design Not specified For general keyboard use Highly adjustable and portable May lack stability for heavier keyboards

    Creating a Clean DJ Mobile Setup

    To create a clean DJ mobile setup, you must prioritize Organization, cable management, portability, versatility, and aesthetics.

    Your equipment gear must also align with your requirements and have these aspects.

    Here is a YouTube video for you to help you in this process.

    Why Choose Greek Stands for DJ Keyboard Stands.

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