An Overview Guide On The Different Types Of Rack Mount Stands

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Have you ever thought about what keeps your electronic gear tidy and safe? “Rack Mount Stands” is the answer. These aren't just any metal racks. They play a big role in keeping your important electronic things in order and well-protected.

There are many rack mount stands, each made for different needs. There's a rackmount stand whether you have a small setup at home, a big professional studio, or need to keep your office’s network gear in order. 

This guide will take you through all these different types. We’ll ensure you find a stand that fits in your space and makes everything work better and safer. 

Ready to explore rackmount stands? Let’s get started.

What are Rackmount Stands, and Who Benefits from Them?

Rackmount stands are special frames that hold electronic stuff like computers and audio equipment. They're convenient for musicians, studio folks, IT experts, and anyone who needs to store and use a bunch of devices together in a neat and organized way.

They're made to keep everything neat, easy to reach, and not too hot. These stands are different sizes and usually strong, often made of steel. They're super useful when you've got a lot of electronic items to use at the same time.

So, who really uses these rackmount stands? You can put your sound mixers and other gear in a music studio on these stands. This makes reaching everything easier and keeps the music sounding just right.

Rackmount stands are the main support for people working with computers and networks, like in big companies. They hold important stuff like servers and network switches. This helps save space and makes handling all the wires and fixing things easier when needed.

Even if you love tech and want to set up something cool at home, like a home theater or a place to make music, these stands are great. They keep your equipment safe and your room tidy.

And it's not just about keeping things tidy. Rackmount stands help stop your equipment from getting too hot. Electronics don't like heat, so these stands are built to let air flow around and keep things cool. 

Some stands even have their fans to help with this. This way, your electronic gear lasts longer and works better.

How to Choose The Ideal Rackmount Stand For Your Needs?

To choose the ideal rackmount stand for your needs, consider some factors such as stand height, width, and dimensions. Also, look for extra features, the material used, and the cost of the stands. Let’s discuss these factors in detail: 

  • Dimensions of the Stand

  • Getting the size right for your rackmount stand is super important. You need to ensure it will fit where you want to put it. So, measure and check how long, wide, and high the space is. 

    If you might get more electronic stuff, it’s smart to choose a stand that's a bit bigger. That way, you won't have to buy a new one soon. Plus, more space makes handling wires and stuff a lot easier.

  • Width of the Stand

  • The width matters. Most electronic things are made to fit in stands about 19 inches wide. But, some items, especially older or unique ones, might need a different width. 

    Be sure to measure your equipment or look up their sizes before you buy a stand. You want everything to fit in just right, not too tight or loose.

    Bonus Tip

    Always check the compatibility of your equipment with the stand's width. The standard is 19 inches, but some devices may require different specifications.

  • The height of the Stand

  • Rackmount stands are talked about as 'rack units.' The height you need depends on how much stuff you have. More gear means a taller stand. But remember that taller stands take up more space upwards, and they need to be steady, especially if they’re not fixed to a wall or the floor.

  • Air Flow and Cooling System

  • Heat can be bad news for your electronics. Good airflow keeps your stuff safe and working well. Look for stands with open parts or little holes to let air through. Some stands even have fans built in, which is great if your gear gets hot. 

    Also, leave some space around each piece for air to move around. Cleaning the stand and the area regularly is important, too. Dust can block air and make things too hot.

  • Ease of Installation

  • Another important factor in choosing the ideal rack mount stand is how easy it is to set up. The best kinds are easy to assemble and don’t need many tools. Does it come with the little things like screws and brackets? That’s a big help. Also, check out the design. 

    Some are built to make putting them together a breeze. Make sure it fits your gear just right – no force is needed. This way, you can set it up quickly and without any trouble.

  • Construction Material

  • What your stand is made of really matters. It's all about lasting long and being reliable. You'll find most are metal, like steel or aluminum. 

    Steel is super strong, perfect for heavy stuff. It won't let you down, but moving can be heavy. Aluminum is lighter and easier to handle, but it still does a good job supporting your gear. 

    Live somewhere humid? Think about materials that won’t rust. This keeps your stand in good shape for longer. And don’t forget the finish; it’s not just for looks but also protects your stand.

  • Extra Features

  • The extras on a rackmount stand can make a big difference. Can you adjust the height and angle? That’s handy for getting everything just right. Good airflow is important, too. It stops your equipment from getting too hot, which means it lasts longer. 

    A stand that helps you keep cables tidy is a bonus. It makes looking after your gear easier. Some stands even have extra shelves or drawers. These aren’t must-haves but can make using the stand a lot nicer.

    Bonus Tip 

    Look for a rackmount stand with adjustable shelves. It lets you customize the space according to your needs.

  • Cost

  • Thinking about cost is a big deal when choosing a stand. You want good quality without spending too much. The pricier stands have many features and are built to last but cost more. 

    On a budget? Focus on what matters, like the material and the right size. Some options are both good and affordable. But watch out for the cheap ones – they might not be great quality. 

    Spending a bit more now might save you money later. You won't have to fix or replace a well-made stand.

    Important Tip 

    Remember, the cost should be justified by the features and quality of the stand. Sometimes, investing a little more can save you from future expenses.

    Different Types Of Rack Mount Stands

    Let’s have a look at the 4 different types of rack mount stands commonly available:

  • Rack Mount Rolling Stand & Adjustable Mixer Platform Rails by GRIFFIN - 19U

  •                 r/PleX - Home made wood rack mount cabinet. I’m not a handy person woodworking wise, so I’m super happy with how this turned out.

         Image sourced from Reddit

    The Rack Mount Rolling Stand & Adjustable Mixer Platform Rails by GRIFFIN, is a versatile and robust solution for modern musicians and DJs. It combines a sturdy, all-steel construction with the flexibility of an adjustable top mixer platform. This stand effectively supports and organizes audio mixers and other rack-mountable equipment.


    Key features include its adjustable top mixer platform, which can hold up to 36" wide and 27" long mixers. The stand's bottom section offers 9 vertical space mounts, while the top section provides 10 space mounts. 


    • Height is 32" - 37.5"
    • Depth is 19 ¾"
    • Width is 24 ¾"
    • The mixer top platform is  21" x 21"
    • Frame made of commercial-grade steel
    • Caster size of 50 mm x 17 mm
    • Weight capacity is 175 lbs (without casters), 110 lbs (with casters)
    • Gross weight is 19 lbs



    • Sturdy: It has an all-steel construction
    • Adjustable: It has a top mixer platform for various sizes
    • Stability: It has lockable casters for stability
    • Space: Ample space for standard studio gear


    • Bulky: It may be bulky for small spaces
    • Limited Capacity: Limited weight capacity with casters


    Here is a kind review of our beloved happy customer, Space7676

    Exactly what I had hoped for;

    “The rack does exactly what it promises. I use it for my rackmount mixer and some 19" rack gear. Easy to assemble, everything needed for assembly is in the box. Great choice! I am very happy with the Stand!!!”

  • Ultimate Rackmount Studio Mixer Flight Road Case By GRIFFIN - 25U Mount Space 

  • The Ultimate Rackmount Studio Mixer Flight Road Case By GRIFFIN - 25U Mount Space is built for the rigors of travel and is ready for any challenge. It features spring-loaded, recessed handles and reinforced metal corners for durability. 

    The black carpet lining not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also provides additional protection. The case's walls are 0.75" thick, offering excellent protection for your equipment.

    Ultimate Rackmount Studio Mixer Flight Road Case By GRIFFIN - 25U Mount Space

                                                Image sourced from Pinterest


    It has a removable lid, front panel, and back panel, giving you easy access to your equipment and inside, there's space for 10 horizontal and 15 vertical rack-mountable gear units. 

    The case has four heavy-duty steel and rubber casters for mobility and two lockable ones for stationary stability. You'll need a power screw gun for assembly, but setting it up is straightforward and takes about 30 minutes.


    • Fits all standard 19" rack-mountable gear.
    • Includes 20 rack mount screws with cage nuts.
    • Weighs 75 lbs (81 lbs shipping weight).



    • Durability: Reinforced with metal corners and thick walls.
    • Mobility: Features heavy-duty casters, two of which are lockable.
    • Easy Access: Removable panels allow easy access to equipment.
    • Spacious Interior: Ample space for various equipment sizes.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Stylish black carpet lining.


    • Weight: At 75 lbs, it may be heavy for some users.
    • Assembly Required: Needs assembling with a power screw gun.
    • Size: Its large size may not be adequate for smaller spaces.


    Here is what our happy customer Jessika Hahn says about our Ultimate Rackmount Studio Mixer Flight Road Case By GRIFFIN - 25U Mount Space: 

    Worth The Money; 

    “60lb Package made it from TX to PA in less than a week. I took my time, 2 hours, to put it together. Very solid case. My rack components went in easily. Rack screw holes matched up fine. I do plan on transporting this case to gigs. The only thing I may upgrade is the wheels to a bigger diameter. And some way to secure the front and rear panels during transport. For $220, well worth it. Well done Griffin/Geekstands!”

  • Rack Mount Stand with 10 Spaces by GRIFFIN



    The GRIFFIN Rack Mount Stand with 10 Spaces is convenient for anyone in a studio. It's super light, only 6 pounds, but it can hold up to 125 pounds. Its design is neat, with black steel that leans back a bit so you can easily see and reach your stuff.


    This stand is ready to go with 20 screws that fit the usual rack sizes. Its feet have these tough rubber tips to stop it from sliding around. Plus, the angle makes it easy to get to your gear, whether in the studio or jamming at home.


    • It's a 10U size.
    • Fits the regular 10-32 thread rack screws.
    • It can handle loads up to 125 pounds.
    • It weighs 6 pounds.



    • Light and Easy to Move: Since it's only 6 pounds, you can carry it around with no problem.
    • Can Carry a Lot: It's strong enough to hold 125 pounds.
    • Easy to Use: The angle makes it easy to see and use your equipment.


    • Not for Big Setups: It's only got 10 spaces, so if you've got a lot of equipment, it might not be enough.
    • Needs Putting Together: You'll have to assemble it, which could be a bit of a hassle


  • GRIFFIN Rack Mount Cart Stand & Top Mixer Platform 25U

  • The GRIFFIN Rack Mount Cart Stand & Top Mixer Platform 25U is a versatile and durable solution for musicians and sound engineers. Let's explore its features, pros, and cons:

                    GRIFFIN Rack Mount Cart Stand & Top Mixer Platform 25U    

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    If you're a musician who likes things neat and organized, check out this 25U rackmount stand. It's all steel, which means it's solid and lasts long.

     Imagine having a special spot on top for your mixer, fitting most sizes. Plus, it's got this cool built-in mic holder, so you don't need an extra stand, saving you space and keeping things tidy.

    The stand's design is super handy. You can put all your stuff, like amps and processors, right where you need them. It's got plenty of room, with 25 spaces to hold your gear. The top part tilts a bit, making seeing and grabbing what you need easier.


    • 25 rack mount spaces (17 on bottom vertical rails, 8 on top slanted platform rails)
    • Mic Boom Arm extends up to 30 inches above the stand
    • Height is 51 inches with casters (47 inches without)
    • Depth is 22 inches
    • The width is 21.75 inches
    • Weight load capacity is 175 lbs without casters (110 lbs with casters)
    • Gross weight is 29 lbs



    • Durability: All-steel construction ensures longevity.
    • High Capacity: Accommodates up to 25 rack spaces.
    • Mobility: Equipped with caster wheels for easy movement.
    • Space-saving: The built-in microphone boom arm reduces the need for extra stands.
    • Versatile Design: Suitable for various studio configurations.


    • Weight: At 29 lbs, it might be heavy for some users.
    • Size: Its dimensions may require considerable space in smaller studios.
    • Assembly: Some assembly is required, which could be challenging.


    Here is a video to have a quick review of Rack Mount Stands:

    Other Products Worth Considering

    Here are some more amazing products from Greekstands that you should definitely consider to add comfort to your life: 

  • Speaker Cabinet Handles for DJ PA Rack Road Case

  • The Speaker Cabinet Handles for DJ PA Rack Road Case are a real game-changer if you're tired of struggling with broken or missing handles on your gear. They're not just for speaker cabinets but also for road cases, toolboxes, and tables. 

    What's cool is their spring-loaded design, which means no more floppy handles when moving stuff around. And they look sleek in black!


    These handles are a breeze to use. They're heavy-duty, which means they can handle the weight of even the heaviest PA speaker cabinets or bass guitar amps. But what's really nice is the padding on the handles. 

    It's soft and thick, so your hands won't hurt, even when hauling heavy gear. They're built tough, so they'll last you through loads of gigs.


    • Length is around 160 mm, width around 107 mm, and height 16 mm. 
    • The cut-out hole size is 134 mm x 80 mm. 
    • The screw hole size is 4.7 mm
    • The screw hole quantity is 10
    • Total weight is 3 pounds (12 oz each)



    • Durable: It can handle heavy loads.
    • Soft Padding: It has a soft padding for comfortable handling.
    • Appearance: Stylish black finish.
    • Installation: Easy to install with 10 mounting holes.


    • Size: Might be too large for some smaller cases or cabinets.
    • Color: Black color may not suit all styles.


  • GRIFFIN Rackmount Cooling Fan - 3U Ultra-Quiet 

  • The GRIFFIN Rackmount Cooling Fan offers a perfect blend of efficiency and quiet operation, ideal for studio environments. This 3U, triple-fan setup ensures your audio equipment stays cool. Its sleek black design looks professional and adds an aesthetic appeal to your studio setup.

    GRIFFIN Rackmount Cooling Fan - 3U Ultra-Quiet

                                             Image sourced from Pinterest 


    This cooling fan stands out with its ultra-quiet functionality. It's designed to keep noise levels low, which is crucial in a studio setting. The fan's heavy-duty steel construction promises durability and long-term service.


    • Attached is a 2-prong power supply cord
    • Dimensions of 5  inches high x 19 inches wide x 2  inches deep
    • Each fan size of 120 mm x 120 mm x 38 mm
    • Voltage capacity is 110V
    • Power consumption is 20 watts per fan
    • 2550 RPM, 85 CFM airflow, 43dBA noise level per fan
    • Frequency is 50-60Hz
    • Gross weight is around 5 pounds



    • Cooling: Effective cooling with three fans
    • Quiet: Ultra-quiet operation, suitable for studio environments
    • Durable: It has a durable steel construction 


    • Capacity: Limited voltage compatibility (110V only)
    • Space: May require additional space for optimal cooling efficiency


    Here is a comparison table of the products on the basis of factors like best usage specification and some others.


    Best usage Specifications Durability Appearance Pros Cons
    Rack Mount Rolling Stand & Adjustable Mixer Platform Rails by GRIFFIN - 19U Rack-mounted equipment Height is 32" - 37.5", depth is 19 ¾", width is 24 ¾" High-quality steel frame Professional black finish Adjustable mixer platform, mobility Limited rack space (19U)
    Ultimate Rackmount Studio Mixer Flight Road Case By GRIFFIN - 25U Mount Space Protecting studio gear Interior dimensions are 18" depth (extendable), 19 1/4" width, and 34 1/2" height High-quality flight case Functional design Large rack space (25U), durability Limited mobility
    Rack Mount Stand with 10 Spaces by GRIFFIN Holding rack equipment

    It's 19.5 inches tall, 15.5 inches deep, and 20 inches wide

    High-quality construction Professional black finish Affordable, compact Limited rack space (10U)
    GRIFFIN Rack Mount Cart Stand & Top Mixer Platform 25U Studio recording equipment Height is 51 inches, depth is 22 inches, width is 21.75 inches Sturdy and durable construction Professional black finish Mobility, large rack space (25U) Heavy and bulky
    Speaker Cabinet Handles for DJ PA Rack Road Case Speaker cabinet handles Length is 160 mm, width 107 mm, and height 16 mm High-quality construction Simple design Easy carrying of cases Requires proper installation
    GRIFFIN Rackmount Cooling Fan - 3U Ultra-Quiet Cooling studio equipment Dimensions of 5  inches high x 19 inches wide x 2  inches deep Sturdy materials Functional design Quiet operation, cooling Requires power source

    Why Should Greekstands Be Your Go-To Choice?

    Looking for a rackmount stand that won't give you a headache to set up? Check out Greekstands. They're super easy to get going, even if tech stuff usually makes you scratch your head. 

    The instructions? Clear as day. You won't be rummaging through your tool shed; these stands are a snap to put together. And they fit your gear just like a glove. That means no wrestling or struggling. You’ll be all set up in no time, hassle-free.

    Now, let's talk about how tough these stands are. Greekstands are made from really strong metals. You've got steel ones that can handle almost anything you throw at them. 

    Heavy equipment? No problem. Or, if you move stuff around a lot, go for the aluminum stands. They're lighter but still keep everything steady. 

    Live somewhere damp? These stands have got you covered with rust-resistant finishes. So they'll keep looking sharp and last longer.

    But wait, there's more. Greekstands come with some nifty extra bits and bobs. You can tweak the height and angle, which is great for getting things right. They've also thought about keeping things cool, with good ventilation to stop your gear from overheating. 

    Also, the cable management? It’s a game-changer. Say goodbye to tangled messes. Some models even have extra space for your bits and pieces. It's all about making your life easier. Price-wise, Greekstands hit the sweet spot. 

    They're a solid investment without costing an arm and a leg. You can find more expensive stands, but Greekstands get you the best bang for your buck. 

    They’re made to last so that you won't be dipping into your wallet for repairs or new ones soon. They might be a tad pricier than the cheapest, but they’re worth it in the long run.

    So, all in all, Greekstands is a fantastic pick for anyone needing rack mount stand by “Griffin”. Easy to set up, durable, with all the extras you could want, and at the right price. Whether decking out your home studio or kitting out a professional space, Greekstands is the way to go.


  • What is the height of a rack mount?
  • The height of a rack mount is usually measured in units called "rack units" (U), with one rack unit being 1.75 inches. So, for example, a 4U rack mount would be 7 inches high.

  • What is the purpose of a rack mount stand?
  • A rack mount stand is designed to house and organize various electronic equipment securely. Its purpose is to save space, improve airflow, and make it easier to manage cables and maintenance.

  • What is the spacing for rack mounts?
  • The spacing for rack mounts is standardized at 1.75 inches per rack unit.