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Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists of all time, once said:

“... to play [the piano] means labor. It means to feel a great ache in the arms and in the shoulders.”

We may not be able to speak to the source of his pain, but at Geek Stands, one thing we understand with expert knowledge is quality musical equipment and accessories. And in this instance, we particularly understand how your choice of piano bench can impact your performance

The right piano bench will improve your posture and technique, leading to an overall better performance. But with the wrong bench … well, you need only look at poor Michelangeli. 

Thankfully, with our help, this is an experience you’ll never need to worry about, because today, we explore the intricacies of choosing the right type of piano bench, including:

  • The different types of piano benches and their use cases
  • Some key considerations before making your choice
  • Where to find the best deals on premium piano benches

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pianist, let us help find the best piano bench for you.

Types of Piano Benches

The piano is, in our not so unbiased opinion, one of the greatest musical instruments of all time. But novice or maestro, the piano demands long hours on your bench, practicing and honing your skills. 

And your choice of piano bench will directly impact your level of comfort, your posture, and your overall performance. But with so many bench options, how do you find your perfect fit?

Join us as we explore the different types of piano benches, along with their most notable features.

The Adjustable Piano Bench

black adjustable piano bench

An adjustable piano bench allows you to adjust to different heights, angles, and positions. This makes it easier to play in your most comfortable and ergonomic position. The bench also comes with padded seating for added comfort. 

These features make the adjustable piano bench perfect if you have specific height or posture requirements, or if you share your bench with other pianists. It’s why they’re commonly used with children learning to play the piano. 

The two most common types of adjustable piano benches are knob-adjustable and hydraulic-adjustable benches. Knob-adjustable benches use a mechanism with one or more knobs to adjust their height, while hydraulic benches use a lever to lift or lower the bench. 

“... Highly Recommended! Real leather seat, a compartment for music sheet, wide range for adjusting height, solid, good looking.”
Trent Lubowitz, Verified Buyer

Check out our collection of adjustable piano benches to find the perfect fit for you, or get in touch with us at Geek Stands and we’ll help find your perfect match.

The Wooden Piano Bench

lady sitting on brown wood PU leather piano bench

If you’re looking for a bench with an impressive finish to complement your piano, then the wooden piano bench is exactly for you. 

Wooden piano benches typically feature a stunning finish and durable construction guaranteed to last for years. They are also easily refurbished so you can keep them looking as good as the day you bought them.

While their design is often simple and minimalistic (think well-done wooden bench), there are options that come with a leather or vinyl top depending on your budget and preference. 

The wooden piano bench is ideal for a variety of situations, but it shines brightest in families who have kids learning piano, where they may need to sit at the piano together

If you took piano lessons in the ’90s or earlier, you probably remember the bench you learned on being a fixed-height piano bench, like most wooden benches. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking about getting one. 

Fact: When playing the piano, the correct posture is when your feet touch the floor, shoulders are relaxed, and your back is straight and not hunched.

Here is a video demonstrating the different types of piano benches:

The Upholstered Piano Bench

Upholstered piano benches are designed for those looking for something stylish and comfortable. The upholstered piano bench is effectively a kind of padded piano bench, but instead of leather, its upholstery is typically made from foam and vinyl.

As such, the upholstered piano bench makes for a great alternative to the wooden piano bench. It offers the comfort and support of a much more expensive bench at a fraction of the cost, making it a great option if you spend hours on end on your piano. 

Check out our collection at Geek Stands to find the best deals.

The Folding Piano Bench

If you’re looking for something a bit more portable, something that’s easy to haul around from gig to gig, we know just what you need: The Folding Piano Bench.

Featuring a lightweight construction and a foldable design, the folding piano bench is the perfect accessory for the traveling pianist.

And worry not, for they are in no way less comfortable or capable than their more conventional counterparts. Foldable benches are still just as sturdy and supportive as traditional benches.

Let’s take Allen’s review of his piano bench, for instance. Allen describes himself as weighing about 270 lbs, but his folding piano bench “feels pretty sturdy” under his weight. He further described the bench padding as “firm but comfy.” 

And while folding piano benches may be the preferred option for on-stage performances, they also make great benches in confined spaces

You can even use them as digital piano benches to pair with your keyboard, like Michelle, who found a folding piano bench to be the perfect option for her daughter’s college dorm room setup. 

The Artist Piano Bench

If you're looking for something adjustable, sturdy, and suitable for a professional pianist, then this is the perfect bench for you.

The artist piano bench features high-quality construction and comes stacked with features that make it ideal for professional use. For example, the bench includes height adjustment knobs at the sides so you can adjust your sitting position to find the most ideal position for your height and playing style. 

In addition, most artist piano benches come with a breathable, thick, well-padded leather seat, providing you with the ultimate comfort for long practice sessions and concerts. 

The height adjustability and generous padding further take the strain off your back, making it easier to find the perfect height for you and giving you the support you need to maintain the ideal posture. 

Beyond these comfort features, artist piano benches are statement pieces. Because they are the preferred concert piano benches for performing artists, they feature elaborate and elegant designs, perfect for use on stage

If you’re in the market for the ultimate comfort and style in a bench, check out our collection here at Geek Stands.

As Clinton put it, “... the [bench] is sturdy, well made, with ample storage.” He further described the bench to be of high quality and worth the money he spent. 

The table below compares the different types of piano benches, their unique features and benefits:

Type Of Piano Bench Unique Features Benefits
Adjustable Bench Height-adjustment mechanism, often with knobs or a hydraulic system
  • Provides flexibility for finding the ideal playing position
  • Accommodates players of different heights and playing styles
  • Can be shared among multiple musicians with different preferences
Wooden Bench Impressive finish, durable construction
  • Matches the aesthetic of a traditional or grand piano
  • Often easy to refurbish and maintain
  • Provides a classic and sophisticated look to the piano setup
Upholstered Bench Thick padding, uses foam and vinyl
  • Offers superior comfort during long practice sessions
  • It’s stylish and comfortable
Folding Bench Foldable design, lightweight materials
  • Easy to store or transport due to its collapsible nature
  • Suitable for performances in various venues
Artist Bench Height adjustment knobs, generous padding
  • Provides excellent stability during intense performances
  • Offers superior comfort with high-quality cushioning
  • Suitable for long rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Piano Bench

Playing the piano isn’t just in the fingers. For instance, most pianists will lean forward to play softer and lean back, almost as if to make themselves seem larger while playing louder. And when playing large chords and arpeggios, you’ll realize that you need big, sweeping arm movements. 

But to achieve these fluid motions, and play to the best of your ability, you need the right piano bench with the right features.

So, here’s a closer look at some factors that may help point you toward your perfect bench. 

Bench Height and Adjustability 

To achieve the optimal playing experience, your piano bench height needs to be just right. 

While this will be subjective to your playing style and technique, typically you want your elbows at the same level as the keys when seated on your bench to achieve the “correct” arm placement. 

As such, when shopping for the perfect piano bench, it’s a great idea to first measure the height from the floor to your elbow, while sitting upright on the bench before signing on the dotted line or presenting your credit card information.

Of course, if you’re considering an adjustable piano bench, then you’ll have a bit more leeway when finding what works for you. 

The standard height of a piano bench is approximately 19 inches, but adjustable benches can range from 18 to 21 inches. On the other hand, the standard height of a piano’s keyboard from the floor is typically between 27.5 to 30 inches. 

Keep these figures in mind as you shop around, or confirm the height of your piano keyboard before committing to a bench. 

Why It Matters: The right bench height enhances posture, reduces strain, and prevents discomfort during extended practice sessions.

Here is a brief video on what to look for when shopping for a piano bench.

The Construction and Material Used in Your Bench

wooden piano bench in a workshop

Image from SimpleCove

“ … Sturdy and looks good with my antique upright piano …” 

This is a quote from Tana’s review of a piano bench she acquired from Geek Stands. She was pleased not just with the price, but also the build quality, especially how well the bench matched her piano

The material and construction of a piano bench play a critical role in its functionality and durability. So, like Tana, you want to look for the best material and high-quality construction when searching for the right bench for your needs. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used material in piano bench construction: 

  • Wooden piano benches are the most traditional and often the most aesthetically pleasing. If you want longevity matched with timeless beauty, then a wooden piano bench is exactly what you need.
    Just be aware that they deliver such stunning aesthetics at the expense of requiring a bit more maintenance and being a bit heavier than other options.
  • Metal piano benches are a sleeker, more modern take on the piano bench, they provide a more durable and lightweight alternative to wooden benches.
    However, this contemporary charm comes at a price. Metal piano benches are typically more expensive than classic bench options, with some brands featuring less padding or cushioning.
  • Plastic piano benches feature lightweight construction that makes them easily portable. They are the most affordable bench option.
    However, their plastic construction material means that they may not be the most ergonomic piano bench and that they lack the same level of comfort compared to other options.

When choosing your ideal piano bench, remember to consider its stability, durability, and weight capacity. If you intend on spending hours on end on the bench sharpening your skills, you should also consider your comfort, perhaps through upholstery with padding. 

Consider exactly what you need in a bench to make your playing as easy, efficient, and comfortable as possible, and seek out features in your piano bench that will attain you these things. 

For example, a bench with leather or velvet upholstery and padding will help reduce pressure on the back of your legs and encourage proper posture.

If the bench also comes with a compartment under the seat, that's extra storage for your gear, streamlining your process. 

Now, picture a high-quality piano bench that checks off all these boxes without breaking the bank. Our collection of high-quality piano benches at is sure to have the piano bench of your dreams and deals that’ll make you think you’re dreaming. 

Consider the Size and Comfort of Your Piano Bench

black piano bench with adjustable knob

Your piano bench’s dimensions play a crucial role in helping you avoid discomfort and injury while playing.

If your bench is too high or too low, it will cause strain to your back and neck. To help ensure adequate comfort and support, consider getting an upholstered piano bench. An ergonomic piano bench will provide you with the cushioning you need to maintain proper form and posture while reducing the frequency of fatigue and discomfort.

Beyond comfort, consider your piano bench width and length

Your bench needs to be wide enough for you to sit comfortably with enough room for movement. Too narrow and your bench may be restrictive and negatively impact your performance.

It also needs enough room to provide sufficient under-thigh support when you’re seated towards the back of the bench.

If you need room to seat more than one, then consider getting a duet piano bench. These are wide enough to accommodate two players, side by side—perfect for duets or piano lessons.

When she was shopping for a piano bench, Pauline worried about not being able to sit for long periods without suffering lower back pain. 

But thanks to the duet piano bench she got from us at Geek Stands, she now has a comfortable bench, with enough room for a duet partner, and most critically, a spot for her cat. 

Learn More: Discover the Unparalleled Comfort of a Griffin Piano Bench

Express Your Style With Your Bench

The right piano type of piano bench is essential, not just for your comfort, but also to the overall aesthetic of your playing space. 

On this count, wooden piano benches are head and shoulder above all the rest. Their finishes are much easier to match with your piano to achieve a cohesive look. Wooden piano benches are also available in a wide range of finishes, from natural wood tones to painted colors. 

“Matched the color and style of our piano well … Easy assembly and all tools included. Was up and running in 10 minutes. Pleased with the seller and the product.” — Tom Mann, Verified Buyer

But if a more contemporary style is more your speed, then an upholstered piano bench may be a better fit. The padded seats are available in an array of materials, including leather, for added comfort and style to your piano setup. 

On the other hand, if you crave a bit of drama, or are the kind of person who has Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 at the top of their repertoire, we recommend an artist piano bench to add something extra to your space and performance. 

Artist piano benches come with ornate design details, padding for comfort, and storage for your sheet music and other accessories—everything you need to recreate the most intricate concertos.

And if support is at the top of your wishlist, look no further than the ergonomic piano bench. These are built with comfort and proper posture in mind. 

Some ergonomic piano benches even have built-in lumbar support in addition to adjustable height and contoured features to prevent back strain. 

With all these options, suggestions, and tips in mind, you probably have a good idea of what you want from your piano bench.

Unleash Your Inner Maestro With the Geek Stands

All pianists, regardless of their level of skill, know that the right piano bench is an integral part of their ability to perform. At Geek Stands, it is this fact that we use to inspire our collection of premium piano benches. 

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Whether you’re in the market for a sturdy wooden piano bench for your practice room, or an exquisite artist bench for your next concert, Geek Stands has you covered. 

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