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Double Tom Cymbal Stand By Griffin

This lightweight double tom stand with cymbal arm mount not only includes two tom drum mounting arms but also an additional cymbal arm! The double-braced and chrome plated legs provide strength, stability and bling while the rubber leg tips help keep the stand from slipping out of place. The tom drum locks on both arms utilize a locking gear system for mounting your drums on the double tom cymbal stand. The additional cymbal arm is 18 inches in length and can securely hold a small to mid size/weight cymbal. The nylon bushing joint prevents metal on metal friction with in the tube and helps reduce those pesky rattling noises and swaying movements. Also included is a gear system cymbal tilter with a steel washer and wing nut as well as vinyl tubing and cymbal felts. This double tom drum cymbal stand has several unique adjustable height capabilities. First, the two tom drum mount can be raised from 20 inches to 55 inches per each drummer’s personal preference, as the drum arm mounts can also be added to the bottom pipe for even a wider range of height possibilities. The double tom stand’s cymbal arm easily adjusts anywhere from 22 inches up to 62 inches high. The tom drum pipe mounts fit all standard 7/8 inch tubing.

Double Tom Cymbal Stand Specifications 
  • Cymbal arm length: 18 inches
  • Bottom pipe diameter: 22 mm
  • Tom drum pipe mounts fit all standard 7/8 inch tubing
  • Adjustable tom drum height: from 20 inches to 55 inches
  • Adjustable cymbal height: from 22 inches to 62 inches
  • Gross weight: 10 pounds

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