Black Hickory Wood Shell Snare Drum by Griffin

We know that you rely on your snare drum to provide a punchy sound and this black hickory wood snare drum will not disappoint! With a sharp, aggressive attack and powerful punch, Griffin’s black hickorywood 14” snare drum features eight (8) tuning lugs for a more stable, higher quality sound when compared to other six (6) lug drums. Utilize the snare drum throw-off to tighten, loosen, or mute the snares as you prefer, and we even include a drum key with each black hickory wood shell snare drum as well.

We are featuring here a wooden shell snare drum showcasing its gorgeous black hickory wood with a simple high-gloss finish. In our other listings, we do offer other colors of snare drums as follows: glossy black, glossy pearl white and silver sparkle. Take a look at our other listings for information on these other colors. All of our snare drums include a white-coated drum head.

We encourage you to compare this black hickory wood snare drum to other black hickory 14” snare drums online. This black hickory wood shell snare drum is exceedingly sturdy and durable. Try finding another black hickory wood shell snare drum able to work this hard for you at such a cheap price; it cannot be done! If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality black hickory 14inch snare drums. Although this black hickory wood shell snare drum is similar to Pearl’s Export Snare Drum, you may buy today with peace of mind knowing you are getting the lowest price possible for this high quality black hickory 14” snare drum. We offer the lowest price for quality black hickory wood snare drums.

Black Hickory Wood Shell Snare Drum Features

  • ACHIEVE THAT BRILLIANT ATTACK YOU’VE BEEN CRAVING: Have you been looking for that perfect sounding snare drum that would offer you a brilliant, powerful crack with beautiful overtones? Well, your search is finally over! Boasting a 3-ply, 7.5mm, 100% poplar wood construction, this snare drum will match any music style including rock, metal, funk, gospel or even pop and give that punchy, penetrating sound you’ve been looking for, perfectly complimenting your playing.
  • UPGRADE YOUR DRUM KIT’S STYLE: Its black hickory pvc wrap with simple, high-gloss finish that is simply gorgeous to look at and the unrivalled craftsmanship make this deluxe musical instrument a worthy addition to any drummer’s collection. An excellent choice for beginners, students or professional musicians, this 14" x 5.5" snare drum can be easily used as a primary or secondary snare. Drum head top: White coating. Drum head bottom: clear.
  • CLASS-LEADING THROW OFF: Equipped with a top notch, smooth and quiet drum throw off that promises flawless operation and a fluid movement every time, this drum throw off will allow you to easily tighten, loosen or mute the snares according to your preference, without failing or locking up! Specifications: Snare wire: 10 strand. Hardware finish: Chrome. Gross weight: 6 pounds.
  • MORE TUNING LUGS FOR EXCELLENT SOUND: The percussion hardware includes a drum key, as well as 8 very durable tuning lugs that promise a much more stable and higher quality sound compared to six lug drums, allowing you to achieve excellent sound in even the lowest tuning option. 
  • INSTALLED SNARE BEDS: Snare beds are now carved in the drum shell for a tighter snare sound. curved depressions are cut opposite each other into the bottom bearing edge of the drum, parallel to the throw-off and butt plate. The installed snare beds are very popular with drummers as many drummers like a reduction of snare buzz and rattle. This makes all the snares rest flush alongside the bottom of the drum head.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of this poplar wood snare drum, we offer you an unmatched, hassle-free money back guarantee, so you can enjoy your purchases with peace of mind! With nothing to lose, place your order today!

Black Hickory Wood Shell Snare Drum Specifications

  • Size: 14 inches by 5.5 inches
  • Snare Wire: 10-Strand
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Lug Count: 8
  • Shell Thickness: 7.5mm poplar wood 3-ply
  • Shell Color/Finish: Glossy Black Hickory wood wrap
  • Gross Weight: 6 pounds
  • Drum head top: White coating
  • Drum head bottom: Clear


Griffin strives for ultimate customer satisfaction and aims to provide high quality products at affordable prices. These Griffin black hickory wood snare drums are a great asset for your drum set. Griffin black hickory 14 inch snare drums are built to be strong, long-lasting, versatile and so durable that the hard-working drummer can use them for years to come in numerous situations throughout his career.

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