Regardless of whether for use with your XLR associated microphone, fueled speaker or other perfect gadget, these expert evaluation mic cables will keep you rockin'! Flaunting a great XLR female connector on the one end and a XLR male connector on the other, these microphone cords are ideal for recording studios, audio architects, expert or beginner artists and home studios.

A fair microphone cable comprises of three principle segments—the conductors (inward wires, or centers), which convey the sign; the protecting, which secures the trustworthiness of the data going through the conductors; and on account of a microphone cable, three-pronged connectors (XLR) that permit association of the cable at either end. Every one of the three need to cooperate to guarantee appropriate working of the cable, particularly with expanded lengths, as separation gives extra chance to increment electromagnetic and other clamor impedance.

The microphone XLR cable estimates twenty (20) feet in length and has a XLR male connector toward one side and a XLR female connector on the opposite end. Each Fat Toad XLR Microphone Cable highlights a 12-strand copper conductor, and the entirety of the XLR mic cable's copper wiring is sans oxygen 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge). A 64-strand of twisted copper covered aluminum protecting gives superb protecting ideal decrease of any electrostatic murmur. The Fat Toad XLR Microphone Cable has a too low sign opposition. This gives a ground-breaking, clean sign while simultaneously offering extraordinary adaptability.


Highlighting overly low sign obstruction, every one of these 20 ft long mic cables offers unrivaled lucidity and opportunity from outside commotion impedance promising a remarkable, impeccable sound, without fail. The 12 strand copper conductor and 64 strands of plaited copper covered aluminum protecting guarantee wonderful commotion insurance and least electrostatic murmur.


Flaunting without oxygen, 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge) copper wiring, these XLR cables offer the best quality of immaculateness and are intended to meet the prerequisites of even the most requesting audiophiles. Ideal for audio applications, these microphone cords consolidate adaptability with solidness.


On the off chance that you are searching for the greatest microphone XLR cords that will convey each and every time, without costing a fortune, you need look no further! Intended for the hard-visiting performer or expert audio engineer, these protected, Lo-Z, low clamor microphone cables are a sheltered and dependable decision that you will love.