These two PA speaker wall mount stands are fully adjustable in every way—up, down, left, right, and in depth—allowing you to have total control of your PA speaker positioning.

Do you need your PA speakers raised or lowered to a certain height that traditional tripod speaker stands cannot accommodate? Do you want to save floor space currently being used by PA tripod stands? Then you need this pair of wall mount Pro-Audio speaker brackets!

You will receive two (2) of these Pro Audio speaker wall mount stands featuring heavy duty, all-steel construction design, each with an astonishing weight capacity of 180 pounds. A locking pin secures your wall mount PA speaker holder in place. The post mount fits all standard size speaker mounts 1.375 inches to 1.5 inches. Attached is a cable ring to help guide your cable close to the wall, preventing your cables from dangling directly from your PA speaker.

Neatly Organize Your PA Speakers

Forget about usual PA tripod stands that steal precious floor space. Our professional audio wall mount speaker holder stands will help you free up all the space you need and, due to their innovative cable ring feature, they will do so without leaving messy cords dangling around!

Pick the Best Possible Angle

This awesome pair of wall mount stands for speakers allows you to get your speakers off the floor neatly and adjust them in a variety of positions, thanks to their useful 3 horizontal level tilt adjustments; the 90-degree flat level, the 105-degree second level tilting down and the 120-degree final level tilting down!

Excellent Sound Quality for Every Occasion

Our premium wall mount PA speaker brackets are a valuable asset for every kind of on and off-stage performance. They can offer superb sound quality for home theaters, music bands, recording studios, DJs, stage performers, churches, schools, theatrical teams and many more!


A Choice That Will Last You a Lifetime

When it comes to our sound accessories, we at Griffin make a point of using nothing but the best quality heavy-duty stainless steel, state-of-the-art production processes and extremely strict quality controls, so that we can make sure that they will last you a lifetime of use!