If you think that cheap, bargain-bin guitar and speaker cables won’t affect your sound, you’re thinking wrong! Even though a guitar cable may not improve your sound, a low quality cable will certainly make you sound bad. Save money in the long run and invest in a durable, high quality instrument cable that will offer you flawless sound and will last for years to come..

Unlike most guitar wires with silver tipped connections that don’t last very long, each of these standard guitar and speaker cables feature a gold-tipped metal plug to ensure long-lasting performance and premium durability. Giving you that satisfying ‘click’ so you know when you’ve got a secure lock into the jack. These cables were suitable for acoustic or electric guitar, bass, keyboards and more.

These deluxe 20 foot straight end 0.25 (1/4) inch (6.35 mm) shielded instrument and speaker cords have braided copper shielding for maximum electrostatic hum reduction. The heavy duty heat shrunk tubing covers the entire cable to reduce extraneous noise interference and to relieve strain on the cable. All six of these cables have oxygen free copper wire to reduce resistance and the metal plugs are gold tipped for ultimate durability and better connections than usual silver tipped connections. These instrument cables incorporate super low signal resistance providing a powerful, clean signal; all of the qualities of these instrument guitar cables come together to form an incredibly quiet and reliable cable. You will receive six of these awesome 0.25 (1/4) inch (6.35 mm) straight instrument cables.

Reliable, inexpensive and long lasting, this 6 pack of standard guitar cables is the perfect solution for any musician. If you’re looking for a clean sounding cable that will suit your needs and give you the best value, then you need look no further!

Buy with confidence with Shielded Guitar Cables by Fat Toad.  Backed by the 1 year Fat Toad replacement warranty, you have nothing to lose! In the unlikely event that these XLR microphone cables fail within a year, feel free to request replacements from Geekstands. What could be fairer?