Santa Came 


From Christmas Day, Santa Came!
Christmas morning and Adam was so excited when he saw his new SJC drums Santa brought him! He was jumping up and down and couldn't wait to start playing. He was so excited he even started playing right away!  He's been playing the drums for almost a year now and has gotten so much better. He loves to play along with Green Day songs, as they are his favorite band.  It's been an amazing Christmas and I'm so proud of my son for his dedication to his music. He's really come along way in such a short time, and I'm excited to see what he can do with his new SJC drums!

Santa Came

My wife thought it would be fun to get a bunch of Green Day shirts for Christmas, so I got a few! They look so cool and I'm looking forward to wearing them.  
After all the presents were opened, we decided to start a 500pc Green Day Dookie puzzle. It took us two days to finish it, but it was so worth it! We had such a great time putting it together and laughing at all the memories that came up while we were doing it.


And we had a driver this month who knocked on our door in ....Nice.
On 5 January 2023 at around 7:04am, the container driver had a brilliant plan to get the truck in early - he decided to slam into the big roll up door in our loading dock area! Ignoring the signs that were clearly posted, and specific instructions not to back up into the loading dock until the door had opened, he arrogantly proclaimed he could not see the signs while sitting in the middle of the road. Of course, being two hours early meant the door wasn't open yet, which was written on his delivery instructions Thankfully, we were able to get the door pried open to get the container unloaded. It would have been an absolute disaster if we did not get this door opened - after all, this is our only loading door in and out of our warehouse!
Door damage
Check out the video below of the epic event on what happened afterwards. Our lead packager trying to tell the driver what's what.
Warning... There's some explicit language, so cover those little ears!.
Damage to door

January 17th 2023 - Happy

"Ditch New Year's Resolution Day"

Ditch New Year's Resolution Day is all about taking a break from your New Year's resolutions and enjoying yourself! It's a day to forget about all the goals you set for yourself and just have fun. Whether it's indulging in your favorite guilty pleasure or taking a break from your normal routine, this day is all about taking a break and having some fun. So go ahead, ditch your resolutions and enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday!

Kid Rock - 52 Years Old today!

Kid Rock is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, Michigan. He is known for his blend of hip hop, rock and country music, as well as his use of profanity and political commentary. He has won several awards, including a Grammy Award and multiple Billboard Music Awards.

Kid Rock

Did you know...

Once upon a time, Kid Rock was performing at a concert and he wanted to show off his rapping skills. He started rapping and the crowd went wild. But then, something unexpected happened. A little bird flew on stage and landed right on Kid Rock's shoulder! Everyone started laughing, and Kid Rock just kept rapping as if nothing happened. After the concert, Kid Rock said that he was surprised by the bird but he thought it was kind of cool.