Why should you be using a laptop stand?
Surprisingly enough, ergonomics in the workplace something that is directly related or our health and well-being is a subject that is often ignored by Employees, staff, etc.

An adjustable laptop stand is a relatively inexpensive way to instantly improve your posture and position while using a laptop.
When you place your laptop on a surface, you'll find that you’re having to look down in an unsuitable position to see the screen, which over time can cause pains aches, and long-term injuries, it so common that it even has its own name called tech neck.

What is a laptop stand and why you should use it?

laptop stand
Comfort while typing: you can type comfortably if your average data clerk is 50 to 60 strokes a minute, 9 hours a day, you can imagine how fast are you typing and finish your type of work early.

Adjustable angle: you can put your laptop on an eye-level, right height, right angle, and right distance of your device to your body, in the 2015 survey there are a lot of American computer workers who suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Computer Vision Syndrome also referred as eye strain vision-related problems from an ineffective angle, height, distance and light availability.

Improves airflow: keeping your laptop cool is critical for maintaining its continuity especially for the home base. Many laptops stand including Geekstands.com offer cooling and ventilation cooling benefits to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Lightweight and portable: Most laptop stands in the market has a variety of options, however most laptop stands are travel friendly and easy to set up. Which will be suitable even if you are not an on-the-go person, it will still serve you best.