Fat Toad, a pro-audio gear company produced pack of 2 cardioid dynamic microphones that offered a smooth and regular sound and worked flawlessly for any unrecorded music performance: from tranquil gatherings and jazz clubs to karaoke singing, vocals, recording, podcasting and boisterous stages. These professional handheld microphones highlight aluminum combination voice curls have excellent mid-go pickup, offering an unrivaled degree of lucidity and detail in your voice.

Furnished with an incredibly strong, shockproof grille that will securely shield the mic components from harms, the Fat Toad Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones are unquestionable requirements have for any professional or novice artist. On the off chance that you need a lot of dependable microphones that will withstand long stretches of utilization without fizzling, at that point these mics won't let you down.

These hand-held cardioid vocal dynamic microphones are structured in view of the vocalist. Extraordinary for live solid or studio recording, Fat Toad Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones have a full-run reaction with a punchy bass. The unidirectional, cardioid configuration takes into consideration sound affectability from just a single heading giving them a high increase before input (GBF) and assisting with forestalling that irritating high-pitched screech individuals hate to hear. This vocal dynamic mic additionally includes aluminum combination voice curls for extraordinary mid-extend (frequency 50 Hz to 16 kHz) pickup, with warm tone attributes and high-fidelity for a pleasant tonal definition with practically no distortion. Topping off this hand-held cardioid microphone is a tough, shockproof flame broil for extraordinary component insurance and greatest performance. Fat Toad… A brand you can trust.

With Geekstands these cardioid dynamic microphones are secured by a 1 year replacement warranty! In the impossible occasion that there is a disappointment or an imperfection in these microphones, you can demand substitutions, in a matter of seconds! With nothing to lose, request your set today and appreciate professional, hi-fidelity mic performance!