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Sheet Music Stand With Mic ...

Introducing the 2-in-1 Sheet Music Stand – the ultimate multitasker for musicians who want to take their performance to the next level! This foldable wonder combines a music sheet tray with a removable mic arm stand, making it the perfect sidekick for singing from sheet music while effortlessly holding your mic. Because who said you can't do both?

Adjustable Awesomeness: This music stand is more flexible than a yoga instructor! With a collapsible and height-adjustable design, you can fine-tune the bookplate angle and tilt for the perfect view. It's like having your personal orchestra conductor, but way more portable.

Metal Tripod Stand: Built to withstand your rockstar moves, this music stand boasts a sturdy metal tripod support with non-slip rubber caps. Whether you're sitting or standing, this stand can handle any music sheet or book without breaking a sweat.

Flexible & Portable Jam Session: This music stand is not just a performer; it's a globetrotter. Flexible, portable, and easy to open and close, it's your travel companion for gigs, school, or rocking out at home. The collapsible tripod base and removable bookplate make storage a breeze.

Highly Stable Confidence Boost: No more stage fright! This music stand offers maximum stability, giving you the confidence to perform without worrying about accidental falls or mishaps. It's your rock-solid foundation for every musical adventure.

Product Description

This 2-in-1 sheet music stand is a game-changer, adding a dash of versatility to every musician's toolkit. Sing or play an instrument from a sheet effortlessly with the combined music sheet tray and mic arm stand. It's like having your backstage crew in a single stand, making you look effortlessly cool to your audience.



  • EASY TO CARRY: Weighing just 1.2 kg/2.65 lb, it's your lightweight, portable music buddy.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Height adjustable from 21.6 inches to 63 inches, catering to musicians of all statures.
  • DURABLE: Crafted from high-grade ABS plastic and metal for a robust and long-lasting performance.
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Big, easy-to-use knobs ensure a quick and comfortable setup.

Product Specification

  • Weight: Nearly 1.2 KG/2.65 lb
  • Material: ABS plastic and metal
  • Features: Dedicated Mic arm stand
  • Height Adjustment: 21.6 inches to 63 inches

Package Includes

  • Full set of the Music Stand
  • Mic Clip x1

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