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Elevate your vocal game with the Pro Dynamic Metal Mic. This microphone isn't just a piece of equipment; it's your ticket to a world of crystal-clear sound and unmatched performance. Say goodbye to unwanted background noise and feedback – it's time for your voice to shine!

Unidirectional Magic - Cut Through the Noise: Our Pro Dynamic Mic boasts a cardioid pattern, ensuring it captures the main act while showing background noise the exit door. Your voice, your instrument – no distractions, just pure sound.

Dynamic Brilliance - Punchy, Clear, and Moisture-Resistant: Be the star of the show with a dynamic microphone that's not just clear and punchy but also resistant to moisture. Whether you're on a lively stage or in the studio, your vocals and instruments will sound top-notch.

Frequency Finesse - Wide Range, No Compromise: The Pro Dynamic Mic comes armed with an ultra-wide frequency response, turning your vocals into a symphony of brilliance. Equipped with an integrated pop filter, it ensures your sound is as crisp as your favorite vinyl records.

Cable Galore - Sing Without Limits: No need to be tethered to the sound system – we've included a generous 15 feet XLR-to-1/4 cable. Whether you're in the studio or owning the stage, move freely and let your voice soar.

Mic Clip Magic - Convenience in Every Note: Unbox, set up, and start singing – we've got your back! The package includes a durable and versatile mic clip, making your performance hassle-free. The stage is yours; let the show begin!


Features: Your Sound, Your Stage

  • Compatibility Champion: Our dynamic mic plays well with others – from DVD players to mixers and home theaters, it's your audio ally.

  • XLR Cable Wonder: The fully shielded XLR cable ensures minimal interference over long distances, giving you the freedom to move without compromising sound quality.

  • Premium Sound Maestro: Let your vocals take center stage. The Pro Dynamic Mic delivers power and clarity, making it the ideal choice for both studio and stage performances.

  • Reliability Rockstar: Microphones are the trusted companions of performers at all levels. Count on us for a professional touch and high-performance every time.

Technical Specifications: The Sound Engineer's Notes

  • Sensitivity: 2 mv/pa
  • Frequency Response: 50-16000 Hz
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms

The Package Includes: Your Sound Arsenal

  • 3x Pro Dynamic Metal Microphone
  • 3x XLR Cable

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