Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles By Griffin

Have you broken your speaker cabinet handles or bought an awesome new speaker cabinet or road case that arrived without handles? These deluxe spring-loaded metal speaker cabinet handles are exactly what you need! Save your fingers from growing new calluses with the cushioned pads on the handles. The handle is installed in a recessed area allowing for maximum weight load strength and the spring-loaded feature ensures no more handles flopping around when maneuvering your road case or speaker cabinet from one gig to the next. The flat black finish looks good, too! From road cases and speaker cabinets to tool boxes and tables, these spring-loaded handles can be used anywhere a handle would be handy.

Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles Features

  • TUG THE TOUGHEST OF CASES WITH EASE: Save your fingers from calluses and pull even the heaviest of PA speaker cabinets, amplifier boxes or bass guitar cabinets with ease and comfort! Perfect for DJs, musicians, school bands and any stage performer, these heavy duty, metal speaker cabinet flip handles will replace any old or worn out pulls on your road cases and allow you to carry them to your next gig with safety! The pack includes 2 pairs of handles (4 pieces in total).
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE GRIP: Well-built, with soft, thick padded handles that feel great to the touch, these speaker flip handles will keep your fingers safe and make transportation a breeze! Made to withstand rough use on and off stage, these recessed handles promise to last for years to come and perform excellently every time! Dimensions: L 160 mm x W 107 mm x H 16 mm. Gross Weight: 12 oz each (3 pounds in total).
  • NO MORE RATTLING & FLOPPING AROUND: Equipped with spring loaded mechanism that will keep the handles out of the way when not in use, these deluxe, PA speaker/amp pulls won’t rattle or flop around while on the go, making them excellent replacement parts or hardware accessories for your new stage equipment. What is more, their recessed design allows for maximum weight load strength, so you can carry your heavy-duty DJ gear without worrying about accidents.
  • UNBEATABLE LOOK AND VERSATILITY: Boasting a modern, sleek design with black finish, these sturdy speaker cabinet flip handles will ensure you of the perfect fit and an unbeatable style for all your projects. With 10 mounting holes for effortless and secure installation, you can easily mount these durable handles in just minutes and get ready for your next performance! Cut out hole size needed: 134 mm x 80 mm. Screw hole size 4.7 mm.
  • GET THEM RISK-FREE: Griffin is run by musicians, and our musicians use our products. That’s why we confidently give you a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we’ll make it right.

    Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles Specifications

    • Length: 160 mm
    • Width: 107 mm
    • Height 16 mm
    • Cut out hole size needed: 134 mm x 80 mm
    • Screw hole size 4.7 mm
    • Screw hole quantity: 10
    • Gross weight: 12 oz each (3 pounds total)

    Since 2011 the Griffin brand has been offering high quality snare drums, drum accessories, light stands, dj equipment and other musical, stage and recording equipment at affordable prices. We are a family owned brand in Tyler, Texas, USA. Griffin is operated fully by musicians and djs. From the start we have held onto the belief that high quality equipment doesn't have to come at a high price. We put that belief into practice every day by offering products made with high quality, durable materials that will last a lifetime and sell them at a price you can afford. As a proud American brand, Griffin only authorizes sellers which are based solely in the USA. To ensure product quality Griffin has in-house personnel whose only job is product testing and inspection. Product testing is done on a bi-annual basis as well as randomly during production and later in storage. Whether you're just starting out or it's been so long you don't remember starting, Griffin has a product for you.

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