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Zildjian K Paper Thin Crash...

History in the Making: the Zildjian K Paper Thin Cymbals

The latest offerings from Zildjian, the K Paper Thin Crashes, serve as a remarkable manifestation of Zildjian's unparalleled strengths. These cymbals pay tribute to the multitude of unforgettable moments spanning the remarkable 400-year history of Zildjian, while also spearheading innovation in the realm of cymbals and meeting the expectations of drummers worldwide in this modern age.

Zildjian first introduced the concept of Paper Thin cymbals as far back as the 1950s. Drawing upon an extensive examination of over seven decades of cymbal trends, the result is a definitive response to the desires of customers who have eagerly awaited the return of this weight class. Leveraging the latest advancements from Zildjian's research and development team, this new collection proudly joins the esteemed K Family. It boasts a comprehensive range of crash options, available in 18", 19", 20", 21", and 22" sizes, seamlessly blending the cherished attributes of Paper Thin cymbals with the distinctive qualities of larger cymbal dimensions.

Despite their lightweight nature, the K Paper Thin cymbals deliver a commanding and resonant dark crash, characterized by a swift decay and a seamless response beneath the drumstick. Notably, an extensively redesigned three-step hammering process enhances their flexibility and uncovers the subtle sonic complexities that contribute to the distinct character of these crashes. The remarkably thin profiles of these cymbals generate an additional shimmer when struck, resulting in a distinctive low-end resonance that sets them apart from any other cymbal within the esteemed K Family.

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