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Unleash the true potential of your audio system with YYAUDIO's 1 Pair High-Quality OCC OFC Silver-Plating and Copper XLR cables. Elevate your listening experience to new heights with these HIFI grade XLR cables, where high fidelity meets a symphony of sound perfection.


  1. Crystal Clear Sound: Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio quality with our 7N OCC Silver-Plated Audio Cable. The high fidelity and resolution power ensure that every note, every beat, is delivered with exceptional clarity.

  2. Gold Standard Connectivity: Our XLR cables boast 24K gold-plated plugs with pure copper thickness of 5u. This winning combination not only enhances signal transmission but also ensures a long service life. Plug and unplug with confidence, enjoying pristine sound quality without any unwanted noise.

  3. Built to Last: The robust alloy shell adds a touch of durability to these cables. Crafted from thick alloy material, they withstand the test of time, remaining unscathed by damage or oxidation. Feel the smooth and fine finish that not only looks good but also resists signal interference for a consistently superior audio experience.

Why Choose YYAUDIO?

  • Serious Sound, Seriously Fun: Our cables are not just about delivering exceptional audio quality; they're also designed to make your listening experience enjoyable. Say goodbye to tangled messes and hello to a more organized and fun audio setup.

  • Plug-and-Play Perfection: With YYAUDIO, you get plug-and-play simplicity combined with a touch of sophistication. No need to be an audio expert – just connect and let the music flow.

  • Because Your Ears Deserve the Best: Elevate your audio game without compromising on style. YYAUDIO cables are not just about performance; they're about making a statement.

Upgrade to YYAUDIO's OCC OFC Silver-Plated and Copper XLR Cables – where exceptional sound quality meets durability and a touch of humor. Transform your audio experience today!

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