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Ready to take your music to the next level? Enter the TIMEYES XLR Male to 6.35mm Audio Cable – your ticket to an uninterrupted symphony of sound. More than just a cable, it's a promise of universal compatibility, heavy-duty performance, and a touch of humor in the world of audio connectivity.

⭐ Universal Compatible Wonder:

  • Ideal for a musical rendezvous with devices like electric guitars, soundboard mixers, passive speakers, consoles, studio monitors, bass, amplifiers, equalizers, mandolins, electronic drums, and keyboards.
  • TIMEYES Cables come with an 18-month after-sale service, because we believe in standing by our products. Have questions? Contact us – we're here for you.

⭐ Heavy Duty, Light on Hassles:

  • Featuring a heavy-duty aluminum metal housing (6.35mm) and a zinc alloy metal shell (XLR) – this cable is built to withstand the test of time and stage antics.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant pure copper gold-plated plug and pins ensure a corrosion-free audio journey. Because we believe in cables that can take a hit – metaphorically speaking.

⭐ Reliable & Pure Sound Experience:

  • The core of the cable boasts 22AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors, wrapped in polyethylene insulation, and dual-shielded with aluminum foil and conductivity PVC. Translation: it ensures lossless signal transmission and maximum noise cancellation, so you only hear what you want to hear.

⭐ Unique Magnetic Ring Magic:

  • Equipped with not one, but two anti-interference magnetic rings. These rings aren't just for show; they're your guardians against interference, filtering out the noise and hum, providing a stable signal transmission, and ensuring high-fidelity sound quality.

⭐ Durable Jacket Build – Because We Like Long-Term Commitments:

  • The cable wears a high-tensile-strength black and red tweed woven jacket braided with flexibility and durability heat shrink tubing.
  • It's not just anti-pulling, anti-wearing, and anti-vibration; it's your audio companion for the long haul.

Unique Demagnetization Ring Design:

  • The magnetic ring made of PVC with iron powder inside absorbs surrounding magnetic field interference, offering stronger shielding and more stable signal transmission.

TIMEYES 1/4 "TS to XLR Male Cable Specs:

  • Wire A: 24K gold-plated 1/4 inch TS male
  • Wire B: XLR male
  • Sheath Material: Woven cotton mesh
  • Cable Specification: 99.99% pure copper
  • Cable Body Outer Diameter: 6.0mm
  • Length: Available in 1-30M options

Ready to unleash your sound potential? Choose TIMEYES XLR Male to 6.35mm Audio Cable – where reliability meets humor in the world of audio. Order now for a symphony of seamless connectivity!

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