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XLR Cable 4-Pack XLR Male t...

Looking to elevate your audio game? Say hello to the DREMAKE XLR Cable 4-Pack – the secret sauce to impeccable sound quality and hassle-free connectivity. Let's dive into the world of color-coded, balanced, and self-locking XLR cables that bring a touch of humor to your musical journey.

🌈 Color Coded Brilliance:

⭐ Our XLR cables aren't just functional; they're fashionable! Designed with vibrant color codes, these cables are not only easy to identify but also add a splash of personality to your setup. Because who said cables can't be stylish?

⭐ Crafted from high-elastic PVC material, these cables are not just durable; they're practically indestructible. With no cracking, no knotting, and resistance to wear and dirt, these cables laugh in the face of ordinary wear and tear. The average life? A whopping 20 times longer than your average cable.

🎧 Balanced Hi-Fi Transmission:

⭐ Dive into the world of balanced, hi-fi transmission with our XLR cables. The secret sauce? A combination of oxygen-free copper conductors and a multi-shielding design that shields 99% of clutter and static interference signals. Say goodbye to hum and hello to high-fidelity sound quality.

⭐ The self-locking design, heavy-duty zinc alloy housing, and pure copper silver-plated XLR pins ensure a stable connection between devices. Plug and play, or in our case, plug and slay!

🔌 3-pin Connectors & Widely Compatibility:

⭐ Perfectly compatible with 3-pin connector devices like microphones, stage lighting, DMX lamps, mixing boards, power amplifiers, and more. From club stages to home theaters, these cables are your versatile audio companions.

⭐ The snake-flexible and DMX application make these cables a go-to for every stage. Need a stable connection signal? Pair the XLR cable with our DMX512 Terminal for the ultimate DMX 512 Cable experience.

🤘 DREMAKE XLR Male to XLR Female Cables:

⭐ Easier Color Matching and Tracking: No more guessing games – our color-coded cables make matching and tracking a breeze.

⭐ High-Quality PVC Materials: Crafted with precision and care, these cables boast high-quality PVC materials for durability and flexibility.

⭐ Internal Multi-Layer Shielding: Say goodbye to noise interference – our cables are built to deliver pure, unadulterated sound.

⭐ External Thickened PVC Jack and Metal Connectors: Sturdy and dependable – because your cables should be as strong as your beats.

⭐ Longer Service Life and Good Sound Quality: Enjoy music anytime, anywhere, with cables that stand the test of time.


  • Brand: DREMAKE
  • Product Name: XLR Male to Female Cable
  • Wire Core: 99.99% Pure Copper
  • Shielding: Metal Woven Mesh + Aluminum Foil
  • Shell: Zinc Alloy Shell
  • Coat: High-Quality PVC

Upgrade your sound experience with DREMAKE XLR Cables – order now and let the music play!

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