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Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double...

Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Pedal

Tama's Speed Cobra has become a popular choice for bass drum pedals, revolutionizing the industry by delivering both speed and power in one pedal. The HP910LWN model features an extra long footboard, designed to minimize player effort and encourage a variety of foot-slide techniques. With its Super Stabilizer design, wide baseplate, and 3-piece Hinge Guard Block, this pedal offers unparalleled stability. The recessed setting feature, LiteSprocket Rolling Glide symmetrical cam, Cobra Coil spring-return, and Swivel Spring Tight tension locking mechanism all contribute to the pedal's exceptional speed and control. The Accu-Strike Cobra Beater and Para-Clamp II Pro further enhance the precision and power of this pedal. Plus, a custom hardshell carrying case is included for safe transportation.


  • Long Footboard
  • LiteSprocket
  • Quick-Hook spring attachment
  • FASTBALL Bearing
  • Cobra Coil return spring
  • Speedo-Ring rocker cam
  • Swivel Spring Tight tension post
  • Accu-Strike Cobra Beater
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • 3pc Hinged Guard Block
  • Super Stabilizer Design
  • Hard shell Carrying Case included



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