Hi-Hat Stand, Drummers Throne Seat & Snare Stand - 3 PACK Drum Hardware Set by GRIFFIN



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Hi-Hat Stand, Drummers Thro...

3 Piece Drum Hardware Package with Drum Thone by Griffin

Get ready to take your drumming to the next level with the Griffin 3 Piece Drum Hardware Package, a complete solution that includes a drum throne, snare stand, and hi-hat stand, all meticulously designed for superior performance. This set is perfect for drummers seeking both comfort and precision in their play. The drum throne is all about comfort, featuring a contoured, padded seat and backrest that are both adjustable in height and tilt to fit any body type and playing style. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the demands of frequent use while providing rock-solid stability. The snare stand boasts a heavy-duty design with an adjustable basket to securely hold snares of various sizes. Its advanced tilter mechanism allows for precise angle adjustments, enhancing both playability and comfort. The hi-hat stand is equipped with a responsive pedal system that offers smooth action and adjustable tension, perfect for adapting to different musical styles. Its robust double-braced legs ensure it stays firmly in place, no matter how energetic your performance gets. Each piece in this hardware package is crafted from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance. With the Griffin 3 Piece Drum Hardware Package, you get reliable, adjustable, and durable hardware that significantly enhances the functionality and ergonomics of your drum kit. Whether you're an aspiring drummer or a seasoned pro, this package is designed to meet your needs and help you play your best.

Product Specifications

Snare Drum Stand Model #S80 - | Adjustable height: 16 inches to 24 inches | Can also accommodate tom drums with diameters from 8 inches to 15 inches | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 4 pounds

Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Model# H80 - | Adjustable height from 24 inches to 39 inches | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 6 pounds


Drum Throne Stool model# T100 - | Weight capacity: 215 pounds | Seat diameter: 12 inches | Seat height adjustable from 18 inches to 23 inches | Base pipe diameter: 25mm | Gross weight: 6 pounds

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