3 PACK - Cymbal Stand With Boom Arm & Snare Drum Stand Kit by GRIFFIN



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3 PACK - Cymbal Stand With ...

Cymbal Boom Stands with Snare Stand By Griffin (3 Pack)

Our Griffin Cymbal Boom Stand and Snare Stand set is here to revolutionize your drumming setup with a perfect mix of functionality, durability, and style. This 3-piece hardware pack includes two versatile cymbal boom stands and a sturdy snare stand, designed to offer comprehensive support for your dynamic drumming needs. The boom stands provide exceptional reach and flexibility, enabling you to position your cymbals precisely for the best sound. The snare stand offers a solid, responsive base, enhancing the overall sound quality and responsiveness of your drum kit. Perfect for both practice sessions and live performances, this set is built to withstand rigorous use and energetic shows, delivering stability and reliability every time. Constructed from high-quality materials, these stands are designed to endure frequent setups and transport, making them a dependable choice for drummers on the go. With their easy setup and versatile adjustment features, our hardware set is ideal for drummers looking to upgrade their kit for improved performance. Each component not only fulfills the practical needs of modern drumming but also adds to the visual appeal of your setup, making this Griffin set an essential addition to your musical gear.

Product Specifications

Snare Drum Stand Model #S80 - | Adjustable height: 16 inches to 24 inches | Can also accommodate tom drums with diameters from 8 inches to 15 inches | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 4 pounds


Cymbal Boom Stand Model# B80 - | Boom arm length: 18 inches | Two adjustable heights: 29 inches to 48 inches without boom; 29 inches to 67 inches with boom | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 7 pounds (each stand)

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