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NMBJCKO 8 Channel 3 Pin XLR...

Get ready to elevate your sound game with the NMBJCKO 8 Channel 3 Pin XLR Snake Cable - where every connection is a step closer to audio nirvana! This isn't just a cable; it's your backstage pass to a world of crystal-clear melodies and thunderous beats.

🌟 Quality Assurance Extravaganza:

  • 100% Brand New and Good Quality: Because your sound deserves nothing less than perfection.
  • Quality Care: 100% tested before the grand send-off - because we believe in sending only the best into the sound universe.
  • Shipping Mastery: 100% good package and fast delivery - because waiting for good sound is so last season.
  • NMBJCKO XLR Connector: Accept no imitations - this is where the real groove resides.
  • Copper Core Magic: 100% copper core material - where quality meets conductivity.
  • Original Quality Goods: 100% original - because your sound journey deserves authenticity.

📡 Sends the Right Vibes:

  • Sends: 8 XLR Male Connectors - Where the magic begins.

🤣 Why Did the Musician Choose the NMBJCKO Cable? Because It Wanted to Dance to the Right Beat! This cable isn't just about transmitting sound; it's about making sure every beat is in sync and every note hits the right chord. Ready to dance to the right beat? The NMBJCKO 8 Channel 3 Pin XLR Snake Cable is your partner in groove.

🌈 Color-Coded Brilliance: These XLR cable snakes are not just about functionality; they bring color to your connections. Each connector is color-coded, so making the right connections is as easy as matching colors in a kindergarten coloring book.

🔍 Snake Cable Spectacle:

  • Voltage Breakdown: Must withstand at DC 12V/15sec - Because safety is our first note.
  • Impedance(≤): 214 Ω/KM - Where impedance meets excellence.
  • Conductor: 20/0.10OFC - Each strand conducting brilliance.
  • Conductor Size(mm2): 0.16MM2 - Because size matters when it comes to sound conductivity.
  • Details: (20/0.10OFC+PE1.1)2C + DW7/0.15TC+AL-FOIL+PVC2.7CHANNEL+JACKET PVC - The technical ballet that brings your sound to life.

🎤 Add to Cart and Let the Groove Begin: Ready to transform your sound from ordinary to extraordinary? Let the NMBJCKO 8 Channel 3 Pin XLR Snake Cable be the groove maestro your sound deserves. Because when it comes to sound, NMBJCKO is the conductor of groove brilliance! 🚀🎶

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