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Get ready to turn up the party vibes with our New 2x30w Spot Moving Head + 6x5w Par + 10w RGBW Butterfly Strobe 4in1! This powerhouse of lights isn't just a fixture; it's your ticket to a dance floor that's alive with color, patterns, and a splash of humor.

🚀 Tech Specs for the Light Connoisseur:

  • Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ - Because we believe in lighting up the world, no matter the voltage.
  • Total Power: 300W - Where power meets the party.
  • Light Source Power: 30W white lamp beads 2pcs - Bright enough to outshine even the most enthusiastic dance moves.
  • Patterns: 7 patterns + white light - Because life is too short for boring patterns.
  • Colors: 7 colors + white light - A rainbow at your fingertips.
  • Light Strip: 12pcs 5050 lamp beads RGB0.2W - The secret ingredient for a mesmerizing light show.
  • Strobe Beads: 4pcs 10W white light - For moments when you need to add a dash of "wow."
  • Butterfly Lights: 2pcs 10W 4 in 1 - Because why settle for one type of magic when you can have four?
  • Par Light: 2pcs 6pcs 5W 4in1 - When you want to paint the dance floor with a palette of colors.
  • Channel Options: 16CH 35CH 65CH - Because more channels mean more possibilities.
  • Control Mode: DMX512, self-propelled, voice control, master-slave - Because your lights should dance to your tune.
  • Horizontal: 540° - Because we believe in covering every corner of the party.
  • Vertical: 270° - Because even the ceiling deserves to party.

📦 Packing Dimensions for the Party in a Box:

  • Bracket Packing Size: 861413 - Because even the bracket has its stylish packing.
  • Gross Weight of Bracket: 2.15kg - Light enough to handle, heavy enough to stay in place.
  • Light Package Size: 973426 - The grand entrance of your party package.
  • Lamp Gross Weight: 14.5kg - Because a light show this epic deserves its weight in fun.

🎉 Why Did the Disco Ball Invite Our Lights? Because It Wanted to Step Up Its Game! Our lights aren't just for illuminating; they're for elevating the entire party experience. Ready to light up your world? Our New 2x30w Spot Moving Head + 6x5w Par + 10w RGBW Butterfly Strobe 4in1 is the answer.

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New 2x30w Spot Moving Head ...

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