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Multichannel Xlr Y Splitter...

Introducing the LUXSOUND Multichannel XLR Y Splitter Cable - where every connection is a symphony of perfection! This cable isn't just a cable; it's your ticket to a world where audio flows seamlessly, and every note dances with precision.

🌍 Quality Crafted, Globally Loved:

  • Brand Name: LUXSOUND or OEM - Because your audio deserves a name that echoes quality.
  • Model Number: SNB07 - Your cable's secret identity.

🔗 Tech Talk for the Audiophile in You:

  • Product Type: Snake Cable - Not just any cable, but a cable with snake-like precision.
  • Length: 30m - Because sometimes, you need a little extra cable to dance around.
  • Connector: Male XLR to XLR - Where every connection is a musical handshake.
  • Conductor: OFC, 20*0.1+PE1.1 - Because even the tiniest details matter.
  • Shield: AL-foil+DW 7*0.15 OFC - Your cable's superhero cape against interference.
  • Jacket: PVC, OD 3.0MM - The stylish armor that keeps your cable looking sharp.
  • Options: 24 Channels - Because more channels mean more audio adventures.
  • Package Type: PE bag with Brown box - Because even packaging deserves a touch of class.

🎙️ OEM or ODM? Yes, Please!

  • Available: Your cable, your way - because customization is the key to audio bliss.

🔧 Versatile as Your Musical Soul:

  • Application: Microphone, Mixer - Your cable's resume includes making microphones sing and mixers dance.

🤣 Why Did the Audiophile Bring LUXSOUND to the Party? Because It's the Cable That Knows How to Connect with the Crowd! This cable isn't just about serious tech talk; it's the life of the audio party. Ready to connect with the crowd? LUXSOUND is your cable of choice.

🛍️ Add to Cart and Let the Music Flow: Ready to let your audio dreams take center stage? Click that 'Add to Cart' button now and let the LUXSOUND Multichannel XLR Y Splitter Cable be the hero of your sound journey. Because in the world of audio, every connection matters! 🎤🌟

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