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Meinl Byzance Mixed Crash/R...

Byzance 3-Piece Mixed Pack

18" Dual Crash, 20" Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash, and 21" Traditional Polyphonic Ride

This cymbal pairing is loaded with texture from the different surfaces and extra hammering.

18" DUAL CRASH: The earthy, hammered top and fully lathed bottom give the cymbal a trashy tone with smooth feel. The sustain has a unique shimmering glow from the outer band of lathing and polishing.

20" EXTRA THIN HAMMERED CRASH: Simply put, this cymbal will make you buzz when you hit it. Large, deep hammer blows with the light weight and thin profile give the crash trashy punch with that melt-in-your-stick feel.

21" POLYPHONIC RIDE: Features a thin edge for easy crashes, a lathed body for sweet stick response, and a large, raw bell for projection. This is an extraordinarily versatile ride that can cut through and wash beautifully.

HAND HAMMERED IN TURKEY FROM B20 BRONZE: Crafted from 100% cast B20 bronze and hammered into shape in Turkey. Meinl Byzance cymbals are rooted in traditional cymbal crafting methods, yet their old-world background is dialed-in to 21st century needs.

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