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JOYO CM-04 4.5m Guitar Cabl...

Meet the JOYO CM-04, where high-fidelity meets humor in a 4.5m dance of musical delight. This guitar audio cable is not just a connection; it's a symphony of signal clarity, noise reduction, and durability that will have you and your guitar singing in harmony.

🔍 Tech Specs That Hit All the Right Notes:

  • High-Fidelity Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC): Because your guitar deserves the VIP treatment for signal clarity.
  • PE Insulation Magic: Say goodbye to signal loss with excellent PE insulation that battles capacitive reactance like a superhero.
  • Double Shielding Dynamo: A conductive PVC shield and OFC spiral shield join forces to block interference like the ultimate anti-interference duo.
  • Rust-Proof, Wear-Resistant Plugs: Durable nickel-plated metal plugs that laugh in the face of rust and wear. They're here for the long haul, just like your guitar solos.
  • Rubber Protective Shell: The bend of the plug gets its own bodyguard with a rubber protective shell, ensuring it's tougher than your trickiest riff.
  • High-Quality PVC Jacket: Not just a cable cover, but a wear-resistant, easy-to-clean armor for your audio adventures.

🤘 Guitar Versatility Unleashed: The JOYO CM-04 doesn't play favorites; it's the rockstar cable for all your musical companions. Whether it's your electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, amplifier, microphone, pedal, equalizer, electronic drum, keyboard, mixer, or PA system, this cable is ready for a jam session.

🎉 Why Did the Guitarist Choose JOYO CM-04? Because It's the Cable That Shreds and Laughs at Noise! Our cable isn't just serious tech; it's a partner in crime for your musical escapades. Picture this: your guitar, a JOYO CM-04, and a room filled with the sweet sound of your tunes. It's not just a cable; it's a ticket to a musical journey.

🛒 Add to Cart and Join the Jam: Ready for a cable that takes your music seriously (but not too seriously)? The JOYO CM-04 is here to make your guitar sing and your audience cheer. Click that 'Add to Cart' button now and let the musical adventure begin! 🎶🎸

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