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High quality Professional 1...

🎤 Quantity: 1Pcs - Because one is all you need when it's this good!

Quality Assurance: We don't mess around. Each cable undergoes a 100% meticulous test before it leaves our hands, ensuring it's ready to rock your world.

🚚 Shipping: 100% good packaging and lightning-fast delivery. Your cable will arrive before you can say, "Encore!"

🔗 XLR Connector Contact: 100% copper - Because we believe in a solid connection, just like your favorite power ballad.


  • Model: JYB5033-1 - The rockstar of snake cables, ready to take center stage.

  • Sends: 8 XLR Male Connectors + 4 XLR Female - Because we know you need options.

  • Returns: 8 XLR Female Sockets + 4 XLR Male - Versatility that matches your musical genius.

  • Length: 15 Meters - Enough cable to reach the far corners of your sonic universe.

  • Condition: NEW - Fresh out of the box, ready to unleash sonic magic.

  • Numerical Labeling: Fantail and stage box are clearly numbered for a setup faster than a drum solo.

  • Shielded Pairs: 100% individually shielded pairs - Your sound, your rules, no interference.

  • Heavy Duty Conductors: 25-gauge heavy-duty conductors - Because we believe in strength, just like your power chords.

  • XLR Connectors: High-quality XLR connectors at both ends - The cherry on top for pristine sound.

  • Strain Relief: Light-duty strain relief at both ends - Because we've got your cable's back, literally.

  • Warranty: One Year - We stand by our cables, just like you stand by your music.

🎸 Versatility Unleashed: Whether it's a permanent installation or you're hitting the road, this snake cable laughs in the face of challenges. Built tough for the rigors of the stage, it guarantees top-notch sound quality. Each pair of heavy-duty conductors is a shielded warrior, battling noise and delivering crystal clear sound. The XLR connectors ensure a seamless fit into professional power amps and mixing consoles, no converters or couplers needed.

🔊 Rock On, Budget-Friendly: Finding awesome-quality snake cables at a decent price? It's like discovering a hidden track on your favorite album. Rosafeeling's brand of snake cable is here to make both the seasoned pro and the cash-conscious musician sound absolutely epic.

🛒 Add to Cart: Ready for years of trouble-free, crystal-clear sound? Your purchase includes the one-and-only audio snake cable you've been dreaming of. Click that 'Add to Cart' button now and let the sonic journey begin! 🤘🔊

Please note,  that this product will be shipped by our third-party supplier partner and will not be fulfilled directly from Geekstands. There is a possibility that the product may be shipped from an international warehouse, which may result in an additional handling time of up to 5 business days for your package.

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