GRIFFIN Drum Hardware 3 PACK - Hi-Hat Stand, Drummers Throne Seat & Straight Cymbal Stand



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GRIFFIN Drum Hardware 3 PAC...

Griffin 3 Piece Drum Hardware Package with Drum Throne

Get ready to rock with the Griffin 3 Piece Drum Hardware Package! This awesome set includes a top-notch drum throne, a hi-hat stand, and a cymbal stand, all designed to bring both fun and comfort to your drumming sessions. Perfect for drummers of all levels, this set has everything you need to keep you jamming for hours. The drum throne is like sitting on a cloud, with an adjustable height and thick padding that hugs your body, making long practice sessions a breeze. The hi-hat stand is all about smooth moves and perfect control, with a tension-adjustable pedal and memory locks to keep everything just how you like it. And the cymbal stand? It's a rock-solid companion with double-braced legs and a gear tilter that lets you find that sweet spot for your cymbals. Built to last, each piece is made from super durable materials that can handle even the most intense drumming. Whether you're upgrading your kit or starting fresh, the Griffin hardware package is your ticket to a superior drumming experience, offering better sound, reliability, and performance both on stage and in the studio. So why wait? Elevate your drumming game and have a blast with this fantastic set!

Product Specifications

Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Model# H80 - | Adjustable height from 24 inches to 39 inches | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 6 pounds

Straight Cymbal Stand Model# C80 - | 3 interlocking poles enable adjustable height from 29 inches to 65 inches | Base pipe diameter: 22mm | Gross weight: 5.5 pounds each

Drum Throne Stool model# T100 - | Weight capacity: 215 pounds | Seat diameter: 12 inches | Seat height adjustable from 18 inches to 23 inches | Base pipe diameter: 25mm | Gross weight: 6 pounds

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