In this Dynamic Microphone Package, you will receive the following eight (8) items:

(2) Telescoping mic boom stands by Griffin

(2) Microphone clips

(2) XLR microphone cables by Fat Toad

(2) Unidirectional dynamic vocal microphones by Fat Toad



Telescoping Mic Boom Stand by Griffin

Stable, tough, and affordable, the telescoping microphone stand extends up and over in order to provide a microphone close to the performer with the straight bar distanced away making it ideal for performers. This tripod microphone boom stand features three legs that retract and fold up to a neat package allowing for ultimate portability, steel tubing construction, and one microphone clip is included with every tripod microphone stand.


Attach any standard sized microphone clip to the boom arm of telescoping mic boom stand. Rubber rest pads on the stand’s feet hold the boom microphone stand firmly in place. With the boom arm in place, the boom microphone stand reaches a maximum height of 99 inches. Have a sudden need for a straight stand? Remove the boom arm to reveal a straight microphone stand with an adjustable height from 27 inches to 62 inches, conforming to every musician’s personal preference.


Telescoping Mic Boom Stand Features

  • KEEP YOUR MIC SAFE AND SECURE: Do you already have your microphone and studio or live setup ready to go? Top it all off with the best 2 pack of telescopic mic boom stands that will provide top notch quality, longevity and keep your mic safe while on stage. Designed for musical performances, voice/sound projection, seminar presentations, church sermons and more, these professional grade stands combine top quality with an attractive price.
  • TELESCOPIC, REMOVABLE BOOM ARM: Thanks to its efficient design with 2 interlocking steel pipes, the telescopic boom arm allows you to reach further and provides more flexibility. It can also be removed whenever you wish and converted into a straight microphone stand to accommodate your changing needs. Maximum height with boom: 88". Shaft length: 34" to 57". Boom arm length: 17" to 33". Leg spread width: 20.5".
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Well-built with extremely durable, steel tubing construction, these telescoping tripod microphone boom stands are made to withstand constant abuse when in use and last for years to come. Stable, tough and with a nice black finish that gives them a beautiful, sleek appearance, these are some of the most affordable solutions for every professional or amateur performer.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: With an adjustable height, lightweight design and a collapsible tripod boom to help with travel and easy storage, these telescopic tripod microphone stands are easy to pack and bring with you everywhere. They work well for people of all stature and come with a ready to use mic clip (2 clips in total). The soft, rubber rest pads on the feet will keep the stand firmly in place, whether on stage or in a studio.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of our stand mic, we are able to offer you a full 1 year replacement warranty, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction for your peace of mind. With nothing to lose, place your order today!


Telescoping Mic Boom Stand Specifications

  • Boom arm length: 27 inches to 42 inches
  • Maximum height with boom: 99 inches
  • Shaft length: 34 inches to 62 inches
  • Leg spread width: 20.5 inches
  • Gross weight: 5 pounds each


XLR Microphone Cable by Fat Taod

The microphone XLR cable measures twenty (20) feet long and has a XLR male connector on one end and a XLR female connector on the other end. Every mic XLR cable features a 12-strand copper conductor, and all of the XLR mic cables’ copper wiring is oxygen-free 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge). Unlike other cheaper microphone XLR cables, this 20 gauge wire signifies that every cable is considered professional grade. A 64-strand of braided copper coated aluminum shielding provides excellent noise protection with optimal reduction of any electrostatic hum with every single of these mic XLR cables. These mic XLR cables incorporate super low signal resistance providing a powerful, clean signal while at the same time retaining great flexibility.


XLR Microphone Cable Features

  • UPGRADE YOUR AUDIO RECORDINGS: Whether for use with your XLR connection microphone, digital mixer or other recording device, these professional grade mic cables will keep you covered! Boasting a high quality XLR female connector on the one end and an XLR male connector on the other, this 2 pack of microphone cords are perfect for recording studios, audio engineers, professional or amateur musicians and home studios.
  • SUPERB NOISE CANCELLATION: Featuring super low signal resistance, each of these 20 ft long mic cables offers superior clarity and freedom from outside noise interference promising an exceptional, impeccable sound, every time. The 12 strand copper conductor and 64 strands of braided copper coated aluminium shielding ensure superb noise protection and minimum electrostatic hum.
  • OXYGEN-FREE COPPER WIRING: Boasting oxygen-free, 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge) copper wiring, these XLR cables offer the highest standard of purity and are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding audiophiles. Perfect for audio applications, these microphone cords combine flexibility with durability.
  • MAKE A SMART PURCHASE: If you are looking for the highest quality microphone XLR cords that will deliver every single time, without costing a fortune, you need look no further! Designed for the hard-touring musician or professional audio engineer, these shielded, Lo-Z, low noise microphone cables are a safe and reliable choice that you won’t regret.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by the 1 year replacement warranty and a risk-free, 30 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction, you have nothing to lose! In the unlikely event that these XLR microphone cables don’t meet or exceed your expectations, feel free to return them for an immediate replacement or refund. What could be fairer? 


XLR Microphone Cable Specifications

  • 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • Length of cable: 20 feet
  • Durable 3 pin XLR Male to 3 pin XLR Female connectors


Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones by Fat Toad

Two (2) microphone clips are also included at no extra cost. These hand-held cardioid vocal dynamic microphones are designed for ultimate stage performance due to their live, full-range response; punchy bass; unidirectional, cardioid design allowing for sound sensitivity from one direction only as well as their allowance for high gain before feedback (GBF). This vocal dynamic mic also features exceptional articulate mids, a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz, aluminum alloy voice coils for high output levels with warm tone characteristics, and high-fidelity for a nice tonal definition with little to no distortion. Topping off this hand-held cardioid microphone is a tough, shockproof grill for great element protection and maximum performance. Truly, these unidirectional dynamic vocal mics are supremely ideal for live stage performances.


Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones Features

  • THE ULTIMATE MIC IN STAGE PERFORMANCE: Boasting a live, full-range response and a deep bass, this pack of 2 cardioid dynamic microphones offer a smooth and natural sound and will work perfectly for any live music performance: from peaceful parties and jazz clubs to karaoke singing, vocals, recording, podcasting and loud stages. Their unidirectional design makes them sensitive to sound from one direction only and promises a high level of GBF (gain before feedback).

  • MINIMUM DISTORTION: These professional handheld microphones feature exceptional articulate mids, a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz and aluminum alloy voice coils, offering an unmatched level of clarity and detail in your voice. The result? Clear, intelligible lyrics and a superbly warm tone with the perfect balance of brightness that will not sound harsh to the ears. The high-fidelity sound allows for a nice tonal definition with minimum distortion.

  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Equipped with an extremely durable, shockproof grille that will safely protect the mic elements from damages, these cardioid dynamic microphones are a must-have for any professional or amateur singer. If you need a set of reliable microphones that will withstand years of use without failing in anyway, then these mics won’t let you down.

  • COMPLETE PACKAGE WITH 2 MIC CLIPS: Together with your 2 dynamic, handheld microphones you will also receive 2 mic clips, completely free! Dare to compare! You will not find this combination of quality and price anywhere on the market!

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: These cardioid dynamic microphones are covered by a 1 year replacement warranty, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction! In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you can return them for a hassle-free replacement or refund, in no time! With nothing to lose, order your set today and enjoy professional, hi-fidelity mic performance! 


Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones Specifications

  • Length of each microphone: 6.5 inches
  • Connector type: 3-pin XLR
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz to 16 kHz
  • 600 ohms rating
  • Power supply: Off/on switch
  • Gross weight: 10 ounces each


You can trust every item in this dynamic microphone package to accommodate all of your microphone needs. We encourage you to compare our items and affordable prices to other packages of dynamic vocal microphones online. If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality packs of microphone tripod stands. Try finding another tripod microphone boom stand package offering such durable microphone boom stands at such a cheap price; it cannot be done! We offer the lowest price for quality dynamic microphone packages.




The Griffin Company strives for ultimate customer satisfaction and aims to provide high quality products at affordable prices. This Griffin dynamic microphone package includes a total of eight (8) items to be used for all of your microphone needs. Every product manufactured by Griffin is built to be strong, long-lasting, versatile and so durable that the hard-working musician can use them for years to come in numerous situations throughout his/her career.


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