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DW 9000 Series Heavy Duty S...

When You're Ready To Go Pro, Go With DW 9000 Series Hardware It's a well known fact, the industry-standard, industry-leading line of 9000 Series hardware is DW's most popular. Heavy-duty steel constructions means it built to withstand the punishment that long tours can dish out, but its a long list of patented innovative features that keeps drummers coming back. The DW 9000 Series Heavy Duty Straight / Boom Cymbal Stand is DW's top of the cymbal stand. This thing is rugged, durable, highly adjustable, and is packed with useful features for the gigging drummer. The toothless tilters of the DWCP9700 let you infinitely adjust your cymbal positioning. The tilters also utilize DW's Techlock secondary drum key locking system, to safeguard against slippage. The 9700 can be used as a boom or straight stand, giving you tremendous flexibility regarding cymbal placement. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the DW 9000 Series Heavy Duty Straight-Boom Cymbal Stand provides unmatched quality and durability. Designed for the rigors of the road, this stand features heavy-duty steel construction and a long list of patented innovative features, ensuring it can withstand the punishment of long tours. With infinite cymbal positioning options and a secure Techlock system, you can trust that this stand will keep your cymbals exactly where you want them, whether you prefer a boom or straight setup. Take your performances to the next level with the DW 9000 Series Heavy Duty Straight-Boom Cymbal Stand.


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