This 6 Piece Drum Hardware Package includes all of the following items:

(1) Snare Drum Stand Griffin TS Series S80

(1) Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Griffin TS Series H80

(1) Single Kick Drum Pedal Griffin TS Series P200

(1) Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand Griffin TS Series C80

(1) Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand Griffin TS Series B80

(1) Padded Drum Throne Stool Griffin MS Series T100

  • THE BEST HARDWARE SET FOR YOUR NEEDS: Whether you are a complete beginner, an enthusiastic gigging jazzer or a demanding professional drummer, this top quality, highly portable drum hardware set will suit all your needs. Complete with 6 deluxe stand pieces, including a snare drum, hi-hat, double-braced straight and boom cymbal stands, a single kick drum pedal and a drum throne stool, this is by far the best choice for every kind of drummer.
  • KEEP YOUR PERCUSSION SAFE AND STABLE: Featuring special rubber tipped feet (on the snare, hi-hat, cymbal boom, cymbal straight stands and padded drum throne stool) that will ensure the stands stay safely on the floor, without slipping, you can rest assured your expensive instruments are protected at all times. The gear tilter system on the cymbal stands ensures 100% slip-proof positioning, as it consists of a durable steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felts.
  • PACK UP EASILY: Are you often on tour? No worries. Lightweight and portable, this hardware package will make your life much easier, as each and every piece conveniently folds up into a space saving package for easy transport and light travel. What is more, the special memory locks allow you to keep your personalized height adjustments and set up your stands fast every single time, without having to spend time finding your previous settings.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME: Save yourself money, time and effort and invest in the best and most reliable drum hardware kit that will not let you down. Sold at the most attractive price on the market, Griffin full-size drum hardware set is a great purchase for any aspiring drummer, who doesn’t want to break the bank.
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Being established in the industry as one of the leaders in stage and studio equipment, we are passionate about delivering top quality products at the best prices on the market. Our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority, which is why we back this complete drum hardware pack by a risk-free, 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a 1 year replacement warranty. With nothing to lose, order yours today and build your shell kit or expand your collection! 


Snare Drum Stand Features

  • IMPECCABLE SOUND: Designed to hold any standard snare drum (6 inches deep), as well as small top drums with a diameter of 8" - 15", this portable drum stand includes a drum key and can easily be adjusted to your preferred height (from 18" to 24"). Featuring a sturdy clamp style basket with a convenient, slip-proof gear tilting system that can be adjusted to any angle, this sleek and shiny chrome finish stand makes an excellent addition to your drum hardware collection.
  • INVEST IN QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: Whether on stage or in the studio, no performer wants to compromise their performance. Sturdy and durable, this premium quality Griffin snare drum stand promises outstanding durability that will handle daily abuse without falling apart on you. Boasting a light to medium weight construction with double braced legs, nylon bushing joints and rubber arm and leg tips, you can rest assured this stand will safely hold your instruments in place, at all times.
  • KEEP YOUR PREFERRED HEIGHT SETTINGS: Are you frequently on the go? Tired of re-adjusting your stand’s height settings every time you unpack your gear? Not anymore. Featuring special memory locks that will retain your height adjustments in place, this deluxe snare drum hardware stand is a must-have for the mobile drummer, who doesn’t have time to waste!

Snare Drum Stand Specifications

  • Adjustable height: 18 inches to 24 inches
  • Can also accommodate tom drums with diameters from 8 inches to 15 inches
  • Base pipe diameter: 19mm
  • Gross weight: 4 pounds


Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Features

  • PERFECT FOR INTENSE PLAY: Stop compromising the quality of your sound with unreliable, poorly made cymbal stands! This deluxe, rugged hi-hat stand comes with a drum key and will easily stand up to extended play, without interfering with your sound. Sturdy and well-balanced, this stand will hold any hi-hat cymbal safely in place, without fear of toppling over your mid-set.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR PREFERRED HEIGHT: Thoughtfully designed to accommodate any drummer’s preferences, this hi-hat stand allows you to adjust the height from 24" to 39", offering unique versatility and convenience, anywhere you perform! The chain pull pedal system promises reduced friction and increased sensitivity.
  • EASE TO SET UP AND TRANSPORT: This Griffin hi-hat stand strikes the perfect balance between a sturdy, durable construction and lightweight materials, making it an ideal choice for gigging or touring drummers. Featuring an extremely durable, three legged design with double braced legs and a retractable spur feature, it offers maximum stability and portability.

Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Specifications

  • Adjustable height from 24 inches to 39 inches
  • Base pipe diameter: 19mm
  • Gross weight: 6 pounds


Single Kick Drum Pedal Features

  • UPGRADE YOUR SOUND: Don’t risk your sound with a low quality bass drum pedal! Invest in a reliable, single kick bass drum pedal that excels in performance and durability to help you take your stage performances and practice sessions to a whole new level. This percussion hardware model includes a drum key and is a great choice for the beginner, intermediate or advanced player.
  • GET FAST AND IMPECCABLE RESPONSE: Featuring a sturdy and durable double chain mechanism to ensure high performance, frictionless bearing hinges for a smooth action and a fully adjustable power cam system, this pedal offers a superb beater speed and an impeccable response that you will love! The non-slip, weight spine pedal plate helps keep the pedal securely in place, while the beater shaft locks in position to prevent it from sliding off. Gross weight: 6 pounds.
  • IMPRESSIVE LOOK AND FEEL: Designed to give you a punchy, solid and exceptionally smooth feel, this single kick percussion pedal combines both quality and appearance. The locking spring tension rod keeps the tension on the pedal steady, while special, force locking clamps make sure the pedal stays connected to the drum at all times. Its all metal construction and sleek look is great for replacing your old pedal and will make an excellent addition to your drum kit.

Single Kick Drum Pedal Specifications

  • Gross weight: 6 pounds


Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand Features

  • ACE YOUR DRUM SOLOS: A great solution for simple and complex set ups, this deluxe straight cymbal stand by Griffin will safely accommodate all your standard crash and splash cymbals, without taking up too much space. Sturdy and durable, this stand is equipped with rubber leg tips to offer the ultimate in functionality and ease, without sacrificing stability. Its sleek, chrome finish makes it perfect for on-stage performances and will add an unbeatable look to your drum set.
  • USE FOR YEARS TO COME: Featuring double-braced legs for extreme stability and two interlocking poles that allow you to adjust the height from 29" to 52" this stand will suit the needs of all drummers. Offering slip-proof cymbal positioning and a gear system cymbal tilter with steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felts, this is a reliable, light weight cymbal stand that will keep your cymbals safely in place during all your practice sessions or on-stage performances.
  • SET UP IN MINUTES: Designed for the nomadic drummer, who is constantly on the go, this premium, straight cymbal stand is lightweight to carry and easy to fold down to a compact size for effortless transport. What is more, the convenient memory locks will make sure your preferred height settings will remain in place, saving you precious set up time in every new venue.

Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand Specifications

  • 2 interlocking poles enable adjustable height from 29 inches to 47 inches
  • Base pipe diameter: 19mm
  • Gross weight: 4 pounds each


Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand Features

  • MOUNT YOUR CYMBALS WITH SAFETY: Keep your peace of mind and focus only on your music with a top quality, reliable cymbal boom stand that won’t let you down. Equipped with double braced legs for maximum stability and an excellent cymbal tilter gear system (steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felt) that promises slip-proof cymbal positioning, this is a lightweight to medium weight stand, great for accommodating your crashes, splashes and effect cymbals in the studio or on stage.
  • UNMATCHED FLEXIBILITY AND VERSATILITY: Why spend money on a cymbal boom stand that will only support the weight of lightweight, standard cymbals, when you can have this durable stand that will easily accommodate any type of cymbal? Perfect for both lightweight cymbals like your 18" crash, as well as heavy rides or China, this deluxe boom stand features a counterweight end piece that will safely hold the weight of all your standard and heavy cymbals with ease.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR PREFERRED HEIGHT: Boasting a highly convenient adjustable height feature that allows you to accommodate your changing needs, this percussion hardware piece enables you to move from 29" to 48" without the boom or up to 67" with the boom, while the memory locks will make sure your personal settings remain in place for every practice session. The shiny chrome finish gives this stand a stylish appearance, ideal for your on-stage performances.

Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand Specifications

  • Boom arm length: 18 inches
  • Two adjustable heights: 29 inches to 48 inches without boom; 29 inches to 67 inches with boom
  • Base pipe diameter: 19mm
  • Gross weight: 6.5 pounds


Padded Drum Throne Stool Features

  • REDUCE STRAIN AND SOUND YOUR BEST: Don’t compromise your performance with a low quality, uncomfortable drum throne that strains your back and shoulders. Whether for the stage, studio or for practice, this is a deluxe drummer’s stool with a round, thickly padded, 2 ¾ seat that will easily hold up to 215 pounds, offering unhindered mobility and unparalleled flexibility to help you play even the most difficult passages with ease and confidence.
  • FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR MUSIC: Don’t settle for drum seats that prevent you from reaching your full potential! Invest in this professional grade, double braced drum throne, made with the needs of high level performers in mind. Equipped with double braced legs for maximum stability and special rubber tips to prevent slippage, you can rest assured this stool will allow you to sit on it for hours of rehearsals and gigs, without causing any discomfort.
  • FIND YOUR PREFERRED HEIGHT: Featuring an adjustable height mechanism and a heavy duty, metal post mounting bracket, this comfortable drum throne stand is designed to cater for the changing needs of any drummer. Simply adjust the height from 18" to 23" according to your preference and keep the settings in place with the help of the slip-proof nut and bolt. Ideal for traveling musicians, this drum stool is highly portable and easy to carry with you to your next gig.

Padded Drum Throne Stool Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 215 pounds
  • Seat diameter: 12 inches
  • Seat height adjustable from 18 inches to 23 inches
  • Base pipe diameter: 25mm
  • Gross weight: 6 pounds

6 Piece Drum Hardware Package

Save time and money! Buy all your drum hardware in bulk with this 6 piece hardware package of Griffin TS series drum hardware products!

Keeping in mind that drummers are always on the run, all four of the stands (snare stand, hi-hat stand, boom cymbal stand, and straight cymbal stand) feature memory locks, which allow the drummer to easily pack up his equipment and quickly set each one up again at precisely the same personalized height adjustment. Even with double-braced legs, all of these quality Griffin stands fold up into neat packages for ultimate portability.

Other fantastic features of these items include rubber tipped feet on the snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal boom stand, cymbal straight stand, and padded drum throne stool to prevent slippage and help hold the stand nicely in place on the floor. All of the cymbal stands provide slip proof cymbal positioning and the gear system cymbal tilter consisting of a steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing, and cymbal felts.


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