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DJ Mixer Cases Flight Case ...

Step into the spotlight with our DJ Mixer Cases Flight Case – the fortress for your beats, and the stage for your sound mastery. This isn't just a case; it's the VIP lounge for your DJ gear. And because we believe in protecting your tunes with a touch of humor, we've added a pinch of wit to your sonic journey!

🔊 Size Matters (and it's Customizable!): From 2U to 18U's, our amplifier rack cases come in sizes that make your DJ heart skip a beat. It's like Goldilocks choosing the perfect size – not too big, not too small, just right for your tunes.

🎨 Colors as Diverse as Your Playlist: Silver, black, gold, pink, yellow – your case, your color. Because your DJ gear should look as good as it sounds. Feel free to customize your DJ fortress with the hue that speaks to your beats.

🛠️ Built Tough, Because Your Beats Are Tougher: Crafted with 3/8" laminated plywood, industrial ball corners, dual rack rails, hardware, and handles – this case is the bodyguard your DJ mixer deserves. It's road-ready, stage-sturdy, and built to handle the beat.

🌈 Rainbow of Materials: Aluminum + 12mm plywood, reinforced metal right angles, butterfly locks, recessed flip handles – it's like a DJ gear rainbow. Because when it comes to materials, we've got the perfect mix.

Specs That Rock:

  • 🎧 Options Galore: Flight cases aren't just protective; they're versatile. Drawers, heavy-duty casters, shelves, partitions – we've got the extras to make your DJ setup as unique as your beats.

  • 📦 Pack It Right, Ship It Tight: Bubble bag + foam + export cartons – because your DJ gear deserves a royal entry. We don't just pack; we pamper your equipment.

  • 🚚 Fast Beats, Fast Delivery: 5-20 days, and your DJ Mixer Cases Flight Case is at your door. Because in the world of DJing, timing is everything.

Ready for Rack & Roll: The 12U Rack Case isn't just a case; it's the keeper of your sonic secrets. So, add it to your cart, choose your color, and get ready for a DJ experience that's as tough as it is tuneful – because when it comes to sound, your beats are about to steal the show!

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