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XLR Snake Cable Patch (10ft...

PA 8 Channel Recording XLR Snake Cable System by Fat Toad

Look no further than Fat Toad's XLR Pro-Audio Snake Cable system! This 10-foot cable system includes 8 balanced female XLR connectors at one end and 8 balanced male 3-pin XLR connectors at the other end. The 22-gauge copper conductor reduces resistance while the low capacitance XLR recording 8-channel snake cable provides a powerful, clean signal. A shield surrounding the wire provides excellent noise protection and heavy-duty insulation covers all the cables to reduce extraneous noise interference. Ideal for power amplifiers, digital mixers, and other recording devices, Fat Toad's XLR Pro-Audio snake cable system delivers dependable performance with optimal strength and flexibility. Get ready to up your recording studio game with this heavy-duty XLR cable!

Fat Toad PA 8 Channel Recording XLR Snake Cable System Specifications 

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Channels: 8 (number coded)
  • Shielded 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • Flexable Black Rubber 13 mm Jacket
  • Durable 3 pin XLR Male to 3 pin XLR Female connectors
  • Balanced and Shielded
  • Gross weight: 2 pounds
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