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10 feet Wide - 2 Pack Triangle Truss Lighting System with Post Mount by Griffin

Convert your existing speaker stands to a triangle truss system! Included are 2 five-foot truss spans for a total of 10 feet span. Additionally, 2 post mounts are included that can fit on top of any standard speaker stand (35mm to 39mm), which are custom fit for these truss pipes. Also included is a total of 10 metal C-clamps that are included for mounting your light cans, mushrooms, lasers, fog machines and other equipment. Each C-clamp is rated to handle 44 pounds weight load. Triangle truss sections are 6 inches in width per side (6" x 6" x 6"). Each triangle trussing section is made with medium duty steel to be sturdy and durable. You can trust these triangle trusses to securely accommodate your equipment. Total load capacity of 200 pounds evenly mounted (depends on the weight load of your stands). Additional 5ft trusses can be purchased separately, to extend even further (search model# LG-Truss).

Griffin- Triangle Truss Pack Specifications 
  • Total span width: 118 inches wide
  • Triangle truss sections are 6 inches in width per side (6" x 6" x 6")
  • Diameter of truss pipes are 28.5 mm (1 1/8")
  • Diameter of Diagonal Bracing: 6.5 mm
  • Total Weight capacity load is 200 pounds (when using 2 sections): 100 Pounds on each section.
  • Total Weight capacity load is 140 pounds (when using up to 4 sections (if combinding truss sections): 50 pounds on each truss section directly connected to the Tripod Stand, 20 pounds on each truss section in the middle of the span.
  •  C-clamp Weight capacity: 44 pounds each. 
  • Total Product Weight: 32 pounds
  • Total Shipping Weight: 36 pounds

DJ Triangle Truss Extension...

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