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14 x 6.5 Birch Wood Shell Snare Drum by Griffin | The Loud Vent

We know that you rely on your snare drum to provide a punchy sound, and this vented birch wood snare drum from Griffin will not disappoint! Birch wood drums are known for their tonal qualities. These great tonal qualities include peaks in the high- and low-end frequencies with a rounded out mid-range. A large vent hole adds a distinctive and very loud CRACK to that great sound and helps project that sound to the audience. Griffin’s birch wood 14” snare drum will soon be your favorite. Our vented birch wood snare drum has eight (8) tuning lugs for a more stable, higher quality sound when compared to other six (6) lug drums. Utilize the snare drum throw-off to tighten, loosen, or mute the snares as you prefer, and we even include a drum key with each birch wood shell snare drum as well.

Griffin Birch Wood Shell Snare Drum "The Loud Vent" Specifications 
  • Size: 14 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Model#- VT-Birch-14A
  • Limited Edition: 1,000 (individually numbered) 
  • Snare Wire: 12-Strand
  • Hardware Finish: Red Powder Coating
  • Lug Count: 8
  • Shell Thickness: 8mm Birch Wood Shell 3-ply
  • Shell Color/Finish: "The Loud Vent" Custom Graphic Wrap.
  • Gross Weight: 7 pounds
  • Drum head top: Premium White Coating
  • Drum head bottom: Clear

Snare Drum by GRIFFIN - Bir...

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